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Days to Ripen

Disease Resistance


Aspabroc S 50-60   It has a sweet, delicate flavor with a subtle, peppery taste. The flavor is milder and sweeter when cooked. When eaten raw, the vegetable has a tender, yet crunchy texture . After first maturity of the central shoots, plants will set 3 to 5 shoots shortly thereafter and continue for about 4 weeks in mild weather.
Beet Bulls Blood S 58 baby leaf 35   An old favorite! Tastes great cooked and the burgundy leaves are good for salads or microgreens. Foliage color intensifies with plant maturity. Roots show candy-striped zoning when sliced.
Beet Chioggia Guardsmark   60   Sweet, mild, peppery flavor with unusual bullseye stripes of white and magenta/red. 3-3.5" fruits and mild flavored greens packed with nutrition. Looks spectacular with a satisfying flavor!
Bok Choy Purple Lady S     Contains high levels of antioxidants with anti-aging properties, and a sweet, rich flavor perfect for wok, grill or in salads. Crunchy, juicy and flavorful, an excellent culinary variety.
Broccoli Lieutenant S 80   Erect plants with minimal side shoots, medium size main stems with reduced hollow stern. Smooth crowns have minimal bract leaves during hot weather. Dark green crowns with medium sized beads.
Broccoli Artwork S 85   A dark green stem broccoli that gives you the first crown and then keeps on producing delicious side-shoots all season! AAS Winner 2015.
Broccoli Marathon S 75   Highly tolerant to cold temperatures. Makes large, firm heads and after harvest comes with plenty of still nice size side shoots into late fall. Our highest yielding favorite.
Broccoli Packman S 53   Heat tolerant. Fine to plant succesive for continues harvest. After you have taken the side shoots - there comes more and more shoots, still developing into a tons of flowers for your bees and butterflies.
Brussel Sprouts Franklin S 80   The earliest to ripen. Taste is improved with a few light frosts. The tall plants have less woody stalks than other varieties, so whole stem harvest is possible.
Brussels Sprouts Rubine (Tasty Red) S 85   85 days. Rubine can produce a bountiful harvest of beautiful 1.5 inch purple-red sprouts that are full of rich old time flavor.
Cabbage Brunswick S 85-95   An heirloom from 1924. Large drumhead cabbage, very cold hardy. A fall/winter type cabbage that stores very well.
Cabbage Candy Red S 78   Beautiful bright red pointed cabbage. The best red cabbage of this type with an average head weight of 1.5 to 2 pounds. Head shape will vary from highly to moderately pointed. Color ranges from a deep red to a pale, almost pinkish red.
Cabbage Flat Dutch Late S 100   Large, broad flat heads, 10-15 pounds, low growing, short cored.
Cabbage Ruby Perfection S 85   Sweet red heads, 3-3.5 pounds, slow to split, heat and cold tolerant.
Cabbage Savoy Alcosa S 55   Early producer of round, 2-4 lb., deep blue-green, crinkled heads. Alcosa's well-packed, thin, yellow interior leaves quickly fill in, making it a smart choice for closely spaced plantings of mini cabbages. Flavor improves with cold weather. Best in cooked dishes
Cabbage Stonehead S 67   Round, rock solid, short cored, creamy white interior, crisp texture, 4-6 pounds.
Caraflex S 68   Extremely uniform, small heads with good wrapper leaves for insect and sun protection. Inner leaves are tender, crunchy, and have an excellent, sweet and mild cabbage flavor. Perfect for summer salads, slaws, or cooked dishes.
Cauliflower Amazing S 68   Large, solid white heads both in warm and cold weather. Plant succesive and you can harvest high yields into late fall. An absolute favorite in our climate.
Cauliflower Fioretto 70   60   Attractive and flavorful. The sweet and tender light green stems with white florets are ideal for light cooking or serving raw for dipping.
Cauliflower Multi Head White S 75   Easily branches with multiple heads per plant. Does not turn bitter in the sun. Small leaves.
Cauliflower Snow Crown S 50-60   Snow Crown is always mild and sweet. Its hybrid vigor and rapid growth make it one of the easiest to grow of all early cauliflower varieties. It forms fully domed curds in heads 7-8 inches across, weighing 1-2 pounds.
