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Winter Greenhouse is a popular garden center and nursery located near Hayward in Northern Wisconsin. We offer a large variety of high quality plants, including hardy perennials, annuals and vegetables, ornamental trees, evergreens, fruit trees, small fruits, shrubs, vines, roses, herbs, water plants, exotics, wildflowers & ornamental grasses. (See this year's new plants.) Hanging baskets and planters of every description, size, and shape surround the facility.

Based on 40 years of experience designing and growing the greenhouse display gardens, we also offer landscape design and installation services.

In addition to our retail plant offerings we sell a limited variety of smaller plants and garden items online. This list includes ground cover plants, smaller houseplants, succulents, plants for terrariums, quart sized shrubs and more.

Our mission is to bring an inspiring growing experience to all of our customers, while developing an increasingly natural and sustainable business that will serve future generations well.

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Ground Cover Plants

Ground Cover Plants
Choosing, Locating, Planting and Maintenance

The plant world is full of stand-out flowers, trees, shrubs, and other living things, from dignified palm trees to delicate roses, all keen for attention in the garden or yard. What about the often-overlooked, occasionally forgotten ground cover plants? Far from a throwaway, ground cover plants are some of the most useful, beautiful, and growable plants in nature. They can be used as borders and accents, helping to put the spotlight on paths and other garden features, or they can take center stage, covering an entire lawn, draping elegantly across a rock garden, or billowing out of a container, star of the garden show.

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