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Abutilon Chinese Lantern P 6in Red Lantern like flowers on trailing plant. Golden variegated foliage.            
Abutilon Orange Glow S-P 12in Salmon Bushy compact plant with abundant, long blooming, salmon-coral bell-shaped flowers. Grow in full sun. Good houseplant.              
Abutilon Sourthern Belle S-Sh 12-24in Yellow An abundance of dainty yellow blooms cover this flowering maple nearly all season. Ideal in mixed containers and hanging baskets.            
Ageratum Hawaii Blue S 6-7in Blue Dwarf, very uniform, compact plants covered in a profusion of true blue fuzzy, powder-puff blooms, all season long.          
Alocasia Polly P 18in   Dark, shield-shaped foliage with white veins running through the leaves. Grows best in bright light, direct sun can burn leaves. Perfect plant for high humidity areas.            
Alstroemeria S-P 2-3ft Multiple Colors Commonly called Peruvian lily, alstroemeria thrive in sunny protected areas and moist soil. They bloom in a wide array of colors on long, slim stems. Alstroemeria petals have a unique and immediately recognizable striated pattern that appears in a second and often third color from the field color of the petals.              
Alternanthera Brazilian Red Hots S-P 12-18in   ‘Brazilian Red Hots’ alternanthera is truly hot. An upright grower with multi-colored foliage. It will add a punch of hot pink and purple to combination planters and the landscape. It is a vigorous grower, quickly reaching 18” tall and 10 to 12” in spread. A definite improvement over other multi-colored Alternantheras. Great weaver and mixer in the garden and mixed container plantings.            
Alternanthera Choco Chili S-P 16in   Stunning foliage all year round. Almost black-purple on top and bright ruby on the bottom giving a multi-dimensional look. Heat tolerant and naturally compact.            
Alyssum Clear Crystals Mixture S 6-10in Mix Big-flowered series offers bigger plant size and better heat tolerance than standard alyssum. Superior performance in containers and landscapes.      
Alyssum Clear Crystals White S 6-10in White Big-flowered series offers bigger plant size and better heat tolerance than standard alyssum. Superior performance in containers and landscapes.      
Amaranthus Illumination S 2-3ft Red A real show plant. Also known as the "Summer Poinsettia". Orange/scarlet flowers set against wide bronze leaves.            
Angelonia Carita Raspberry S 14-18in Magenta Purple Large deep raspberry-pink flowers on strong stems and a dense, well behaved habit. Great heat and drought tolerance and produces color all summer long.      
Anigozanthos Joe Joe Orange S 12-15in Orange Tubular flowers are curved at the tips like kangaroo paws, orange to yellow-green in color. Smooth, sword-like leaves grow in fan-like clumps. Loves heat and drought.      
Asparagus Myerii P 18-24in   Long, upright, plume-like stems hold soft, needle-like leaves. An excellent choice for hanging baskets and containers. Overwinter indoors in winter.          
Asparagus plumosa nanus P-Sh 24-36in                
Asparagus Sprengeri S 12-24in   Delicate ferny leaves; bright green branches give an arching or cascading appearance. Great filler for baskets, containers and window boxes.          
Asystasia-gangetica Variegated S-P 8-12in Lavender Also known as St. John Variegated Ganges Primrose, Chinese Violet, Creeping Foxglove. Lavender trumpet flowers with white throats on variegated rounded foliage.          
Bacopa Calypso Jumbo Pink Eye S-P 4-6in Light Pink Eye-popping, jumbo-sized pink flowers with a dark pink center. Great for baskets and mixed containers and can tolerate heat.            
Bacopa Gulliver White S 4in White A vigourous, mat-forming variety with long spreading stems bearing large, pure white flowers in summer to early autumn; important to not let dry out.        
Bacopa Megacopa Blue S 4-6in Blue Hundreds of beautiful flowers cover these trailing plants all season long. This new series of bacopa is notable for its well-branched habits, large flowers and improved heat performance. Largest flower size in the industry, with showy blooms that cover the plant.            
Bacopa Megacopa White P-S 10-12in   Trophy worthy variety has superior heat performance and the hundreds of self-cleaning flowers fill in the top and center better to provide a ball of color. The hundreds of white self-cleaning flowers trail over baskets, containers and window boxes. Terrific by itself or as an accent plant.            
Begonia Big Red with Bronze Leaf S-P 20in Red At home in full sun or partial shade, in beds or containers, and by itself or combined with annuals and perennials, 'Big Red with Bronze Leaf' flowers early and often. Stems hold large, 2-3 inch blooms above the leaves. An absolute knockout for summer color.          
Begonia Fib. Bada Boom Mix S 8in Mix Large vibrant flowers create a striking contrast to the deep bronze leaves. Mixture of deep rose, pink, red, rose, and white.            
Begonia Fib. Canary Wings P-Sh 12-15in Bright Red Canary Wings offers a unique look on a plant that has become a staple in gardens around the world! Canary Wings has bright foliage that changes from yellow to bright chartreuse throughout the season on a plant that continues to perform all summer long. Upright/mounded begonia with golden-to-chartreuse leaves and bright red flowers. The leaves are especially exciting when grown in part-shade conditions.          
Begonia Fib. Dragon Wing Red S-Sh 12-15in Red Dragon Wings are a cross between Angel Wing and Wax begonias. Dragon Wing has glossy green large leaves. The red flower panicles form near the tip of each branch and are shed naturally as new ones are produced, so the plants always look neat. Use Dragon Wing Begonias as the focus of stunning mixed or solo containers and hanging baskets.          
Begonia Hiemalis Carneval P 10-12in Orange-Yellow Masses of scarlet and yellow, double blooms on compact, bushy plants which resemble a cross between a wax begonia and a tuberous variety.          
Begonia I'Conia Portofino Hot Coral S-Sh 15in Coral Orange Extra large, double flowers sit above the dark foliage. Superior branching with medium vigor. Endless options and effortless beauty for baskets, landscape or window boxes.          
Begonia I'Conia Portofino Sunrise S-Sh 15in Peach Yellow Bicolor Vibrant, large double flowers of rich orange and yellow sit on top dark green foliage. Heat tolerant with good branching and uniformity.          
Begonia Megawatt Rose Bronze Leaf Sh 20-28in Rose Pink Striking, non-stop flowers keep plants covered in huge color all through the Summer. Sturdy flower stems hold flowers above the foliage for superior show. It’s not just BIG, it’s MEGA!          
Begonia Non Stop Joy Yellow P-Sh 8-12in Yellow Resembling roses with their packed rows of brilliant yellow petals, its flowers are truly eye-catching and do not require deadheading. A great shade-loving plant for containers, baskets, window boxes, beds and borders.        
Begonia Non Stop Mocca Bright Orange P-Sh 10in Orange Dark, bronze colored foliage creates a bold contrast with the radiant orange blooms of this impressive variety. Begonia 'Non-Stop Mocca Bright Orange' does exactly as its name suggests, producing large, double flowers all summer long. An ideal choice for window boxes, hanging baskets and in the garden.          
Begonia Nonstop Pink P-Sh 8-12in Pink Fully double, vibrant pink flowers that bloom all summer. Heat tolerant and deadheading is not necessary.            
Begonia Nonstop Red P-Sh 8-12in Red Large, brightly colored flowers. Great for containers and landscapes. Heat tolerant and no deadheading necessary.          