Cauliflower Veronica S 85   An out-of-the-ordinary cauliflower, perfect raw or cooked. This hybrid is a vigorous grower with beautiful lime green peaked heads comprised of small towering florets with a milder, sweeter flavor than white cauliflower. They should be eaten when the heads are small. Remains green when cooked. Heat tolerant. Best for fall harvest.
Cauliflower Vitaverde S 71   Big, heavy, green heads mature early on large plants. Cooks fast with a mild sweet taste.
Celeriac Mars S 95   Large, uniform roots with big, healthy plants. Interiors stay firm, even when roots are large. Holds well in the field.
Celery Candy Cane S 85   Striped, candy-pink stalks shade to green leaves. Pretty in the garden or on a vegetable tray - even keeps its color when cooked! Slow to bolt, spicy flavor. Harvest outside stalks as needed.
Cucumber Bush Pickle S 48   Small bushy plant, green fruit, 4- 5 inch cukes, can be grown in containers.
Cucumber Green Light S 37   2020 AAS Edible Vegetable Winner! A higher yield than comparison varieties, earlier maturity, excellent eating quality and more attractive fruit. Pick fruits when 3-4" long and no need to peel them.
Cucumber Japanese Long S 68   Known for its slim fruit that is very crisp and mild. Easy to digest, firm flesh with few seeds. Best when harvested when 12" long. Excellent pickling variety with very small seeds!
Cucumber Martini S 55-60   Stands out from the competition for its non-yellowing white exterior and earlier yields. Very tender, "no peel" skin if harvested at 5 -6 inches in length. Powdery mildew resistant and staying power in the heat of summer. White interior is bitter-free, very sweet and crunchy.
Cucumber Quirk S 52   Uniquely attractive mini cucumber for snacking and pickling. Short vines produce heavy yields of tasty two inch fruits. An attention-grabbing mini with striking contrast between bright green and gleaming white. Daily harvest is recommended.
Cucumber Sweet Slice S 52-64   Crisp texture, long dark green fruit on vining plant, can be trained on trellis, 10 inch cucumbers.
Cucumber Sweeter Yet S 48   Cucumbers don't come any sweeter than these glossy, deep green, extra-sweet small cucumbers. Enjoy these slender, cucumbers in salads or as snacks. They arrive early, produce prolifically all summer long. Sweet, mild taste, non-acidic, and burpless.
Eggplant Classic S 76   A glossy, purple-black color egglant. Fruits are 8" to 9" size with a teardrop shape.
Eggplant Fairy Tale S 49-51   A mini eggplant, only 4" long. It is lavender with streaks of white and grows on compact stems. Tender, plump and sweet with a delicious creamy flavor. The plant itself is a dwarf, growing only 24". This one can be planted and grown in containers.
Eggplant Millionaire S 63   Smooth, very attractive type with good flavor. Delicious in stir-fry dishes. Slender fruits, 2 inches across, 8-10 inches long that are borne early on upright plants. Proven tops for performance, flavor and wide adaptability.
Eggplant Vittoria S 56-61   Purple black, cylindrical fruits about 10 inches long, with mild flavor and firm texture.
Fennel Orazio S 50 Baby, 80 Full Size   Large, thick, rounded bulbs. Crisp and flavorful with a nice anise flavor. 'Orazio' has heavier bulbs giving it a higher yield potential than flatter, open-pollinated fennels.
Fennel Orion S 80-85   Classic, distinctive and rich fennel taste in a compact plant. Smooth bulbs are very uniform and resistant to tip burn.
Flowering Cabbage Color Up Mix S 85   Create a colorful bed, border, or edging with cold-weather-friendly, easy-to-grow Color Up!
Flowering Kale Glamour Red S 90   AAS winner. Glamour is the first flowering kale with glossy leaves
Kale Prizm S 50-60   AAS Vegetable Award Winner! 'Prizm' produces attractive short, tight ruffle-edged leaves that can be grown in containers as well as in-ground beds. Their easy-to-maintain, almost stemless stalks are quick to re-leaf so harvest early and often for a continual supply throughout the season. The excellent tasting, somewhat nutty flavored leaves are tender enough to enjoy in fresh salads and also perfect for soups and your favorite cooked dishes. 'Prizm' is a foodie gardener’s dream come true!
Kale Winterbor S 75   Excellent cold crop. Leaves are well-curled, blue-green, and ruffled. Vigorous plants will continue growing to produce leaves for successive harvests as the lower leaves are harvested.
