Ceropegia woodii x, String of Hearts Variegated

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3" (2.6x2.6")


Height on Delivery:
bright, indirect light

This plant prefers well-drained soil. Soil is well-drained when it allows water to drain through it at a moderate rate, without pooling. Allow the soil to become visibly dry before watering.

With this plant, err on the side of holding back on watering.


There are few more iconic or charming houseplants than Ceropegia woodii x, String of Hearts. Also known as “Rosary Vine,” due to the lengthy “beads” of leaves on long vines, and “Sweetheart Vine” for its heart-shaped leaves, String of Hearts is beloved by many. The leaves spill out of a hanging container or pot on long, thin, cascading vines. Luckily, it is also easy to care for, as it is drought-resistant, sun-loving, and long-growing. Its vines can grow to be 4-feet long or even longer. The dark green leaf pairs pop up every 3-inches or so along the vines, and they will give you a surprise with their colors, which include lacy white patterns on top and a hint of purple on the other side.

This plant features in Leslie Halleck's video Tiny Plants: Miniature Gardening Unboxing.

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