Begonia Rex Sh 10-14in Mixed Varieties Foliage offers many different colors and shapes. Keep these begonias on the dry side, especially during the winter months and they will perform beautifully for years.          
Begonia Rex Escargot Sh 6-12in Pink 'Escargot' gets its name from the unique way that the leaf curls in on itself, creating a spiral effect that resembles the shell of a snail. The deeply spiraled leaves are marked in bands of silver and green. Its flowers are a rosy-pink color.            
Begonia Rex Jurassic Red Splash Sh 10-16in   Jurassic Rex Begonias offer a new take on a classic plant! Bright, cool foliage plants grow carefree and colorful. Bold colors and patterns for deepest shade. The premium Rex. Excellent vigor help the varieties to fill out a container. The Jurassic Rex Begonias all have bold patterns and make a perfect addition to other indoor plants or in a shade container. Shade tolerant, low maintenance.            
Begonia Santa Cruz S-Sh 12-16in Red Fiery bright red-orange, bell shaped flowers cover the entire plant, creating a lush tropical look. This versatile variety is not only rain and drought tolerant, it also thrives in full sun as well as in shade.        
Begonia Solenia Apricot S-P 10-12in Apricot Fully double blooms in a rich orange sorbet color, measure 3” wide on this Hiemalis begonia. Solenias are more heat tolerant, vigorous and free flowering than other Begonias.          
Begonia Solenia Chocolate Orange S-P 8-12in Dark Orange Vibrant and vigorous double orange flowers on top of dark green (chocolate) foliage. Blooms in sun or shade.          
Begonia Solenia Dusty Rose S-P 10-12in Rose Pink Abundantly full double blooms measure 3 inches wide. Loves full sun, high humidity in the garden. Highly resistant to powdery mildew. Pest resistant. Can be grown indoors.        
Begonia Solenia Orange S-P 10-12in Orange Solenia Orange is characterized by its numerous large and attractive orange, fully double flowers. Solenia begonias are more tolerant of full sun than other begonias. Their succulent, glossy, dark green leaves show off the brightness of their flowers. Grow in mixed borders, containers or hanging baskets.          
Begonia Solenia Velvet Red S-P 10-12in Dark Crimson Red Abundantly full double blooms measure 3 inches wide. Loves full sun, high humidity in the garden. Highly resistant to powdery mildew. Pest resistant. Can be grown indoors.        
Begonia Solenia Yellow P-Sh 8-12in Yellow Large, showy flowers bloom profusely covering glossy dark foliage. Works for indoor or outdoor containers and on the front edge of the garden.    
Begonia Tub. Illumination Golden Picotee P-Sh 3-8in Salmon-Coral Illumination Golden Picotee features showy 2-3 inch semi-double and fully double blooms in designer shades of salmon, coral, gold and orange. The dramatic cascading plants are heat tolerant and easy to grow. One of the very best tuberous begonias for hanging baskets where they can trail up to 3 feet, and spread 12-15 inches across.            
Begonia Tub. Illumination Orange Sh 24in Orange Stunning begonia produces large 4 inch double blooms in eye-catching shades. Displaying a graceful trailing habit, plants are multi-branched with bright green foliage which contrasts well with the vivid blooms. Flowers open in abundance throughout the heat and humidity of summer and continue right up to fall. An elegant and beautiful plant that is ideal for baskets and containers.            
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Deep Salmon P 6-8in Salmon Double deep salmon, long lasting, showy flowers bloom continuously until frost.          
Begonia Unstoppable Upright Fire S-P 10-12in Red-orange Upright habit with brilliant red flowers but the foliage is the star on these varieties. Outstanding texture and rich, dark color to the foliage with large intense scarlet blooms held out and above the leaves. The contrast of the dark colored foliage to the flower color really set off these blooms. Thrives in moderate to full sun.              
Begonia Unstoppable Upright Salmon Sh 10-12in Light Peach The flowers are lovely large single in a light peach color. This Begonia is a blooming machine providing incredible masses of upward facing blossoms. Added to the striking flowers is the strong, lovely dark bronze foliage which are narrow and pointed, framing the flowers nicely. This upright/mounding grower is a great choice for those shade or morning sun containers, baskets or landscape beds.          
Begonia, Rex Paso Doble Sh 6in   Beautiful bright pink and green with cream speckles and magenta edged foliage adds interest to shade combinations.              
Bidens Beedance Painted Red S 9-11in Yellow with Red Accents These bi-color flowers bloom continuously spring to fall with a vigorous growth habit and dense branching. Easy to grow and maintain and impervious to heat, make it ideal for baskets, containers, window boxes.            
Bidens Mexican Gold Semi-Double S 12-14in Yellow 'Mexican Gold Semi-Double' features a denser, more controlled plant habit. Sturdy plants for a dense mound of color. Blossoms have more petals to give a fuller look.          
Brachyscome Brasco Violet S-P 14in Violet Purple 'Brasco Violet' is compact with tons of flowers from spring to summer and on to autumn, with violet-purple daisy flowers with a contrasting bright yellow center. A great plant for containers and for flower beds, it is an easy care plant that grows into a neat mounded shape. Flowers best in full sun, but also grows in light shade.        
Brachyscome Fresco Candy S-P 6-12in Dark Pink Mounding plants covered in blooms that require no deadheading. Blooms all season long.        
Breynia P 48in   Tropical shrub to 5 feet with small colorful leaves of white, pink, red and green. Commonly used as hedge plant in the Hawaiian Islands. Grow in bright shade, fertile soil, and ample moisture.            
Bridal Veil P 10in White Tiny, olive-green leaves and white flowers cascade in a decorative veil from this dainty hanging plant.            
Browallia Endless Illumination P-Sh 10-14in Lavender-blue This strong grower creates a bounty of 1-2 inch brilliant star-shaped flowers atop medium green foliage. Although 'Endless Illumination' likes shade/part shade areas, they thrive in hot conditions and last late into the season. It boasts blue-lavender flowers with a white center. Proven Selection Winner.          
Brugmansia S 3-4ft Yellow Award winning Angels Trumpet. Blooms continuously.          
Calceolaria Calynopsis Yellow w/Red   10-12in Yellow with Red Eye Unique orchid-like slipperwort produces long stems over an even foliage rosette and spectacular, round bodied flowers. This is a novel early-season annual. Ideal for mixed containers and small pots. Also known as the Pocket Book Plant.            
Calibrachoa Cabaret Bright Red S-P 6-10in Red An abundance of bright fire engine red blooms cover these well-branched, trailing plants. They are self-cleaning so they stay neat and tidy all season, and are a beautiful trailer in your baskets, containers or flower beds.    
Calibrachoa Cabaret Coral Kiss S 6-10in Light Orange w/Dark Red Eye Bicolor These full, trailing plants are covered with an abundance of bright blooms. Self-cleaning so they remain neat and tidy all season.        
Calibrachoa Cabaret Deep Blue S-P 6-10in Blue An abundance of deep blue blooms cover these well-branched, trailing plants. They are self-cleaning so they stay neat and tidy all season.    
Calibrachoa Cabaret Light Pink S-P 6-10in Pale Pink Small, pale pink, petunia-like flowers cover this effortless bedding annual all season long. This calibrachoa is a heavy bloomer with a mounding to trailing habit ideal for border edges and containers.          
Calibrachoa Cabaret Light Pink Kiss S 6-10in Light Pink Bicolor with Red Throat Plenty of bright blooms cover this full, trailing plant. Self-cleaning keeps them tidy and neat all season. Great bi color flowers make this a great addition to baskets and containers.      