Kohlrabi White Vienna S 58   Sweet, mild, nut like flavor, great source of Vitamin C.
Leek King Richard (early) S 75   Extra long slim stems, early season June-July, late season Aug-Sept., will stay ready for Christmas.
Lettuce Adriana S 48   Heat tolerant, dark green butterhead. 'Adriana' is large and has a broad disease package. Heads are full and dense with good flavor. Good tolerance to tipburn, and bolting. High resistance to downy mildew
Lettuce Alfresco Mix S 14-21 days   Red and green leaf lettuces with arugula, endive and radicchio. Makes a delicious and nutritious salad. Harvest every 3 weeks by cutting down to 2 inches.
Lettuce Bambi S 50   Dark-green, tender, and smooth, with a sweet flavor. Bambi is cold hardy and grows best in cool weather. Grows in compact rosette shaped heads with leaves that are easy to separate.
Lettuce Butterhead Red Cross S 48   Suitable for spring, summer, and fall crops. Resistant to downy mildew. A heat-tolerant butter head lettuce that just taste great.
Lettuce Magenta S 48   Red summer crisp with good flavor. Shiny, slightly puckered, red-tinged leaves form a whirled, conical head with a crispy, green heart. Ideal for spring and summer plantings.
Lettuce Super Jericho   60   Performs extremely well during the heat of the summer while retaining its sweet, crisp texture. Jericho produces sturdy, robust plants with large, light green leaves that are succulent, sweet and crisp. Resistant to tipburn and lettuce mosaic virus.
Melon Savor S 75-80   Very sweet, fine textured flesh, plump, round and smooth, 2-3 pound fruit.
Mizuna Japanese Pink   40   A cross between arugula and mustard, Mizuna also has a peppery mild taste. Feathery serrated edges with a glossy surface give these greens a decorative appeal.
New Zealand Spinach S 55-65   Not a true spinach, but similar in flavor and usage. Keep picking the young shoots when about 3 inches long and tender and the plant will continue branching out with new shoots through the summerheat until frost. Blanch and freeze down for the winter as regular spinach .
Onion Candy (Sweet Golden) S 135   Candy has taken American gardens by storm! This huge, savory yellow onion, with thick, succulent flesh and a delicious flavor both sharp and sweet can be grown just about anywhere! Candy is a day-neutral variety that can be stored for months.
Onion Echalion Crème Brulee S 98   2021 AAS Winner! Easy to peel, single-centered bulbs have a bright coppery pink outer skin with a rosy-purple interior with thick rings. A slight citrusy flavor when eaten raw and no overpowering aftertastes when carmelized.
Onion Frontier S 100   Frontier has excellent size and uniformity and a small neck. A very firm yellow onion that under optimum storage conditions is the best keeper. Divide and plant out in a row - 6 inches apart.
Onion Red Baron Bunching   118   Versatile, long-day variety keeps its dark red outer skin color and purple ring color well. Harvest at 12-15 inches tall as a scallion, or in fall with a mid-size, mild flavored bulb. Long storage, vigorous roots.
Onion Red Zeppelin S 90   Purple and beautiful, sweet, juicy sandwich onions. Stores well. Divide and plant out in a row - 6 inches apart.
Parsley Curled S 70-90   Decorative, closely curled dark green leaves, fast growing, used for garnishes or flavor.
Parsley Italian S 70-90   Clump-forming plants, great for garnishes or flavor. Strong flavor - a favorite of chef's.
Pea Sugar Magnolia Tendril S 70   Purple pods and bright green interiors. Delicious, sweet snap peas for salads, steamed or sauteed. Best flavor when harvested just before pods are fully filled out.
Pepper Anaheim MILD Chili S 75-80   A mild, medium sized chili pepper that grows to 6-10 inches, often used when green, though it can be used when red. The basic variety ripens to a dark green/reddish color, but other strains ripen to full red. They are one of the most common chilis in the United States and are used in many foods and recipes. Red varieties can be strung together and dried to make ristrasand wreaths.
Pepper Carmen S 75   AAS Winner. Horn shaped 5 oz fruits with wide shoulders on a compact plant. Sweet flavor.
Pepper Garden Salsa S 73   Just the right amount of heat (3,000 Scovilles) for the Mexican sauces and fresh salsa you love!
