Fairy Houses for Your Miniature Garden

What is the secret to inviting fairies into the miniature garden? Fairy houses! Since fairies live in flower meadows or tree stumps, they will surely appreciate the comforts of well-made fairy houses or cottages. Some fairies prefer large, castle-sized dwellings, while other fairies are satisfied to live in modest, more unique, miniature houses. The large cottages offered for sale in the shop are very well made. They feature incredible details. The smaller buildings can be used in container or terrarium-size gardens. These miniature houses may include hand-painted designs and embossed details. Some of the special touches on fairy houses include porch swings, shuttered windows, porticos, awnings, and other architectural pieces found on life-size homes.

Special Miniature Houses

Are you looking to have some fun while gardening? Select mystical fairy houses that look like a boot, camper trailer, or even a gourd. Add to the fun by leaning fairy, gnome, or elf doors against the root flare of a large tree to suggest that wee folk live in your miniature garden. There are so many options that miniature gardeners can select. It will not be long before the dream village filled with enchanting miniature houses becomes a reality.


Various manufacturers of fairy garden accessories and miniature houses determine sizes, which makes selecting one scale difficult. To assist our customers, we have developed a Minikin system - mini, tiny, teeny, and micro - that provides direction on the scale of products sold in our shop. The size of the cottage door openings is our guide. There are times where a miniature accessory falls between the sizes, so we have selected the closest scale. Our Miniken idea is a guide. Feel free to use your own judgment when planning a miniature garden and intermix the sizes. Follow this link for more information:


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