Syngonium podophyllum, Gold Allusion, Arrowhead Plant

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3" (2.6x3.5")


Height on Delivery:
Growth Habit:
upright, trailing, or climbing
golden with thin reddish veining
bright, indirect light

This beaming foliage plant looks great without needing much in the way of care. It is a light feeder, requiring only infrequent fertilization using a highly diluted liquid plant food. It is not picky about soil, but it does like good drainage, plus hydration only when the top layers of its soil become dry. And although its coloration and growth will be best in bright or medium indirect light, it has the ability to handle the lowest-light conditions, making it an ideal plant for dark shelves, under cabinets, or just about anyplace. Trimming this plant encourages new and bushy growth.


This golden plant with thin reddish veining can do most things: trail, climb, be kept upright and bushy. You choose the styling you like best, and it will oblige. This seems to go along with Feng Shui thoughts related to this plant, which is said to symbolize continuous progress. Its arrowhead-shaped leaves are first noticed for their golden and sunny coloration. But it is the leaves’ ability to climb and cling to shelves, curtain rods, or other structures that helps them to create a great indoor display. Coloration improves with slightly more indirect light, but rest assured that this plant will do well almost anywhere. Just be sure to keep it away from nibbling pets, who should not ingest it. And then let it do its thing… with your guidance and a little training or trimming to help it take the form you like best.

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