Pepper Golden California Wonder S 62-73   Smooth, blocky, 5" x 4" fruits are thick-walled, very sweet and mild. Maturing from light-green to golden-yellow.
Pepper Habanero S 80   Among the hottest peppers anywhere, Habanero reaches up to 215,000 Scovilles of heat! Small, bright orange fruits.
Pepper Jalapeno S 70   Small, hot, great for salsas. Can be eaten green or red.
Pepper Just Sweet S 65   2019 AAS Winner! Plants are vigorous growers (up to 36" tall and 15" wide) and don’t need to be staked, they have been bred to have a strong bushy habit. Bright, shiny yellow color with a sweet, aromatic flavor.
Pepper King of the North S 68   Excellent in short-season gardens of Northern climates, due to early bearing and the huge, blocky shape of its thick-walled, bright red, 6 inch by 4 inch fruits. Great for stuffing. Mild taste becomes even more mellow as the fruits mature.
Pepper Mama Mia Giallo S 85   AAS Winner. Golden yellow sweet Italian pepper. 7-9 inches long tapered fruits with easy to remove skin. Juicy, rich and meaty - excellent either fresh, grilled or roasted.
Pepper New Ace S 65   Extra-early, highly productive standard. Large fruits with excellent flavor for cooking.
Pepper North Star S 70   Reliable, cold hardy producer of plenty sweet fruits.
Pepper Orange Blaze S 68   AAS Winner. Ripens early to a beautiful orange color. It has a very sweet flavor and grows 3 to 4 inch long fruits about 1.5 inches wide.
Pepper Orange Marmalade S 70   Early-ripening, sweet and flavourful, medium-sized fruit are perfect for slicing fresh in a salad. Produces high yields of sweet bell peppers that ripen from green to orange.
Pepper Ornamental Chilly Chili S 49   Small, very mild. Used in Disney World, it is kid friendly.
Pepper Ornamental Hot Pops Purple S 60-90   Fruiting ornamental pepper. Small, round peppers of both purple and orange simultaneously make a high impact display for outdoor and indoor decorating. Compact, heavily branched plants work well in mixed containers, color bowls and planted with Mums. Note: Fruit is very hot.
Pepper Ornamental Numex Easter S     AAS Winner 2014. A compact, well branched, uniform Pepper that displays small clusters of 4-6 fruits on top of the plant in a range from lavender to light yellow and when fully mature a light orange. The colors of the fruit resemble the pastel colors of Easter eggs. Excellent in pots, on patios, or for outdoor use.
Pepper Ornamental Purple Flash S     Almost black leaves are layered to reveal flashes of electric purple. Bears glossy black fruits that are attractive but too hot to be palatable.
Pepper Ornamental Sangria S 85-120   A cute ornamental plant which bears fruit that resembles confetti. Young peppers emerge green, then advance through colors of orange, purple, and finally on to a brilliant red. Sangria peppers are edible, but they're not typically grown for their flavor.
Pepper PeppiGrande Red S 60-85   A corno pepper that ripens from green to red. Outstanding crisp texture, rich flavor and more sweetness than large-fruited peppers. Great grilled or cheese-stuffed and baked.
Pepper Pot-a-peno S 45-50 (green) 60-65 (red)   2021 AAS Edible Vegetable Winner! Small, green jalapeno fruit have a traditional spicy zip that is great in any dish. Ripen to red for a spicy, sweet flavor.
Pepper Red Knight S 78   Early-maturing and blocky bell pepper. It produces an extra large fruit that goes from green to bright red at maturity. Excellent for stuffing and grilling.
Pepper Roulette S 87   This 2018 AAS National Winner has 1 oz. fruits that are red with thick walls when it matures and a nice citrusy (No Heat) habanero flavor! Matures faster than other habaneros in its class.
Pepper Shishito Dragon Roll S 67   Shishito peppers are on menus and at farmers markets across the nation. These 3 to 5-inch peppers top out at about 200 Scovilles, making them milder than a jalapeño pepper, but letting you know you got some heat.
Pepper Sriracha S 65-70   Make your own Red Rooster Hot Sauce. Large and firm, uniformly dark green pepper with beautiful smooth skin and thick wall. Long shelf life and good heat content.
Pepper Sugar Rush Peach S 80-100   A sumptuous snacking pepper, long, peach colored fruits are packed with loads of super sweet, tropical flavor, and the seeds bring a smokey, complex heat. A great balance of sweet and heat at about the level of habaneros.
