Hoya carnosa compacta, Hindu Rope, Hindu Rope Plant, Krinkle Kurl

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3" (2.6x3.5")


Height on Delivery:
Growth Habit:
waxy, porcelain-like flowers, clustered, fragrant
curled, green
bright, indirect light
Bloom Time:
April - November

Moderation is key to watering this plant so that it will thrive. It will not want to dry out, but it also will not do well if consistently kept too wet. Your best plan of action is to water it only once the top layers of its soil have dried out. Mist with tepid water to increase humidity. Be patient while waiting for flowers, which are likely not to appear until the plant has matured to about two or three years old. And if a stem begins to look a little light on the leaves, feel free to manipulate the foliage so that it covers the stems better and forms more pleasing "ropes".


This is like no plant we have seen before. Its waxy, leathery green leaves curl and bend around stems. This curled foliage forms broad “ropes” of greenery. These ropes are so impressive in size, they will strike you as being very different, very unusual. Also unusual are the flowers that grow on this plant once it has matured a bit. Flowers are of the palest creamy pink color, are star-shaped, and grow in clusters. Waxy or porcelain-like themselves, they have longevity, staying open and extremely visible for days on end. Flowers are fragrant and may give off a little honey-like sap, causing some to call this plant the Honey Plant. While you should not expect to see blooms on your plant for several years, this variety is one of the earlier bloomers. It typically requires less time than other Hoyas do to reach the stage of maturity that is right for flowering. More than this, once blooming, the plant flowers from spring to fall. 

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