Gone Fishin'

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2.25" Wide x 3.00" High x 4.00" Deep

In the miniature garden pond, all it takes is a long willow branch and some string to catch supper. The Gone Fishin' Fairy is well skilled at fishing, and rightfully so, given this is how he spends much of his lazy day summer afternoons. He has tousled sandy brown, windswept hair and he is wearing an old T-shirt with a pair of faded jean shorts. His faithful, furry, companion, Buddy who is seated by his side is sporting perky ears and a bushy tail. A chubby Perch graces the end of his bowed pole, which is probably the reason why there is a boyish grin, plastered on his face. Maybe the Gone Fishin' Fairy will catch enough fish to host a miniature garden fish fry.

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