Calibrachoa Cabaret Rose S-P 6-10in Fuchsia Rose An abundance of bright blooms cover these well-branched, trailing plants. They are self-cleaning so they stay neat and tidy all season.        
Calibrachoa Callie Pink Morn S 4-8in Pink, Yellow Center 'Pink Morn' is color uncompromised with big vigor, bold pink and continuous blooms from spring to fall. Excellent "filler" for containers and baskets.            
Calibrachoa Can-Can Bumble Bee Pink S 10-15in Light and Dark Pink, Yellow Throat Bumble Bee Pink is the first eye-type calibrachoa with a star pattern! Wider star adds wow to the throat of the bloom. Perfect for large baskets and combos. Full plants are covered in flowers, and feature a uniform, mounded and trailing habit.            
Calibrachoa Can-Can Magenta Kiss S 10-15in Magenta with Purple Eye Great flower power! Plants are covered in flowers with a mounded, trailing habit. Make a eye catching display in baskets, mixed containers and pots.          
Calibrachoa Candy Shop Candy Bouquet S-P 12-14in Bright Magenta Golden Yellow Flowers are sensations of color with bright magenta accents, counterpointed by rich-toned golden-yellow stars that vary beautifully from bloom to bloom.          
Calibrachoa Candy Shop Grape Splash S-P 6-12in Purple, White and Yellow A truly unique bicolor brushwork pattern. Bright, fluorescent grape-purple petals with accents of brilliant sunny yellow star centers. Makes a "splash" in hanging baskets, patio containers and garden beds.        
Calibrachoa Candy Shop Sweet Dreams S 12-14in Light Pink with Lemon Starburst The petals are fluorescent bright pink with yellow and white starbursts. An interesting brushwork biolor pattern looks good in baskets and combination planters.            
Calibrachoa Chameleon Indian Summer S-P 6-12in Orange, Red, Yellow The plants continually change throughout the season, reacting to light levels, daylength and other seasonal factors.            
Calibrachoa Chameleon Sunshine Berry S 6-8in Coral to Rose with Yellow Centers Trailing summer blooming annual with coral to rose cup-shaped blooms with yellow centers. Bloom color varies due to light level and day length. Blooms begin one color but continually change throughout the season as they react to light levels, daylength and other seasonal factors.            
Calibrachoa Million Bells Butter Pop S 6-10in White with Yellow Center These flowers will bloom all season long and are heat and rain tolerant. Perfect for hanging baskets, containers and the garden.      
Calibrachoa MiniFamous Uno Dbl. Pinktastic S 8-10in Pink/White Bicolor This one truly catches the eye with double blooms of light pink edges and dark pink centers on each flower. Early flowering and mildew tolerant.        
Calibrachoa Superbells Cherry Star S-P 6-10in Cherry Pink and Yellow This calibrachoa features a rich cherry color flower petal that is dissected by a bright golden star that runs from the petal’s edge to the center of the flower’s throat. The distinct star pattern is very stable throughout the growing season.    
Calibrachoa Superbells Coralberry Punch S-P 8-14in Red-orange 'Coralberry Punch' Calibrachoa is a great shade. The dark red center that fades out to a salmon coral color is very striking in combo planters or planted by itself.    
Calibrachoa Superbells Coralina S-P 6-12in Coral Pink Bright coral, trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow eyes bloom in profusion from late spring to frost on a trailing plant that will overflow planters, window boxes, and hanging baskets. No deadheading required.          
Calibrachoa Superbells Doublette Love Swept S 6-10in Pink and White The flowers are deep pink, with a fine white rim on each petal. Copious, small double petunia-like flowers all season on cascading growth. Heat tolerant and no deadheading.          
Calibrachoa Superbells Dreamsicle S-P 6-10in Orange This vigorous fast growing plant produces hundreds of vividly orange colored flowers that bloom beautifully all season.      
Calibrachoa Superbells Lemon Slice S-P 8-10in Yellow-white Show-stopping flowers look like deep lemon yellow stars in the midst of a crisp white background. These plants can grow to 24 inches in a hanging basket. A Proven Winner.    
Calibrachoa Superbells Pink S-P 6-10in Bright Pink This vigorous fast growing plant produces hundreds of bright pink flowers with a dark center and throat, that bloom from spring until first frost. The series is bred for heat and low water tolerance. Self-cleaning.      
Calibrachoa Superbells Pomegranate Punch S 6-10in Violet-red Red flowers dramatically accented with black eyes and yellow centers densely cover cascading plants all season long.The trailing stems weave their way through their neighbors in container collections creating a fabulous display.          
Calibrachoa Superbells Tangerine Punch S-P 6-12in Orange Red Small petunia-like flowers on cascading growth. Striking tangerine orange petal edge with a deep burgundy orange eye. Low maintenance, rebloomer and heat tolerant.        
Calibrachoa Superbells Yellow S-P 6-10in Yellow Superbells Yellow produces an abundance of small, petunia-like flowers all season on cascading growth.        
Calibrachoa, Superbells Evening Star S 6-10in Amethyst Purple Lovely lavender flowers feature a amethyst purple edge with a royal purple throat and yellow star pattern. Long blooming. Deadheading not necessary.          
Calibrachoa, Superbells Grape Punch S 6-10in Purple These light grape flowers with dark purple centers and yellow throats are a great choice to add to any floral environment. Beautiful combination plant for baskets and window boxes.        
Canna Cannova Red Flame S 30-48in Red Tones with Thin Yellow Margin Great for landscapes and container plantings in full sun! Striking foliage contrasts with the flowers, making them a great option for mixed combinations or in-ground plantings.            
Canna Cannova Scarlet Bronze S 2ft Scarlet Red Tropical bronzy-burgundy foliage and huge 3 to 4-inch flowers! This one is a flamboyant yet elegant plant. The large bronze leaves contrast spectacularly against the scarlet, lily-like flowers making this winner a highly ornamental garden plant. Very versatile and suited for the border, as a patio plant and even by the waterside.          
Canna Cannova Yellow S 4ft Yellow Radiant, colorful tropical beauty with yellow spikes of lily-like blooms held above large, lush, bluish-green pointed leaves. Earliest-flowering of cannas. All summer bloom.          
Carnivorous Venus Fly Trap S     Looking like a cluster of bear traps, the Venus Flytrap lies in wait for its victims. Insects are attracted by a sweet nectar inside the trap. Each plant is packaged in a miniature terrarium with colorful and fun cartoon plant characters as well as simple and easy care instructions.                
Cassia Popcorn S 3-4ft Yellow Called 'Popcorn' Cassia, because it smells like fresh cooked, buttered popcorn when you run your fingers through the leaves. It blooms beautiful large clusters of sunny yellow flowers. Fast growing, gorgeous foliage, luscious black buds & showy bright yellow flowers make this native legume of east Africa a valuable garden accent.          
Chlorophytum Spider Plant Variegated P 12-14in   This familiar favorite is a great accent in shadier hanging baskets. The variegated grassy foliage adds texture too!            
Cleome Queen Mix S 36-48in   Tall sturdy stalks feature a gorgeous ball of spiked and waving stamen which resembles a sparkler in blush hues of pink, plum, purple & white.    
