Ficus microcarpa Ginseng, Bonsai Tree, Chinese Banyan

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Growth Habit:
golden yellow
glossy green, leathery
Bloom Time:
July - July

Ensure high humidity, and water Ginseng Ficus when its soil begins to dry. As a bonsai-style houseplant, it appreciates liquid fertilizer that is diluted by about 50%. This can be added to its growing container on a rather frequent basis of perhaps once a month. It thrives best in acidic soil and good sunlight, but most important to remember is its need for good moisture in the air. 


Ginseng Ficus can be grown as a tree if you live in a warm and humid region, in which case it will grow quite large. But it has broader appeal to plant lovers who want to try their hand at tending a houseplant that can echo the style of a bonsai. While it has both flowers and fruit, its main attraction is its unusual twisting roots and pot-bellied trunk. Roots are raised above the surface of the soil and can sit atop rocks for added visual interest. Its waxy, leathery leaves appear high above the roots and trunk, giving the look of a miniature Baynan Tree... so attractive and so easy to tend. This is one houseplant that naturally takes on the appearance of a carefully shaped bonsai without a whole lot of grooming. It is a great tree to add to a garden if you are in the right climate, or for all plant lovers, a bonsai display in a sunny window. Just be sure to keep it away from pets, as they should not nibble it. When you look at that windowsill, you'll think you are looking at a Banyan Tree out in the open. A sight to see.

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