Greenhouse Areas

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  • Welcome


    Colorful hanging baskets and containers welcome you to the greenhouse and invite you to take a closer look.

  • Entrance


    The entrance area.

  • Bright Display


    A spring-display of planters, hanging baskets and merchandise.

    Bright Display
  • Planters


    Succulents make a very pretty picture in a wooden frame.

  • Huge Hanging Baskets


    The two large hanging baskets shown here are affectionately known as “Eagle's nests”.

    Huge Hanging Baskets
  • Checkout Area


    The checkout area was thoroughly renovated in 2013 and now has more room.

    Checkout Area
  • Checkout


    The new checkout in action.

  • Fall Decoration


    A glowing fall display.

    Fall Decoration
  • It's a small World


    The miniature garden was constructed in 2010 and continues to be a main attraction at the greenhouse. This garden features a bubbling rock, stream and pond, cottages, a vegetable garden, many varieties of miniature plants, lots of miniature accessories, and of course a fairy or two. It changes regularly, so you will have to stop in and see what these little characters have been up to.

    It's a small World
  • Mini-garden Detail


    Detail of another display – a schoolyard, complete with a greenhouse, a vegetable garden a playground and much more, just look!

    Mini-garden Detail
  • Customer Appreciation Day


    This is now a yearly event, dedicated to saying THANK YOU! To our customers. There are special offers, live music, free lunch, coffee and more.

    Customer Appreciation Day
  • Our Gift Shop


    Our gift shop contains a wide selection of unique, practical, and entertaining gardening gifts and products. There is a special section devoted to accessories for miniature and fairy gardens. For our feathered friends, we have a wide variety of birdhouses, feeders and birdbaths. You can also find wind chimes to bring a chorus of soothing sounds to your backyard or patio.

    Our Gift Shop
  • Checkout Area


    If you are having problems or concerns with a plant or a pest, you will find a variety of products to aid in preventing or eliminating disease, insect, or critter troubles. We also carry a complete selection of soil amendments, including organic fertilizer and compost.

    Checkout Area
  • Checkout Area


    A view along the entire checkout area.

    Checkout Area
  • Going to Heaven in a Handbag


    A flower-fashion-show.

    Going to Heaven in a Handbag
  • Happy customers


    Bring the family along and make it a day! You can spend an amazing amount of time looking at flowers, and they tend to bring out smiles.

    Happy customers
  • Perennial Passion


    Located in the perennial house you will find hundreds of varieties, for tall borders, sandy/poor soil, rock gardens, shady areas and more. In addition, there are outdoor areas which contain hostas, daylilies, wildflowers, groundcovers and grasses.

    Perennial Passion
  • Perennials for sun and shade


    Outdoor sales area for perennials.

    Perennials for sun and shade
  • House Nr 1


    Complete with an indoor waterfall, House 1 is filled with scented selections of herbs, vegetables, scented geraniums and fragrant flowers. In addition, there is a pond filled with tropical plants, goldfish and other water plants. Baskets of petunias – and tomatoes! - cascade from the rafters and planters filled with combinations of herbs and flowers cover the tables.

    House Nr 1
  • Magnificent Lilies.


    They are truly incredible.

    Magnificent Lilies.
  • Fourth of July


    Say it with flowers!

    Fourth of July
  • Girls' Night Out


    At this event Cheryl from the Winter Greenhouse is giving a lecture on planters.

    Girls' Night Out
  • Come On In


    Planters at the entrance.

    Come On In
  • Geraniums


    It is spring and a great variety of Geraniums can be found in the greenhouse. The 'ceiling' is filled with a large number of overflowing hanging baskets.

  • Seen from above


    This is what the upper floor looks like – no wonder the hummingbirds sometimes fight over the best territories.

    Seen from above
  • Annual Report


    From floor to ceiling, the annual house contains everything you can imagine to brighten up your flowerbeds. We have a large selection of Proven Winners and AAS varieties (All American Winners) in addition to many old favorites. There are several varieties of climbing vines and new and unusual bedding plants. If you have a large area to cover, we give discounts on purchases of full flats.

    Annual Report
  • Customers in the Greenhouse


    A young customer greeting a Black-eyed Susan trailing from a basket. This house has succulents and indoor plants – and Gerberas calling out for attention on the right side.

    Customers in the Greenhouse
  • Did we get it all?


    Garden-friends checking the shopping cart.

    Did we get it all?
  • Bareroot day


    We open the season with bareroot day. During this sale, all bareroot nursery stock is sold at 25% off the regular potted price. The sale includes most of our ornamental trees, fruit trees, small fruits, roses and shrubs.

    Bareroot day
  • A To Z Shrubs


    The nursery section is divided into several sections, making it easy to find the right plant for your landscape. Evergreen trees and shrubs, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees, vines and small fruits are displayed alphabetic by botanical name.

    A To Z Shrubs
  • Fall Backdrop


    The fall foliage provides a beautiful backdrop to the various evergreen trees and shrubs you will find in our nursery.

    Fall Backdrop
  • Water Lilies


    We also sell water lilies, potted and ready for your garden. Look at the picture gallery from the display garden to see why.

    Water Lilies
  • Frame Works


    The areas between the greenhouses are also packed with plants. Depending on the season, you will find young vegetable bedding plants, perennials, or rose bushes in full bloom.

    Frame Works
  • Nursery Highlights


    Smaller display areas throughout the nursery feature some of our new and unique trees and shrubs.

    Nursery Highlights
  • Rainbow of Colors


    Large hanging baskets in a rainbow of colors, combination planters and displays of flowers are to be found throughout the greenhouses.

    Rainbow of Colors
  • Shady Nook


    Shady areas need not be dull. These grower bags filled with impatiens are encircling a wooden pole like a huge colorful snake.

    Shady Nook
  • Spruce Things Up


    The nursery section is divided into several sections. Evergreen trees and shrubs, ornamental trees and shrubs, Fruit trees, vines and small fruits. You are sure to find something that will fit your landscape needs.

    Spruce Things Up
  • Pottery Parade


    You will find containers and accessories to match any decor. Displays feature the latest 'fashion' colors of pottery, birdbaths, and containers of all shapes and sizes.

    Pottery Parade
  • Unique Trees


    Spruce, apple and birch aren't the only trees you will find here. There are literally hundreds of others to choose from. However, these colorful petunia 'trees' stand out above them all.

    Unique Trees
  • Colorful Hanging Baskets


    Colorful Hanging Baskets
  • Gift Shop


    Gift Shop
  • Giftshop


  • Sunflower Planter


    Sunflower Planter

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