Fences are structures that surround an area in a garden. When it comes to miniature gardens, fences are purchased by the panel to accommodate the small-scale of a container fairy garden. The number of panels depends upon the finished size of the planter or the outdoor miniscape. Use one fence panel as a focal point or accent half-wall. For a large scale miniature garden, calculate the distance surrounding a fairy house, farmyard, or miniature garden to decide on the number of fence panels needed to enclose the area.

Once you decide on the function and size of the fence, then it is time to select the materials used in the design. A traditional picket and post fence may be one selection. Fences are constructed from metal, wood, or synthetic material and many times it is painted white. Another consideration is whimsical fences where the materials may be molded into flowers or birdhouses, or seasonal designs. Select one or more fence panels for the miniature garden to add an accent structure or to define the space.

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