Gesine Kratzner - Blob House

After attending art college in Stuttgart, Germany, Gesine Kratzner moved to London where she earned an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art. In the UK, she worked as a freelancer for media companies before taking a job with the animation studio, LAIKA in Portland, Oregon. Working on award-winning advertising campaigns and short films, Gesine also contributed character designs to feature films. Currently, Gesine is an animation director for Hinge Digital.

When Gesine is not directing or designing for animation, she makes sculptures and illustrates children’s books. Her work can be found in galleries along the West Coast. When it comes to art and illustration, Gesine loves to draw and sculpt squiggly creatures that all have names unique to their personalities. In 2017, Gesine dreamed up the Blob House line of whimsical garden sculptures and miniature planters for Georgetown Home and Garden. This fall at the Atlanta show, Blob House characters was voted as the number one new product.

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