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Spring To Do List

  • Prune ~ In early spring prune out any old wood or damaged limbs on your roses and fruit trees. Do not prune spring blooming forsythia, azaleas, lilacs, etc.
  • Spray Animal Deterrents ~ Early, before they damage spring buds and repeat applications as recommended on the manufacturers instructions to keep them at bay.
  • Clean-up ~ Remove leaves and branches, cut back any remaining perennials, and as weather and soil temperatures rise, remove mounded soil or cages from your roses.
  • Bonemeal ~ Applied in spring and fall to all, blooming plants, bulbs, perennial beds, shrubs, flowering and fruit trees.
  • Soil Activator (Humate) ~ Apply in spring and fall two years in a row for maximum results to all plants, lawns and gardens.
  • Tree Trunk Protection ~ Snap on plastic tree wrap for all trees up to about 3-4" diameter. We stock two sizes. Damage to trunks by weed whips, hoses or lawn mower wheels causes more failure in trees than insects or diseases.
  • Peat Moss, Leaf Compost or ComPeat ~ Add to any/all beds you are working up. Work into surface of old beds.
  • Shredded Bark ~ The most important step you can do for trees and yard shrubs besides watering is mulching with good shredded bark (not chunks). Mulching helps your plants by retaining ground moisture, preventing weeds and adding organic matter to the soil.
  • Elemental Soil Sulphur ~ Apply to blue hydrangeas to keep their blue.
  • Tree and Shrub Food (Fertilome dry) ~ Apply to all trees and shrubs, in spring and fall.
  • Root Stimulator ~ Great to use on new and weak plants. Contains growth hormones and mild starter fertilizer.
  • Bulb Food ~ Apply to all bulbs, new and existing plantings.
  • Lime ~ Apply to gardens, flower beds and lawns to raise pH. Do not use on acid loving plants. Use to turn blue hydrangeas pink.
  • Gypsum ~ Apply to gardens, flower beds, shrubs and lawns. Great source of calcium and sulfur; loosens up clay soils and helps neutralize dog urine damage.
  • Growers Select ~ Apply it to your hosta beds. It is high in nitrogen and will help to produce lush green growth.
  • Triple Superphosphate ~ Applied to your daylilies will help to produce more abundant and larger blooms.
  • Most of all enjoy Spring after the long winter!
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