Opuntia rufiada Mini Cinnamon Cactus

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For a spicy addition to the garden, consider Opuntia rufiada Mini Cinnamon Cactus. This small paddle cactus, often known as “miniature Prickly Pear,” will grow no taller than 10-inches. It is decorated with fuzzy spike clusters in a cinnamon color, though color can change based on the amount of light exposure it receives.

Native to Texas, this cactus prefers bright light and very porous, well-draining soil. When the soil is dry, give it a good drink, and then wait for the soil to dry out before watering again. In the winter, watering should be reduced to avoid root rot. Give this cactus plenty of airflow, but keep it away from cold drafts. Protect from frost.

Note: Do not touch the glochids (fuzzy spikes), as they can detach, causing irritation to the skin and eyes.

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