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Dear Fellow Gardeners
 What's Growing On...

Lithops Living Stones


Sticks and Stones


The plants in the greenhouse are sprouting, new leaves are forming and some are blooming!  Lithops (Living Stones) are named for their stone-like appearance (lithos=stone) and (opsis=like).  Individual plants consist of one or more pairs of bulbous, almost fused leaves opposite to each other and hardly any stem.  The slit between the leaves contains the meristem and produces flowers and new leaves.  Yellow or white flowers emerge from the fissure between the leaves after the new leaf pair has fully matured, one per leaf pair.  This usually is in autumn, but can be before the summer solstice and after the winter solstice.  The flowers are often sweetly scented. No need to throw these stones.  Plant them along with your favorite succulents to add interest and fun!  Kindness rockslaugh


 What to Give...
Amore Queen Of Hearts  

Heart To Heart

You will fall in LOVE (Amore in Italian) with this bi-color petunia!  "Amore Queen of Hearts" displays five red hearts on each 2½" blossom.  Yellow adds a striking contrast for that complete sweetheart look.  Its semi-trailing habit and long garden performance make it a perfect match for containers and baskets. Spread a message of love and friendship throughout your garden!


It will soon be Valentine's Day, and we have the gift for YOUR sweetheart that's a perfect match and will bring loving thoughts of Spring.  A Gift Card! Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to say thanks for being an important person. And remember,

"A Heart In Love With Beauty Never Grows Old!" 

Happy Valentine's Dayheart


Come see us in spring!


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