Cleome Senorita Rosalita S 24-48in Pink Flowers are smaller than classic cleome, but the flowers are all over the plant not just at the top. Will not self seed, doesn't get bare knees, isn't sticky and doesn't have thorns. Great for adding height to garden beds          
Coleus Bright Spark P-Sh 9in   Brightly colored foliage of gold triangular, lobed leaves with red centers. Self-branching and low spreading make it useful for an annual ground cover.            
Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry S-Sh 12-14in   Great for full sun use in areas of high humidity, 'Chocolate Covered Cherry' shows off non-fading, multi-color foliage in a unique bold pattern. The rose center on each leaf is surrounded by deep mahogany and edged with a thin green margin.            
Coleus Fancy Feathers Copper P-Sh 4in   This Coleus forms a mounding tuffet of narrow feather-like leaves in a orange copper color. Looks adorable in a smaller container and drapes beautifully in a ten inch basket.          
Coleus Kong Red P 18-22in   Enormous leaves with dramatic markings. The center of each leaf is rich red with strong veining and a bright green edge.            
Coleus Kong Rose P-Sh 14-16in   Enormous leaves with dramatic markings. The center of each leaf is rich rose with strong veining and a bright green edge.            
Coleus Marrakesh P-Sh 16in   Impeccable habit and unusually shaped leaves make this another distinctive choice for a multi-season foliage annual.            
Coleus Rainbow Mix P-S 15-20in   Grown for its brilliant, glowing foliage rather than flowers. This is an outstanding mixture formulated to provide the best and brightest colors of medium-sized leaf varieties.            
Coleus Redhead S-Sh 18-24in   'Redhead' displays bright true-red leaves. Well branched, late to flower and a must have color for any collection.            
Coleus Solar S-P 10-15in   Brilliant foliage in a wide range of colors and leaf shapes.            
Coleus Wasabi P 18-28in   Award winning coleus. Large scalloped leaves feature bright chartreuse color. The more sun it gets the more charteuse the color. A very durable and rugged coleus that is best grown in partial shade in a moist, well-drained soil. Outstanding vigor and performance. Use it as an accent in combination planters or in your landscape.            
Coleus Wizard Mix P 10-12in   Compact, bushy, and full of vibrant color.            
Colocasia Black Coral S 3-4ft   If you’re looking for a focal point for the pond side or for containers, look no further than this dramatic plant. It features huge, glossy jet black, corrugated, arrow-shaped leaves with deep blue veins on jet black stems. When growing this plant in containers, make sure it is a very large one and be sure to give it a consistent supply of moisture. This plant will drink up all you can give it and can even grow directly in shallow water.          
Colocasia Maui Gold S-P 48in   Bright chartreuse foliage is held on ivory white stems. Foliage does not burn in high temperatures or full sun.            
Combo Liners - Confetti Garden S 8-10in   A mix of 3 different plants that complement each other.            
Cordyline Red Star S-P 36in   Long, narrow leaves are dark burgundy red. An exceptional plant to use for height and texture in container plantings or in the garden.            
Cosmos Capriola S 26in White with Red Picotee New color - white flower with light red picotee and dark red center. Has a semi-dwarf habit and is early flowering.              
Cosmos Pink Popsocks S 18in Pink 'Popsocks' bursts with an assortment of flower forms in sweet shades of cotton candy pink. Flower forms vary from singles to fully double. A compact variety for borders or containers, blooms all summer long.      
Cosmos Rubinato S 18-22in Rosy to Burgundy Daisy-like, 21/2 to 3" blooms, vary in stunning shades of rose and burgundy. Well-branched, compact plants showcase ferny foliage. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Dwarf, early, drought tolerant and easy to care for.            
Cosmos Sonata Mix S 20-24in Mix Lovely white, red, and pink mix prized for its floriferousness. 2 to 3 inch blooms top very compact, bushy plants.      
Cosmos Xanthos S 20-25in Soft Yellow Unique soft-yellow blooms are produced in profusion on compact dwarf plants, bringing real impact to patio containers, beds and borders.              
Crassula Shark Tooth P-S 6-10in   Showy color for a rock garden, office or house plant. Small and compact with green, triangular, tightly-stacked leaves forming a pyramidal or pagoda shape. In full sun shows a fiery red color. Great for single potted or mixed succulent planter.              
Croton Petra S-P 8-12in   A colorful upright plant that has beautiful multi-color waxy leaves. Depending on sunlight. the shades of these colors vary. Easy to grow, drought tolerant and insect resistant. Cold air will cause lower leaf drop as well as watering with cold water.            
Crypthantus Absolute Zero       An absolutely stunning variety of bromeliad called "Earth Stars". It grows best and has the nicest color when given very bright light and good drainage.              
Cuphea Floriglory Diana S 10-12in Deep Lavender-pink A Mexican Heather with a claim to five times the flower power of the industry standard. Deep lavender-pink blooms are large and last even in the toughest summer conditions.          
Cyperus Papyrus Prince Tut S-P 24in   This ornamental dwarf papyrus produces green stalks crowned with sprays of thread-like leaves which add interest and a great deal of character to small ponds, containers and wet areas of the garden.            
Dahlia Dahlinova California Yellow Bicolor S-P 10in Yellow with Red The Dahlinova’s are well branched, medium sized plants with a medium sized, well shaped flower. These are real eye catchers with a unique bi-colored flower. Ideal choice for beds, borders, and cutting gardens. Perfect for all kinds of containers. Cut flowers are long-lasting in fresh bouquets.        
Dahlia Dahlinova Carolina Red S-P 8-10in Dark Red with Yellow Center Develops into a compact, freely branching, upright mounding plant. It's prized for its semi-double (extra petal) flowers with dark red petals surrounding a central yellow tuft of stamens. Few plants rival dahlias as everblooming bedding plants and cut flowers.    
Dahlia Dalaya Pink with Rose Eye S 16in Lilac with Red Center Dahlia Dalaya 'Pink with Rose Eye' (formally Yogi) will use its karma to charm gardeners with dark seductive centers and its exceptionally longer flowering season.          
Dahlia Dalina Cancun S 15-18in Dark Burgundy with White Edge Colorful flowers. Great in landscapes and containers and as cut flowers. Deadhead to maintain appearance. 15-18 inch height, 12-15 inch spread, sun.            
Dahlia Dreamy Eyes S-P 18-24in Light Orange Lovely semi-double, apricot blooms with contrasting orange-red centers are offset by the bronze foliage.        
Dahlia Dreamy Fantasy S-P 18in Salmon This variety has sensational, multi colored salmon and coral ruffled blooms which really stand out against the dark foliage.        
Dahlia Dreamy Nights S-P 18in Magenta with Purple Center Star shaped flowers with a stunning neon-magenta edging and a velvet purple center. The flowers grow above the shiny green/bronze      
Dahlia Hypnotica Dark Night S 12-24in Burgundy Maroon, almost black, double blooms are striking against the dark green foliage. Flowers bloom from spring through fall, making them a hit in patio containers and in the landscape.        
Dahlia Hypnotica Icarus S-P 10-12in Bronze Bi-Color Large flowers with a vigorous habit. Very good branching and rain and mildew tolerant. The radiant colors of the elegant flowers will always attract attention. Great for landscapes or containers and will look great on a deck, balcony or patio.    
Dahlia Hypnotica Lavender S-P 15-19in Lavender-pink Large, ultra-bright, elegant lavender flowers bloom from summer until frost, attracting butterflies. Well-branched and tolerant of rain, heat, and mildew, these plants are lush and healthy, setting flowers on short stems that seldom need support.    
