Ajuga Fancy Finch

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Container Size
3.5" square


Cobalt blue
Tri-color, feather-like leaves
shade - light sun
Bloom Time:
April - June

Ajuga Fancy Finch just might be your new favorite year-round groundcover plant. While Ajuga Chocolate Chip is a longtime garden staple, the brand-new Fancy Finch variety adds a world of color to the garden. Expect vigorous-growing mounds of tri-color, feather-like foliage, with shades of green, red, and gold. In full sun, yellow leaves will turn a darker shade of orange.

In the late spring, this plant will bloom with striking cobalt blue flowers. This new Ajuga variety will look gorgeous in in combination planters. Evergreen, winter hardy, and low maintenance, Fancy Finch will add color to your garden all year long.

There's a detailed article available on our parent company's site on choosing, locating, planting and maintaining ground cover plants.

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