Pepper Super Chili S 84   Small, very hot, flavor is more intense when green.
Pepper Sweet Banana S 70   AAS Winner. Mild, tangy taste. Large, pointed fruits measure 6-7 inches long and 1½ inches across. The mild yellow peppers ultimately turn brilliant red. A favorite for pickling.
Pepper Sweet Heat S 56   The earliest to bear fruit, compact and bushy. It has 3 to 4 inch long by 1 to 1.5 inch wide peppers that are sweet and mildly spicy like pepperoncini, with a great smoky flavor. ‘Sweet Heat’ can be harvested green or red, and is perfect for grilling or salsa.
Pepper Yum Yum S 72   The small peppers measure nearly two inches long and have three lobes, and an elongated conical shape. Yum Yum peppers have medium-thick walls and a crisp, crunchy texture. The peppers are flavorful and sweet.
Potato Georgia Jets S 90   A tasty red-skinned sweet potato with moist, deep orange flesh. In just 90 days they produce a heavy crop of large tubers.
Pumpkin American Tondo S 100   Produces good yields of large 15 pound deep orange pumpkins with green stripes between the heavy ribs. When the fruit is young it is a two-toned speckled green and can be eaten like squash.
Pumpkin Autumn Gold S 90   Orange. Early in season; medium vine; thick, medium flesh; perfect for Halloween or cooking; 7-10 pound fruit.
Pumpkin Blaze Ornamental S 95   Flashy yellow, orange-striped fruits are flattened-round with shallow ribs. Sturdy, short vine plants have excellent powdery mildew resistance and produce very high yields of tall fruits with exceptional uniformity in shape and size.
Pumpkin Early Giant S 95   New! Early, powdery mildew resistant large jack. Elongated and blocky, medium-dark orange fruits are uniform in shape. Excellent size potential, fruits range 14-40 lb. Average is 25 lb. Stocky handles, light ribs, and long vine habit. Easy to grow for such a large-fruited type, Early Giant is also well adapted and a reliable producer. Tall fruits with rich color attract attention at roadside stands and farmers' markets. Performs well on moderate spacing (about 30 sq.ft per plant). Avg. yield: 1-2 fruits/plant.
Pumpkin Moonshine S 100   Wonderful small-medium, white pumpkin. Very uniform, smooth-skinned pumpkins avg. 8-12 lb. Perfect for decorating or carving. Long, dark green handles. Avg. 3-4 fruits/plant. This hybrid will be sure to catch your eye in your pumpkin patch this season.
Pumpkin Pepitas S 90   AAS Edible-Vegetable Winner The newest All-America Selections award-winning pumpkin, 'Pepitas', is a winner in both the decorative and culinary arenas. 'Pepitas' is named for its hulless or naked seeds (pepitas) that lack the tough outer hull making them easy to eat after slow-roasting. A delicious and nutritious treat, with many health benefits! Each plant produces numerous, uniform medium sized (9-12 pound) pumpkins on disease resistant vines. This confectionery type of pumpkin produces beautiful orange fruits that at maturity have decorative green stripes. What an interesting change of pace for your fall decorations.
Pumpkin Rouge Vif D' Etampes S 115   A highly ornamental variety. Its stunning color and unique shape make this a phenomenal decoration for autumn displays. More than just a pretty pumpkin, this variety is the standard for French soup stocks. The fruit can reach up to 20 pounds each and will store well.
Pumpkin Wee B Little S 90-97   Remarkably miniature, about the size of a baseball, avg. 3-3.5 inch diam., 10-14 oz., and very endearing. Slightly flat-round shape like a normal pumpkin. Bright orange rind, smooth enough for painting.
Spinach Purple Mountain Orach S 45   Orach, a relative of spinach, produces purple sparkly leaves rich in antioxidants. Reseeds easily and looks spectacular in the garden and in a salad!
Squash Acorn Table Ace S 75-85   Black-green Acorn type squash with delicious bright orange flesh. The 1-2 pounds fruits store well.
Squash Buttercup S 85   Has a sweet and creamy orange flesh. This squash is much sweeter than other winter varieties. The 5-7 pound fruits store well.
Squash Early Butternut S 85   This is a more watery squash and tastes somewhat similar to sweet potatoes. It has a bulbous end and pale, creamy skin, with a choice, fine-textured, deep-orange flesh with a sweet, nutty flavor. The 2-5 pound fruits store well.
