Begonia amphioxus, Butterfly, Pink Spotted Begonia, Polka Dot Begonia

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Height on Delivery:
Growth Habit:
bushy upright
typically white and insignificant
green with maroon dots
bright, indirect light
Bloom Time:
January - December

Locate this humidity-loving Begonia in a terrarium to ensure it gets the humid warmth it needs. If you choose to grow it in an indoor plant pot, make sure its soil is rich and not too acidic. Tucking an eggshell deep into the soil can increase the soil's alkalinity, and your plant will like this. Provide even moisture at all times, focusing on consistency of care, and avoid leaving standing water on leaves or in the bottom of the plant's container. This Begonia is a heavy feeder, appreciating weekly drinks of very highly diluted liquid houseplant food. Re-pot yearly to give room for growth, and pinch back foliage from time to time to help the plant maintain a bushy look.


Begonias’ leaf shapes differ from one variety to another. But this variety’s “butterfly” leaves are rarely seen on the market and surprisingly reminiscent of the winged pollinators we love so much. The unusual butterfly shapes are an attractive green, decorated with pinkish maroon spots. Not to be nibbled by pets, this plant will be admired by those who appreciate exotic plants. Most are likely to be unfamiliar with this bushy Begonia with the unique looks. (This is no common houseplant. Native to Borneo, it seems it was not even described until 1990.) Once you get in the groove of caring for it, this plant will surprise you with its healthy growth and ease of propagation through cuttings placed in soil or water.

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