Fairies & Friends

In the world of miniature gardening, fairies and their friends bring much enjoyment. Whether they are winged-fairies, gnomes, pixies, elves, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, trolls, or other mystical wee folks, miniature gardeners can create an assortment of large-scale fairyhoods or smaller container fairy gardens with the figurines. Add fairy garden plants, miniature trees, and fairy garden accessories to the designs. When selecting fairies and friends, there are many designs and styles available.

Attention to detail is on display in the unique faces and outfits of the fairies. Crowns of flowers, colorful baskets, classic fishing poles, and other fairy garden accessories embellish the fairies.  Some of the fairies’ wings cast a gentle glow in the darkness of the night, or the glow-in-the-dark may come from a miniature accessory.

Products and Care
Made from polystone, resin, or plastic, the fairies and friends are manufactured for the outdoors. Like all of us, fairies need some sun protection if placed outdoors or in direct sunlight. Please give them a light spray coating of polyurethane and the color will remain vivid. If the weather begins to take a snowy turn, it is suggested that accessories be stored indoors.


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