Aeschynanthus, Twisted Lipstick Plant

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Bright red flowers inside maroon calyxes
Densley-curled, trailing, green, glossy leaves
shade - light sun
Bloom Time:
July - September

For a plant with a truly unique shape, look to the Aeschynanthus, Twisted Lipstick Plant. Also known as the Twister Lipstick Vine or Basket Vine, this plant is known for its leaves, which form densely-curled, cupped ringlets. Native to the tropics of Asia, this one is fairly easy to grow. It produces clusters of bright red flowers that emerge from maroon calyxes. The blossoms resemble tubes of lipstick.

You will definitely want to consider a hanging basket for the Aeschynanthus, Twisted Lipstick Plant, as its trailing vines are known to spill down in a beautiful cascade of green, glossy, curling foliage. This plant is a resilient grower indoors, though it will also look beautiful on a patio or porch.


The Twisted Lipstick Plant can handle low light and should be protected from the bright midday sun. Avoid full shade and full sun. Water only when the soil is visibly dry. Avoid overwatering, as root rot and fungal problems can result from too much moisture. High humidity is preferred, but the plant can handle some dry air.

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