Pelargonium peltatum, Crocodile, Ivy Geranium, Ivy Leaved Geranium

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Height on Delivery:
Growth Habit:
compact and bushy, trailing
bright pink
green with veining
Bloom Time:
May - September

This plant needs loamy or sandy soil with excellent drainage. It appreciates consistent moisture, but it will do best if not overwatered. Grow this Ivy Geranium in full sun with some shade cover during the day. Unlike some other Geraniums which can handle higher heat and scorching sun, this one prefers everything in moderation. Periodic feedings with liquid fertilizer can help this continuous bloomer set more and more buds. Faithful deadheading does the same, while also maintaining the good looks of the plant.


Aiming for a lush and vibrant window box? This bright pink Ivy Geranium can make that happen. Its flowers are bright and prominent, and its lobed leaves with creamy veining are equally eye-catching as they take on a nice bushy form while also trailing over planter boxes to a length of about 2' or 3'. The leaves are so prominently decorated with a lacy pattern that no flowers are necessary; nevertheless, you will get plenty of flowers on this continuous bloomer. Flowers appear in the form of sprays of bright petals rather than tight, rounded balls of petals, making this plant a little different from the more familiar zonal geraniums and making it beautifully suited to being planted in elevated containers. Enjoy it all spring and summer, and if you can find space for this snappy little “Crocodile” inside your home during the colder months, admire it as a flowering houseplant for the balance of the year. 

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