Dahlia Hypnotica Rose Bicolor S 10-12in Pink-Yellow 'Rose Bicolor' is a real eye-catcher with its spectacular large, pink and yellow bicolor flowers. Excellent performer in landscapes or containers, and especially on your balcony or patio.        
Dahlia HypnoticaTequila Sunrise S 24-30in Orange-yellow You might need a pair of 3-D glasses to appreciate the color and depth of this plant. These full-sun beauties will look stunning in a dramatic container with reds, yellows and oranges.          
Dahlia XXL Durango S 10-20in Bright Yellow Compact plants feature XXL large fully-double blossoms almost half a foot in diameter. An added benefit is that the controlled plant growth makes it ideal for using in combination planters and mixed with other plants in a flowerbed.        
Dahlia XXL Sunset S 12-16in Peach, Pink and Yellow Large double flowers in sunset shades of peach, pink and yellow. Verg vigorous with blooms from early to late summer. These compact plants are perfect for landscapes and containers.            
Dahlia XXL Tabasco S-P 16-22in Orange and Yellow The XXL features extra-large bi-colored flowers that are perfect for cutting.          
Dahlia XXL Taxco S-P 12-14in Dark Red Dark red extra large bloms above rich green foliage.          
Dahlia XXL Veracruz S-P 12in Pink and White Large, double, bicolor blooms of pink and white grace plants that grow just 12 inches tall, the perfect size for containers. The glorious 6-inch blossoms are produced all season long.        
Datura Ballerina Yellow S 1-3ft Yellow Ballerina Yellow features soft, frilly, fully-double, buttery yellow flowers. The huge 6-8 inch blooms point upward (instead of dangling like single-flowered Angel's Trumpets) wafting their heavenly aroma throughout the entire garden! The plant is quite compact in containers, reaching only about a foot high and 3 feet wide. In the garden, it forms a dense, well-branched shrub 3 feet tall and slightly wider.          
Datura Blackcurrant Swirl S 3-4ft Deep Violet An enchanting blend of violet and silver. The double-flowers dangle profusely from bold purple stems. They appear in great numbers mid-summer and last until fall.        
Dianthus Diabunda Mix S 8-10in Mix This mix includes a range of rare colors in dianthus, allowing for some interesting, cool-season combinations. Colors include blush pink, carmine rose, coral, pink, purple, and scarlet.    
Dianthus Ideal Select Red S 8-10in Red The bright green leaves contrast well with clusters of medium crimson-red, lacy-edged flowers.    
Dianthus Ideal Select Violet S 10-12in Violet An AAS-winning Dianthus. Bright green leaves contrast well with clusters of large violet, lacy-edged flowers. Superb tolerance of both heat and cold.    
Dianthus Jolt Pink S 16-20in Pink A dianthus with brightly colored and large, showy flower heads on strong stems that perform extremely well all summer long. This is an easy to grow and trouble-free annual. Heat tolerant,tidy and low-maintenance.        
Dianthus Super Parfait Strawberry S 8-10in Pink 'Super Parfait Strawberry' features 2 inch pink flowers with a dark scarlet eye covering compact plants without sacrificing their excellent garden performance.    
Dianthus Wee Willie S 3-4in Mix Very dwarf frilly flowers in shades of pink and red.    
Digiplexis Illumination Flame S-P 3ft Fuchsia multi-color mix This Digiplexis grows orderly, densely-packed rows of flame-colored blossoms on upright, strong stems over a long period of bloom. The tubular flowers look like living flames. The outer petals are a fuchsia hue and the the throats transition from red to orange to a pale yellow. They attract bees and butterflies, adding even more color to the display. This plant is a skin irritant and can be harmful or fatal if ingested, so keep children and pets away from this plant and any water that the flowers have been in.        
Dracaena Indivisia (spike) S 24in   All time favorite foliage plant, adds height and texture to gardens, planters.            
Duranta erecta Snow Flurry P 24-30in Lavender Blue A rare and sought after foliage plant with variegated white and green gorgeous fringed leaves. Excellent bonsai plant.              
Eucalyptus Silver Drop S 24-36in   Round, silvery leaves are pierced through the center and held out horizontally on long, stiff stems. A favorite for fresh or dried arrangements.          
Euphorbia Variegated 'Yokoi's White' S 24-36in Red, Coral Red bracts and green and yellow variegated foliage. 'Yokoi's White' looks like a poinsettia. Also know as Mexican Fireplant. Has a coral bloom in the summer time. Stunning in the landscape.            
Euphorbia Euphoric S-P 12-18in White A tough, carefree plant that displays an endless supply of pure white flowers all summer long. Great for mixed combination planters and baskets because it mingles well with other plants. Heat loving and drought tolerant make it ideal for the landscape and hanging baskets.        
Euphorbia Star Dust Super Flash S-P 16in White Compact, mounding variety with oval green leaves. Airy clusters of white flowers that cover the plant all season long. Excellent for planting in the garden and mixed containers.          
Fern Boston Babe Sh-P     A smaller version of Boston with narrower, shorter fronds. Performs well in both low and high-light growing conditions.            
Fern Variegated Creten Brake P 18-24in   Very decorative, easy to grow fern, with light green fronds, each having creamy-white bands down the center. Suitable as an indoor houseplant and in shaded garden positions.            
Fuchsia arborescens Blutini S-P 24-36in Pink Lavender A Fuchsia that is both ornamental and edible. Produces large clusters of small pink-lavender flowers all summer. Both flowers and fruit are edible.            
Fuchsia Aretes Upright Diamond Mix P-Sh 16-20in Red, Purple Mix This variety of Fuchsia is a compact, more petite variety with an upright habit. Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds to the garden!        
Fuchsia Bella Rosella P 12in Pink and White One of the most dramatic fuchsias of all, producing a succession of large, double, pink/purple flowers with pale pink, reflexed sepals which reach to 4 inches across.      
Fuchsia Blacky P 18in Deep Purple Concealed within its buds of shocking pink is a petticoat of the deepest purple, enhanced by bright green foliage.      
Fuchsia Cherry P 12in Pink Cherry features an upright compact bush habit. The single pink flowers perch well above the bushy, small-leafed foliage.      
Fuchsia Deep Purple S-P 6-12in White sepals over purple petals Exquisite ruffles of rich purple petals contrast beautifully with the pure white outer sepals. Giant double blooms drip from naturally trailing stems. This Fuchsia is a real touch of luxury and ideal for your hanging baskets and containers!        
Fuchsia Dollar Princess P 12in Purple and Red Small, double flowers with short tubes and broad, recurved cerise-crimson sepals; its petals are purple with red veins.      
Fuchsia Gartenmeister S-P 12-36in Red This cultivar boasts single, long-tubed, brick red flowers and dark bronze-red leaves and stems. It tolerates the heat of summer better than other fuchsias.        
Fuchsia Gillian Althea P-S 12-24in Deep pink sepals over dbl lilac petals Fuchsia's dangling blooms are well-loved by gardeners and hummingbirds. Brings grace, color and and a touch of old-fashioned charm to the garden. Growth habits from upright to trailing make it easy to find a Fuchsia suited to baskets, beds or containers.        
Fuchsia Marinka P-Sh 4-8in Pink Trailing fuchsias are excellent in hanging baskets and containers. 'Marinka' is a particularly fine variety, which produces masses of bright red flowers over a long period from summer to the first frosts in autumn.        
