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Plastic Card
Butterfly Yellow
Roses Along Walkway
No Card


3.40" Wide x 2.20" High x 0.01" Deep

You will receive a Gift Voucher with a Code that you can use as a payment method during a future checkout, both in our local retail store, and here in our web shop. You will see this code right after checking out on your invoice and you can find it in your account's order history. You will also receive a hardcopy by snail-mail if you select one of the credit-card size plastic cards. You would select "No Card" if you wanted to create your own hardcopy or if you know that the Code will only be used in our web shop.

You can send this Code to your loved ones: They can choose exactly what they want and get it delivered promptly. You can transmit the Code e.g. by snail mail, phone, secure file-sharing service (like Google Docs) or email with encryption (PGP or S/MIME). Sending by unencrypted email or SMS is not recommended because there's a minute chance for it to be intercepted and your Code used by someone else.

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