Mammillaria gracilis fragilis, Cactus, Thimble Cactus

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Bloom Time:
March - April

Cacti are native to desert environments. They prefer plenty of light, high temperatures, low moisture, and fast-draining, sandy soil. locating your cactus near a south- or west-facing window. Do not place outdoors unless nighttime temperatures top 65 degrees F. For desert cacti, aim for at least four hours a day of bright sunlight. For tropical cacti, such as the Christmas cactus, you can provide less light.

Watering: In the spring and summertime, water your cacti at least once a week, giving the soil a good soaking. Allow the soil to become slightly dry before watering again. In the autumn and winter, cacti enter a rest period and need less water. During these seasons, make sure the soil is completely dry before watering.

Cacti tend to grow towards their light source. In order to encourage even growth, you may want to rotate your cacti a quarter turn at least once a month.

Allow to dry thoroughly between waterings. You may water rarely if at all in winter--in winter, water only when the cactus looks a bit wilted.


Mammillaria gracilis v. fragilis is a charming, tiny cactus that is native to Central Mexico. Its small round bodies are densely covered with interlaced white spines. This gives the impression of white “thimbles”. This cactus clusters vigorously to form large mats. In late winter it features creamy yellow flowers. It requires gritty succulent or cactus potting soil; it prefers bright light and good airflow. Water when the soil is completely dry to the touch. When one of the little bodies breaks off, it can be propagated into a new plant. This is great for use in a fairy garden or in an alpine trough garden.

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