Fuchsia New Millennium S-P 12-14in Bright magenta sepals, near-black corolla Wide, double blooms with layers of aubergine-coloured petals and backward curving, bright magenta sepals. Throughout the summer, this free-flowering, trailing variety creates a colourful display in baskets, window boxes, and containers.          
Fuchsia Paula Jane P 18in Pink Semi-double flowers have light pink petals with a deeper pink center. It has very strong growth and blooms until the first frost.      
Fuchsia Summer Island Riverhead S-P 14-16in Red-Blue Upright growth habit and elegant red/blue, semi-double flowers make these a pretty choice for patio planters. Constant color all summer until first hard frost.      
Fuchsia Swingtime P 12in White and Red Red outer petals display full white centers and long, wispy hot pink stamens.      
Gaura Belleza Dark Pink S 12-18in Rose-pink An upright, compact habit with loads of dark pink flowers on sturdy stems. Gaura is a drought and heat tolerant plant. Spectacular in containers or borders.  
Gazania Kiss Frosty Red S 8-10in Red Lovely 3-inch red blooms appear on silvery foliage. Native to South Africa, they are not picky about soil, love sun and heat, and are fairly drought tolerant. Kiss gets 10 inches tall and makes a great groundcover.          
Geranium Fancy Leaf Vancouver Centennial S 12-18in Red-salmon Leaf shape resembles the Canadian Maple leaf; color intensifies in exposure to bright sunlight to accent the orange-red blooms.            
Geranium Ivy Contessa Burgundy Bicolor P 12in Red-pink Burgundy and white bi-color semi-double flowers and medium green foliage.      
Geranium Ivy Contessa Purple (Black Magic) P 12in Dark Purple Compact with beautiful semi-double, dark purple flowers.      
Geranium Scented, Chocolate Mint S 12-16in Light Pink This tantalizing plant has a handsome chocolate-colored vein that runs down the rib of the leaf and fans out into its fingers. The almost black variegation fades to a rich green as summer progresses. While this is a great-looking plant with a rich minty fragrance, it does not smell or taste like chocolate.        
Geranium Scented, Citronella S 12-16in Violet-lavender Coarse, lobed leaves, a moderate lemon scent, and lovely small lavender flowers.        
Geranium Scented, Frosted S 18-24in Purple Characterized by its citronella-scented dark green leaves with deeply incised tips, frosted in white. Its newly emerging foliage is pink tinged.        
Geranium Specialty Chocolate Cherry S 16-20in Cherry Pink Bright cherry-red blooms with dark chocolate brown leaves, narrow mint-green margins. Easy to grow and showy. Vigorous habit is excellent for contianers and mass plantings.            
Geranium Z. Americana Bright Red S 12-18in Red Bright red semi-double blooms, medium green foliage, heat tolerant.        
Geranium Z. Americana Cherry Rose S 12-18in Pink-rose Americana® Cherry Rose has an almost neon cherry-rose color to it that is very eye catching.        
Geranium Z. Americana Dark Red S 12-18in Red This red Americana® is the most vigorous in the series and does extremely well in landscape performance. The flower is a true dark red over a medium green and well branching foliage.      
Geranium Z. Americana Lt. Pink Splash S 12-18in Light Pink The pastel pink and dark pink eye makes Americana® Light Pink Splash a unique and very appealing geranium. This variety is a little more compact than others in the Americana® series.        
Geranium Z. Americana Pink S 12-18in Medium Pink One of the best pink colored geraniums on the market. Like the other Americanas, this variety has excellent landscape performance and a well branched plant structure.        
Geranium Z. Americana Red S 12-18in Red The right balance of vigor and uniformity make it a great choice for the garden, baskets, or combination planters; versatile and adaptable.        
Geranium Z. Americana Rose Mega Splash S-P 12-18in Light Pink with Pink Magenta Center The flowers have splashes of thick, deep magenta markings near the center of the light pink cluster of semi-double blooms. There is a faint zonal pattern in the deep green leaves. Great choice for containers and beds.          
Geranium Z. Americana Salmon S 6-12in Red-orange The Americana® series is known for clean and intense flower colors and for the large flower heads they display. Americana® Salmon is no exception. Its flower heads boast a very nice and elegant salmon color.        
Geranium Z. Americana White S 6-12in White Americana® White has nice clean white semi-double blossoms. It is an excellent landscape performer and has a well branched plant structure.        
Geranium Z. Americana White Splash S 6-12in White White Splash is an exceptional variety with good clean white flowers with a dark magenta eye.        
Geranium Z. Calliope Large Dark Red S 14-16in Velvet Red Vigorous growers! Outstanding performer and super beautiful, Calliope produces great big blooms all summer long. Happily immune to heat, humidity and drought.        
Geranium Z. Calliope Medium Crimson Flame S 10-18in Pink/Red bi-color Mesmerizing bi-color flowers of raspberry with rose edges that look like they are glowing! Blooms all summer long due to its heat tolerance and performs in both the ground and in containers.          
Geranium Z. Calliope Medium Dark Red S 10-12in Red Calliope Medium Dark Red is an interspecific hybrid with zonal-type flowers and leaves. It has an outstanding velvety red flower color. Calliope is a vigorous grower with a mounding to semi-trailing growth habit.          
Geranium Z. Calliope Medium Lavender Rose S 10-12in Lavender Rose Produces big, beautiful lavender-rose blooms right through the summer. Plants can take it all: thriving in high heat, humidity, and drought. Add instant color to window boxes, hanging baskets and containers.          
Geranium Z. Calliope Medium Violet S-P 16-20in Deep Bright Violet Large 4-5 inch, semi-double flowers with intense color that lasts! Heat and drought tolerant and easy to grow make this geranium great for baskets, window boxes, containers and in the landscape.    
Geranium Z. Rocky Mnt. Orange S 24in Orange Extra large bright orange flowers offer the best true orange color available. Rocky Mountain® Orange has excellent landscape performance and is very showy in ground beds and containers.        
Geranium Z. Rocky Mnt. Red S 18-24in Red This geranium with vigorous growth is consistently voted a top performer! Remove spent blooms for continuous flowering.        
Geranium Z. Tango S 18-24in Red An extremely popular geranium. Extra-bright red flowers with a dark green leaf.        
Geranium Z. Tango Bicolor Cherry S 10-12in Cherry Red and White Large beautiful, brilliant cherry red flowers with white defined eye. Dark green foliage, compact habit. Interesting novelty color.    
Geranium Z. Tango Rose Splash S 9-12in Rose Large bicolor single flowers and striking color contrast with dark green leaves.        
Geranium Z. Tango White S 12-18in White The semi-double flowers of Tango White are contrasted nicely by its dark foliage.        
Geranium Z. Tango White Splash S 10-12in Soft White, Deep Pink Center A classic choice for summer annual containers and window boxes. Bright bloom clusters provide color all season.        
Gerbera Bengal S 8-10in Mixed colors The best gerbera for large containers with excellent vigor, and a tidy, manageable habit and superior flowering.            
Gerbera Festival Grower Select Mix S 6-15in Mix Mixture of 8-10 balanced colors with exceptional plant and flowering uniformity. The single flowers are produced atop each hairy stem and range in height from 6 to 15 inches. They are great for cutting and enjoying indoors. The carnival of color continues all summer while the wavy leaves greet each bloom. Use gerberas in containers, window boxes and beds for a real show.          
