Fairyhood School Yard Container Recipe


Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

This fairy garden brings back a lot of memories to everyone. Consider what kind of accessories you could add to this fairy garden theme that would represent your memories.


Layout and Design

We planted the school yard in our large 4-foot x 6-foot so-called 'Fairyhood' in a greenhouse at Winter Greenhouse. To recreate the school yard you need a large container or even better to make it outside. Set out the school and the playground and play around with it till it works. A fairy garden at this scale might require you to sit down with pen and paper and plan it out before you start buying all the items needed. If you are doing it with kids maybe you could make some of the playground pieces like the swing, the sandbox, or slide out of twigs and wood.


A nice large tree to sit under is essential and you would plant that first. We added black weed fabric under the pebbles that form the parking lot and school yard, to protect the pebbles from getting mixed up with the soil. Add larger boulders around the perimeter to mark the area.

Adding Accessories

Once the area is defined add the playground pieces and all the little details. To poke a hole through the fabric for the flagpole, use a sharp pin or even cut it with a knife. That makes it so much easier.

How to Take Care of Your Fairy Garden

If you have a shady spot in your yard where you would like to create the scene you can adjust the plant material and choose plants that prefer shade.