Time with Grandma

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2.50" Wide x 2.75" High x 1.50" Deep
Multi Color

We all know the special relationship that exists been grandparents and grandchildren. Whether you have fond memories with your own grandparents or you have grandchildren of your own (Lucky you!), you can probably relate to the tender moment on display in this miniature accessory.

Two fairies sit side-by-side, sharing a good book. The smaller, younger fairy looks like she is sounding out the words. She is still getting used to her wings and words. Her fairy grandmother, with her own set of wings, appears to gently coax the young reader along. She peers down at the pages over her glasses, enjoying the moment.

This multicolored, durable accessory is made of resin. Nestle these two fairies under a miniature tree to give them a shady, peaceful spot for reading.

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