Squash Gold Rush S 50-60   AAS Winner. Plant produces good yields of 10 inch long golden yellow zucchini squash with delicious, sweet and creamy flavor.
Squash Red Kuri S 110   Teardrop shaped squash that average 5 to 8 pounds. The flesh is dry and sweet with a delicate nutty flavor. Makes excellent soups, desserts, stews and cakes. Very prolific and early. Highly sought after by chef's and in markets.
Squash Spaghetti S 90   Stringy flesh with nutty flavor, 10-12", 4-8 pounds, good for storage.
Squash Sweet Dumpling S 100   Very sweet with deep orange flesh. This winter squash is 4" teacup-shaped, grows up to 1 lb. in size and is excellent for stuffing.
Squash Turks Turban Ornamental S 110   Stunning color of fruit with a distinctive shape, each fruit has its own cap on top making it a popular choice for ornamental autumn displays. Excellent flavor for roasting, baking, as a steamed vegetable or used in soups.
Squash Zucchini Cashflow S 44-47   Plant produces high yields of 8 inch long medium green zucchini squash. Fruits are uniform and slightly tapered.
Strawberry Berried Treasure S     Highly ornamental and producing tasty fruit on ever-bearing plants. The semi-double red flowers are gorgeous in their own right. Planting in a container will show off the fruit to best effect, but it can also be grown in gardens.
Strawberry Delizz/6 PACK S 60   'Delizz' strawberry plants are here! The strawberries themselves are smaller and sweeter than the typical June-bearing varieties.The mature berries are orange-red in appearance and conical in shape.
Strawberry Ornamental Frisan/6 PACK S 40-70   Everbearing. Medium sized, high sugar fruit with excellent taste. Produces lots of flowers and larger medium sized fruit the first year.
Strawberry Toscana/ 6 PACK S 70-80   'Toscana' develops a strong plant with several runners and large, deep rose flowers. Flowering and fruiting begins early in the season and continues on the runners. Everbearing fruits that are juicy and sweet flavoured.
Swiss Chard Bright Lights S 55-65   AAS Winner. Red, orange, yellow stems, large, crinkly, edible leaves, great fresh or cooked. Keep harvesting through the summer.
Swiss Chard Ford Hook Giant S 50   The standard green Swiss Chard. The leaves are medium green and savoyed (crinkled) with white veins and broad, white stems.
Swiss Chard Verde De Taglio S 55   Verde De Taglio has light green leaves with yellow chard and is a 'cut and come again' variety. The stems are thin and the leaves are very sweet. One of the best tasting traditional Italian heirloom varieties. This is the perfect green to grow even in hot weather.
Tomato 4th Of July S 49 V,F 4 oz small globe. Earliest ripe slicer tomato! Fresh, full flavor. Continues producing under hot conditions as well. Resistant to Verticilium Wilt and Fusarium Wilt.
Tomato Better Boy S 70 V,F,N,ASC,ST,T 16 oz beefsteak. In existance for more than 50 years.Cool weather tolerant and can take hot and humid condition as well.High yields and easy to grow! Resistant to Verticilium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Alternaria Alternata Stem Canker, Nematodes and Grey Leaf Spot.
Tomato Big Beef S 75 V,F&2,N,T,ST,ASC 12 oz beefsteak. AAS Winner. Firm, juicy and highly flavored. Heat tolerant. Resistant to Alternaria Alternata Stem Canker, Fusarium Wilt1&2, Verticilium Wilt,Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Grey Leaf Spot.
Tomato Big Mama S 80   Plum-shaped and enormous. These tomatoes grow up to 5 inches long and 3 inches across. Easy to peel and core, and perfect for sauces and soups. This incredibly meaty variety sets a new standard for paste tomatoes.
Tomato Brandywine S 80   14 oz beefsteak. Best flavor since 1885! Sweet pinkish flesh. Can take hot and humid condition. HEIRLOOM!
Tomato Braveheart S 60   Cherry tomatoes grow prolifically on medium-sized, well-behaved plants. Fruit ripen quickly and uniformly. Sweet and juicy fruit have a thin skin and a bold, rich tomato flavor. Resists cracking.
Tomato Buffalosun S 70   2020 AAS Winner! High yielding and has less cracking. Unique yellow and red/orange flame coloration outside with a nicely marbled, heirloom-look on the interior. Meaty flesh with few seeds.
