Ajuga, Chocolate Chip, Bugleweed

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4x 2.63x1.72x2.75"


Height on Delivery:
shade - sun
Bloom Time:
May - July

This plant prefers moist soil. Water frequently.

But be assured that even though Ajuga appreciates evenly moist soil, it typically manages to stay strong even during dry periods. Do consider trimming the flower spikes when you see spent blooms, as this may encourage more flowering, and it also maintains this ground cover's neat look. Give this plant several hours of sunlight each day for its best coloration.


For a ground cover that is dense and quickly spreading, look to Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip'. The “chocolate” in its name comes from the deep, chocolate-brown color that makes up much of the plant, with undertones of shiny, dark green. In springtime, blue-purple flowers spike up from the mats of foliage. This plant is particularly tight-growing, so it forms a gorgeous mat of deep color. It is a low-maintenance choice when you need to fill space with something pretty. Ajuga's mat of foliage grows to about 3" high, with flower spikes reaching a height of about 6". This plant is ideal as a ground cover beneath trees, between stepping stones, on slopes, or as a replacement for turf in small, flat areas. It also strikes a smart look in containers, where the flowers can spill over the sides and the foliage fills the container to the brim’s edges. It attracts the human eye, but it will not attract deer or rabbits.

For more information please see our article on choosing, locating, planting and maintaining ground cover plants.

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