Pilea microphylla variegata, Tricolor, Artillery Fern

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Container Size
3" (2.6x3.5")


Growth Habit:
tiny and greenish white
white and green with pink
partial shade - sun
Bloom Time:
May - August

This plant prefers moist to well-drained soil. While it can tolerate some dryness, you will want to water it frequently.

In a terrarium, misting will provide most of the moisture and all of the humidity this plant needs. This plant loves the terrarium because it craves warmth. But it also does well when planted in other containers or in the garden. It needs bright light, so find a spot where it will enjoy sunlit mornings and slightly shaded afternoons. 


Artillery Fern, as it is sometimes called, has eye-catching foliage that is held on a compact plant. Its tiny, rounded leaves are splashed with white and pink, and the colors intensify in bright light. It has light green near-succulent stems that arch to show their tiny 1/8" leaves. This fern-like appearance explains its Artillery Fern name, even though it is not related to ferns. New leaves often emerge completely white and then change to a mix of green and pink as they mature. It is an excellent choice for a smaller growing area. Plant lovers use it as a very colorful addition to terrariums, hanging baskets, green roofs, or ground cover. With its upright habit, growing only 4-6" tall, it makes for unique "trees" in fairy and miniature gardens.

Please wait to order Pilea microphylla if temperatures have reached 90° F or more in your state. These plants are sensitive to overheating and might not arrive in good condition. Thank you!

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