Tomato Bush Early Girl S 54 V,F,N,T 6-7.5 ounce globe. Acidic flavor. Compact growth. Perfect for large containers. Cool tolerant. Resistant to Verticilium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Nematodes and Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Tomato Candyland Red Currant S 60   'Candyland Red' has a compact, tidy and manageable habit that will not take over like many other currant varieties. Easy to harvest: branched trusses have accessible tomatoes with slightly thicker skin so less damaged fruit than other currant types. Loads of very sweet red fruit bursts of flavor. All American Winner!
Tomato Celebrity S 70 V,F,N,T,ASC,ST 8 ounce globe. AAS Winner. All - purpose tomato. Does well in large containers. Can take both hot and dry, as well as cold conditions. Resistant to Verticilium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Alternaria AlternataStem Canker, Nematodes and Grey Leaf Spot.
Tomato Chef's Choice Orange S 75 T, Crack, Anthracnose 8-12 oz beefsteak. AAS Winner. An update of the heirloom Amana Orange. Good flavor. Resistant to Crack, Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Anthracnose.
Tomato Early Girl S 55 V,F1&2 4-8 oz globe. Acidic flavor. Keeps producing under hot and dry conditions. Easy to grow. Resistant to Verticilium Wilt and Fusarium Wilt 1&2.
Tomato Early Goliath S 58 V,F1&2,N,T,ST,ASC 8 oz oblate globe. Sweet excellent flavor. High yields! Resistant to Alternaria Alternata Stem Canker, Fusarium Wilt1&2, Nematodes, Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Grey Leaf Spot.
Tomato Early Resilience S 115   AAS Winner. A rounded Roma tomato with a deep red interior color, uniform maturity and good quality flesh. Very resistant to blossom end rot. Excellent variety for cooking and a home canner's dream.
Tomato Galahad S 75   2020 AAS Winner! A high-yielding, great tasting tomato that grows on a strong sturdy plant. High level of Late Blight resistance because both parents are resistant. Large, clean fruits with a sweet, meaty flavor and crack resistant.
Tomato Gold Medal S 85   HEIRLOOM. 24-28 oz. Yellow with rosy red blush interior. Outstanding sweet and mild taste.
Tomato Ground Cherry Goldie S 75   Small orange berry with a husk. This husk cherry bears sweet golden berries inside papery husks, resembling small, golden colored Japanese lanterns. The flavor is quite sweet. These can be eaten raw, frozen, canned, dried, or made into preserves, cooked pies and desserts.
Tomato Heirloom Marriage Perfect Flame S 68   4 oz small globe tomato. Hybrid cross of two heirlooms Peron and Flame. Orange, tasty fruits on vigorous plants.
Tomato La Roma S 75 V,F 3 -4 oz plum shaped. Very popular for cooking, canning and paste. Can take hot and dry conditions. Resistant to Verticilium Wilt and Fusarium Wilt.
Tomato Lemon Boy S 72 V,F,N V,F,N 6-7 oz globe. Yellow. Mild, sweet flavor. Resistant to Fusarium Wilt, Verticilium Wilt and Nematodes.
Tomato Midnight Snack S 65-70   AAS Winner! Unique cherry tomato ripens red with a blush of glossy black-purple on the skin when exposed to sunlight. Great in salads or eaten straight off the plant. Produces all season, yielding well-balanced, flavourful fruit.
Tomato Mountain Rouge S 73   AAS Winner! A beautiful new pink tomato with excellent flavor and a very robust disease resistance. Enjoy a generous harvest of large, beefsteak tomatoes (12-14 oz.) that have a great tomato taste and just the right balance of acid and sugar. This tomato performs well in cooler climates, is fleshy with minimal seeds and slices very well.
Tomato Napa Chardonnay Blush S 65   Easy to grow and does well in containers. Amazing cherry tomatoes with a bright, fruity somewhat winelike flavor.
Tomato Oh Happy Day S 65   Small beefsteak with incredible disease-resistance. Clusters of 3 to 7 fruits, with a top-level flavor! Inderterminate, tasty and quick to harvest.
Tomato Orange Zinger S 60 F1,TMV, crack A dark orange, great tasting 1 oz cherry tomato with a good balance of sweet and tangy. Crack resistant. Resistant to Fusarium Wilt1 and Tobacco Mosaic Virus.