Gerbera Garvinea Sweet Assortment S 10-14in Mixed Garvinea is a true garden plant, which you can put in soil or in a container. Outdoors it produces an enormous amount of flowers from early spring until the onset of frost. Aside from this extreme long flowering period, it has a high resistance to pests and diseases and can easily handle heat, cold and humidity.        
Gerbera Majorette Mix S-P 8-10in Mix of orange, pink, red, white and yellow The most uniform gerbera series. The mix is easy to grow with large flowers in striking colors of orange, pink, red, white and yellow, some with dark and some with light eyes. Add a bold color statement to patio pots with this Gerbera mix.          
Gerbera Revolution Mix P-Sh 4-8in   Uniform mix of bold, bright colors. Consistent flower timing, plant size and stem length.            
Gerbera Royal Premium Mix S 12-14in Mix Early flowering and very floriferous. Many eye catching, large flowers in bright colors. Medium sized, very uniform plants with dark green. foliage and a prostrate growing habit.          
Gold Fish Plant P 8-10in Orange Red Yellow The flowers on a Gold Fish plant may be red, orange, or yellow and can resemble goldfish. They have small, shiny dark green bronzy leaves. Plants are easy to care for, drought resistant, and, with proper care, can bloom all year.            
Gomphrena Truffula Pink S 22-28in Hot Pink Truffula has a perfectly balanced habit showing off a plethora of hot pink flowers all season long. A rebloomer that attracts bees and butterflies. An ideal cut flower with long vase life.        
Grass: Fiber Optic S 10in   Bright green grasslike plant with small flowers at the stem tips, resembling 'fiber optic' lamps. Remains lovely for years when grown as a houseplant.          
Grass: Pennisetum Rubrum S 24-36in Purple-Red Spectacular purple-red flower plumes and stunning dark burgundy foliage.      
Gynura Purple Passion S-P 24-36in Yellow-orange Purple Passion Plant is known for its finely serrated green leaves, densely covered with purple hairs.The leaf undersides and stems are also hairy, giving the whole plant an iridescent, velvety sheen. Pinch off the yellow-orange flowers that appear in spring. They're not only ugly, they have a bad odor. Avoid getting the velvety leaves of this plant wet. Drops of water will cause dark spots on the leaves and they won't come off. If the leaves need to be cleaned, brush them gently with a soft, dry brush, such as a small paintbrush.              
Haworthia Zebra Plant S-P 6-8in White Commonly known as the Zebra Haworthia because it's convex dark green fleshy leaves are covered with silver-white raised stripes. Very attractive rosette shape is very easy to look after and will thrive on any sunny windowsill with the very minimum of attention. As the plant matures, offshoots may appear around the base of the plant. Occasionally it will send a long thin flower spike from the center of the plant.              
Hedera Ivy Algerian Golden S-Sh 6-8in   Vigerous, large evergreen climber with self-clinging aerial roots good for walls, fences and trellises.            
Hedera Ivy Duckfoot S-Sh 3-6in   This miniature ivy has leaves that really do look like a duck's foot! With small leaves not more than an inch across and self-branching habit of growth, it is well suited for pots, baskets and topiaries.          
Hedera Ivy Eva S-Sh 6-12in   'Eva' has medium-sized, variegated leaves with a bird’s-foot or narrowly-lobed shape, the middle lobe is long. The leaf color is gray-green in the center with irregular, creamy-white margins. Eva needs bright light to maintain the leaf variegation.          
Hedera Ivy Glacier S-Sh 3-6in   Handsome triangular green leaves marked with creamy white. Gtown for foliate. Heat and drought tolerant. Can be toxic to pets.          
Hedera Ivy Gold Child S-Sh 6-12in   Gold Child has 2-3" stunning variegated leaves with gold margins. In hot weather the border becomes creamy-white, the leaves will darken in full shade. It will grow in full sun, but perfers some shade.          
Hedera Ivy Variegated Algerian S-Sh 6-8in   Vigorous, large evergreen climber with self-clinging aerial roots good for walls, fences and trellises. The leaves are alternate and simple.          
Hedera Ivy White Mein Hertz S-Sh 6in   Beautiful variegated green leaves edged with cream white. Works as a trailing addition to shaded plantings.            
Helichrysum Lemon/Limelight S-P 8-12in   Bright, chartreuse yellow, velvety soft leaves; heat & drought tolerant. Licorice plants are exceptionally easy to grow.        
Helichrysum Silver Gray S-P 8-12in   Vigorous grower with lovely silver-gray, frosted foliage.          
Heliotrope Scentropia Dark Blue P 10-12in Deep Blue A beautiful long-blooming plant with scented, deep blue flowers. Popular as a stand alone plant or when mixed in combination plantings. Scentropia has a dense, semi-compact growth habit. It does well in full sun to partial shade and has very good heat tolerance. Avoid over-watering.      
Hibiscus, Tradewinds Variety S-P 2ft Varies The TradeWinds Hibiscus is a brightly colored tropical plant that will bring year-long color to your house or yard.            
Hollywood Hibiscus Series S 4ft Varies Whether it’s adding lush color to a tropical landscape or brightening a balcony, each Hollywood Hibiscus showcases vivid, large, fancy blooms with rich color, while also possessing exceptional disease and pest resistance.            
Hyacinth Bean S 10ft Lilac-rose A beautiful twining legume, this entire plant is ornamental - the deep red stems and glossy veiny foliage bear an airy cascade of delicate, inch-long lilac-rose blossoms. Ruby-purple beanpods, 3 inches long, arise beneath the flowers over a long season. For a colorful ornamental display, 'Hyacinth Bean' is unsurpassed!          
Hypoestes Splash Pink Select P 10-18in   A wonderful foliage component plant with small dark green leaves spotted with bright pink to white spots.            
Impatiens Accent Premium Deep Orange Sh 10-12in Deep orange Large medium-flowers on well branched low growing plants.          
Impatiens Accent Premium Mystic Mixed Sh 10-12in Mix Large, high quality blooms in a designer blend of lavender, lilac, and violet highlighted by Bright Eye..          
Impatiens Athena Mix Sh 10-12in Mix The flowers have a rosebud shape, very elegant in bud as well as bloom, and open to bright shades of appleblossom, purple, orange, red, orange-and-white, and red-and-white. ONLY IN BASKETS          
Impatiens Dbl. Rockapulco Appleblossom P-Sh 10-20in Pink Rockapulco will light up any shady area with masses of blooms that look like miniature rosebuds. Blooms spring to frost with no deadheading necessary. Thrive in the hottest, most humid deep shade.          
Impatiens Dbl. Rockapulco Coral Reef P-Sh 10-20in Salmon/Coral 'Coral Reef' will light up any shady area with masses of bloom that look like miniature rosebuds. Blooms spring to frost with no deadheading necessary. Thrive in the hottest, most humid deep shade.          
Impatiens Dbl. Rockapulco Purple P-Sh 10-12in Deep Violet Purple Rockapulco impatiens are very easy to care for, provide them with a shady location, give them a bit of fertilizer and don't let them dry out too much and they will be happy plants. A symmetrical mound of foliage with an endless profusion of double flowers creates an ever-blooming display of color.          
Impatiens Dbl. Rockapulco Wisteria P-Sh 10-20in Purple and White Absolutely breathtaking, fully double, lavender pink and white bicolor blooms will shine in your containers and landscapes. Its buds open like miniature roses covering the mounding foliage all season long.            
