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New Trees & Shrubs
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 What's Growing On...
Ginkgo biloba Autumn Gold  

New Trees and Shrubs 

Each season brings with it the joy of choosing new varieties of trees and shrubs.  This is the Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold' Maidenhair Tree - one of the most beautiful deciduous trees.  The symmetrical conical form turns broader with age and has a brilliant yellow fall color which will last for seveal weeks. It is prized for its unique fan-shaped foliage. A slow growing and disease resistant variety, once it's established, it is quite drought and salt tolerant.   


Check out what's new, along with all of the other nursery stock we will have available this season here. 

 Pick of the Week...

Houseplant Highlight 


Being surrounded by the people and things that bring joy and happiness into our lives is what we all love.  Houseplants have the remarkable ability to accomplish this.  They can make scorching hot days feel more cool and even cold days seem warmer.  They filter the air for us and can create an atmosphere of delight.  The houseplant favorite of this week is...


The Sansevieria commonly referred to as Snake Plant or Mother In-Law's Tongue.  Sansevieria grows easily in less-than-ideal conditions. These low maintenance, tough plants do best in bright light or direct morning sun, and can tolerate low light areas as well.  The Sanseviera comes in fantastic shades of greens, white, yellows and blues.  It's also a great plant if you travel or vacation often because it prefers to stay more on the dry side.  It's slow growing and can be easily divided.  The thick, upright leaves and rigid structure provide considerable textural interest indoors.  Take a deep breath one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality is the Sanseviera.


 What's New...
Tula Handbag  

Featured Favorite


To complete your accessory ensemble, this week's favorite is fashionable and functional. 


The Tula handbag.  The high quality material used in making the classic Tula hats is also used in this shoulder bag. Match the two styles together for a fashionable trip into the garden, to the beach or why not bring it along on a vacation. Fun fact:  the average woman owns at least seven handbags.  This one would be a great addition to any collection!


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