Tomato Park's Whopper S 65 V,F,F2,N,T 10-14 oz beefsteak Good flavor and high yield. Resistant to Crack, Verticilium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Nematodes and Tobacco Mosaic Virus.
Tomato Patio Choice Yellow S 60 TMV, VW, FW Winner of All-America Selection (AAS) for its high yields, super-compact size, and unbeatable disease resistance. This delightful yellow cherry offers more than 100 mildly flavored fruits in a single, ultra-compact 18-inch plant. This is a plant that looks as good as it tastes.
Tomato Rapunzel S 68-70   Named for the fairy tale character, plants produce unique, long cascading trusses with up to 40 fruits. Very flavorful, bright red 3/4 to 1 ounce cherry tomatoes make the perfect addition to salads and veggie trays. So sweet, you'll be tempted to eat them straight-from-the-vine.
Tomato Red Torch S 65   Early striped snacking tomato. A delicious, small Juliet-sized fruit (avg. 1.5 oz.) with a beautiful shade of red with yellow stripes. This AAS Winner is a prolific early producer, crack-resistant and performs well even under heavy disease pressure.
Tomato Roadster S 70   A high quality determinate salad variety featuring a combination of early maturity and extra-large size. Fruit are an attractive red, very firm with a superior flavor. A tomato that is quickly gaining a reputation for exceptional taste and rich red color.
Tomato San Marzano S 85   4 oz very pointed plum shape. Thick flesh with strong, sweet flavor. For canning, paste and spagetti sauce. Can take hot and humid condition, still keeps producing in fall.
Tomato Steakhouse F1 S 80   Big news in the tomato patch! Meet the biggest tomato ever bred. And it’s not just bigger but better. Tipping the scales at up to 3 lbs. A broad-shouldered tomato loaded with true heirloom tomato flavor. Indeterminate plants produce gorgeous, humongous fruits.
Tomato Sun Gold S 65   Back by popular demand. A vigorous grower with tangerine-orange fruits. The flavor is a balance of citrusy tart and sweet.
Tomato Supersweet 100 S 65 V,F 1 oz cherry. Produces sugary sweet fruits in long pendulous clusters right up to frost. Heat tolerant as well. Resistant to Verticilium Wilt and Fusarium Wilt.
Tomato Sweet 'N Neat Cherry Red S 60   0.75-1 oz cherry. A strong, very compact, upright growing plant. Sweet, bright red fruits over a long cropping period. Does well in the open ground and in planters - even on a sunny window sill.
Tomato Wisconsin 55 S 72 Blight 6 oz globe. Firm, meaty slicer. Probably your most healthy looking plant in fall. Fruits store well. Resistant to Blight.
Tomato Yellow Pear S 75 ASC, F1&2, V HEIRLOOM, for more than 200 years. High yielding, mild and sweet yellow tomatoes. Can take hot and dry condition Resistant to Alternaria Alternata stem canker, Fusarium Wilt 1&2 and Verticilium Wilt
Watermelon Faerie S 72   A non-traditional watermelon with creamy yellow rind with thin stripes yet still yields sweet pink-red flesh with a high sugar content. Vigorous yet spread only to 11 feet. Each 7-8 inch fruit weighs 4-6 pounds. Our reliable favorite.
Watermelon Mambo S 75   2020 AAS Edible Winner! Beautiful dark green rind and deep red flesh and perfectly round. Tasty sweet crisp flesh doesn't overripen if not harvested right away. Vigorously healthy vines hold 9", 11 lb. Fruits.
Watermelon Mini Love S 70-80   2017 Edible -Vegetable Winner. This personal-sized Asian watermelon is perfect for smaller families and smaller gardens. Shorter vines (3-4 feet) still produce up to 6 fruits per plant and can be grown in smaller spaces. This deep red fleshed watermelon has a thin but strong rind that can be carved into attractive shapes for fruit salad presentations. 'Mini Love' has a high sugar content resulting in sweet and crisp, juicy flesh that will be a true summer delight for watermelon lovers.
Watermelon Yellow Doll S 65   Probably the earliest of all watermelons. The fruits are round, 6 to 8 lbs.. It has a thin rind of deep green with lighter stripes. Flesh is bright yellow and unusually sweet and delicious. Can be grown on a trellis where space is limited.