Hobbit House

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12.00" Wide x 5.25" High x 5.00" Deep

Hobbits tend to live of humble means. Any good hollowed out tree stump or cave will more than suffice for them as a good place to set up their home. No expenses were spared however, in the construction of the Hobbit House front entrance. The look of grand harvested timbers, carefully curved to form an archway, frame the circular 3.25 inch high front door which opens. Pristine river rocks were then stacked to build sturdy and impressive walls. Two tiny windows with cathedral shaped frames are positioned on each side of the uniquely designed front door. The front door is round in shape and appears to be made of heavy oaken timbers adorned with exquisite iron details.  Shades of green are seen on the curved roof of the house to give the illusion of grass.  Perhaps the Hobbit, fortunate enough to live here, is a blacksmith by trade and he has a shop in the miniature garden. The height of the door is three-and-one-fourth-inches.

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