Teacup Planter Recipe

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Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses


Layout and Design

Fill up the small fairy garden teacup with a good loose potting soil. Place the items you have chosen on top of the soil to see how it all comes together.


Remove the plants from the pots and break off about half of the root ball. If your fairy garden plants are larger, just use 2 plants, not 3 as we did here. Add mulch (or you can also use gravel which looks equally nice).

Adding Accessories

Add the sign, the bee hive, and Catherine the fairy. Place a small boulder in the front. The tiny honey jars tend to fall over, so to glue them in place is a good idea.

How to Take Care of Your Fairy Garden

Water daily or every 2-3 days depending on the temperature. The teacup needs full sun. If you don’t have full sun choose plants that like shade.
The tea cup comes with a drainage hole.


Use this fairy garden as a perfectly sized gift for the next party you go to. Give it to a sweet-toothed friend or to a bee keeper!