Impatiens Dbl. Royal Flush Mix                        
Impatiens N.G. Impacio Purple Star P-Sh 6-8in Soft Purple Impatines which flourish with blooms through the heat, but also tolerate cooler temperatures. Many large, open faced flowers with beautiful colors and can be grown in shade or sun.            
Impatiens N.G. Sonic Amethyst P 12-18in Lavender-blue Dark lavender flowers with dark green foliage; early flowering.            
Impatiens N.G. Sonic Magic Pink P 12-18in Pink-White Pink flowers with unique white striping. Extra large flowers on a compact plant. Very early flowers measure up to 3" across.            
Impatiens N.G. Sonic Red P 12-18in Red Sonic Red has large red flowers and lush foliage. Sonics are strong and well-branched plants with a bushy compact growth habit. Good for use in beds, containers and hanging baskets. Protect from full sun and harsh winds.            
Impatiens N.G. Sonic Salmon P 12-18in Salmon Sonic Salmon has large flowers and lush foliage. Sonics are strong and well-branched plants with a bushy compact growth habit. Good for use in beds, containers and hanging baskets. Protect from full sun and harsh winds.            
Impatiens N.G. Sonic White P 12-18in White Flowers are extra large and perfectly contrast with it's dark green foliage.            
Impatiens N.G. Strike Bright Orange P-S 6-10in Orange This plant is a versatile choice in landscapes, baskets and combination planters. This good-looking breed has oversized, showy flowers and variegated leaves.          
Impatiens N.G. Sunstanding Helios Flame Orange S-Sh 16-24in Orange and Bright Pink Bred for full sun tolerance. "Sunstanding" impatiens add a burst of liveliness with a tropical feel. Great for containers and an outstanding landscape performer.          
Impatiens N.G. Wild Romance Blush Pink P-Sh 8-10in Blush-pink, Semi double flowers The first semi-double flower in New Guinea Impatiens. The lush semi-double blooms will create a striking display in any part to full shade area.          
Impatiens S. Elfin Br. Orange Sh 8-10in Orange Free flowering, extra dwarf plants provide mounds of continuous color.            
Impatiens S. Elfin Xp Formula Mixture Sh 10-12in Mix A vibrant mix of punch, scarlet, violet and red.            
Impatiens S. Elfin XP Hot Mix Sh 8-10in Red, Purple, Bright Pink Shows many flowers in a traditional shade plant that is a low-maintenance, must-have plant for shade gardens.          
Impatiens S. Elfin Xp Red Sh 8-10in Red True red blossoms on compact early flowering plants.            
Impatiens S.Elfin Blue Pearl P 12in Lavender Soft lavender-blue flowers bloom on compact, vigorous plants that will brighten your shade garden.            
Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact Red S-Sh 8-10in   Sun-loving, heat-loving impatiens that grow in sun or shade and explode with color from spring through frost. These beauties are so tough they will thrive almost anywhere.        
Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact Tropical Rose S-Sh 16-32in Rose Pink Flower power in your garden all season long! Plant in full sun to full shade, this one thrives everywhere! Delivers continuous color from spring through fall. Mounding habit.          
Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact White S-Sh 8-10in White Sun-loving, heat-loving impatiens that grow in sun or shade and explode with color from spring through frost. These beauties are so tough they will thrive almost anywhere.          
Impatiens Sunpatiens Vigorous Clear White   24-36in White Great for cooler climates and grows well in warmer areas. Spreads very quickly. This sun-tolerant shade lover features abundant white blooms, large and bright white.          
Impatiens Sunpatiens Vigorous Rose Pink S-Sh 24-42in Bright Rose Pink Flourishes in extreme heat and blooms continuously all summer long. Thrives in sun or shade conditions. More robust plant growth is ideal for cooler (northern) climates.          
Impatiens Sunpatiens Vigorous Shell Pink S-Sh 24-42in   Flourishes in extreme heat and blooms continuously all summer long. Thrives in sun or shade conditions. More robust plant growth is ideal for cooler (northern) climates.          
Impatiens Xtreme Red Sh 8in Red Rich red; early blooming, compact impatiens.            
Impatiens Xtreme Utopia Mix                        
Impatiens Xtreme White Sh 8-10in White Extreme White Impatiens are perfect to plant with other colors of impatiens or shade-loving annuals.            
Ipomoea Solar Tower Black S-P 6-8ft   The first climbing potato vine is here. Can be used growing up through Clematis or with morning glory or just on its own on a trellis.            
Ipomoea (Clarks Heavenly Blue) S 10ft Blue Gorgeous sky blue flowers, up to 2 1/2" across that open in the morning, appear throughout summer on this free-flowering, elegant morning glory vine. Beautiful climber ideal for warm site on trellis, fences, poles, etc.          
Ipomoea Blackie S-P 4-10in Lavender This ornamental sweet potato vine creates a stunning accent in baskets and as a groundcover for large areas. The leaves are dark purple-black and deeply lobed for added dramatic effect. These plants have a beautiful, thick trailing habit and will not overwhelm other plants.          
Ipomoea Dacapo Light Blue     Blue Pinwheel                
Ipomoea Flying Saucers S 10-12ft Blue-White This free-flowering morning glory will quickly cover trelliswork, obelisks and fences. In summer, an abundance of exquisite white blooms with blue-mauve streaks are produced, their antique appearance giving an air of yesteryear.            
Ipomoea Marguerite S 10-12in   Bright chartreuse foliage provides an excellent contrast in containers, baskets, window boxes or garden beds.          
Ipomoea Moonflower S 10-15ft White Blooms at night and closes by mid-day. Large white flowers emanate a powerfully sweet fragrance. The vine is smooth and thornless.            
Ipomoea Red Picotee S 5-6ft Pink to Red with White Edge This stunning Japanese Kikyozaki variety offers a whole new dimension. Imagine star-shaped morning glories in shades of carmine-red and trimmed in creamy white. The lovely vines also have heart-shaped leaves. A must for those who like unique beauty.            
Ipomoea SolarPower Lime Heart S-P 10-12in   Densely branched SolarPower holds its shape and color in the landscape and mixed combos all summer long, and it works well with companion plants.          
Ipomoea SolarPower Red S-P 10-12in   Densely branched 'SolarPower' holds its shape and color in landscape and mixed combos all summer long.            
Ipomoea Split Second S-P 4-6ft Double Pink and White Bi-color The best double-flowered 'Morning Glory' we have ever seen. Large full, Peony-like bloom of rosy pink that looks nothing like its single cousins. It flowers heavily from early summer until frost, thriving in blazing sun and any well-drained soil.        
Ipomoea Spotlight Black Heart S 8-10in   The first compact Ipomoea series that holds its color in extreme heat. Spotlight’s compact, naturally branched habit is ideal for small pots and mixes too. Full sun.          
Ipomoea Star Of Yelta S 10-12ft Deep Purple This morning glory features large flower buds that open to a deep royal purple, silk-like bloom with rich red vein markings, forming a star from the very center to the petal tips.              
Juncus Unicorn S-P 23-36in   This is a vast improvement on the older varieties of Spiral Rush. Leaves are round and stem-like, with a unique corkscrew spiral all the way up to the tip. 'Unicorn' is a superb choice for beside a pond or stream, as a marginal water garden plant, or in any damp sunny area. Great foliage for cut flower arranging.            
Lantana Bandana Cherry S 20-26in Red and Violet A very large-flowered Lantana with tricolored blooms of pink, yellow, and white.  
Lantana Bandana Lemon Zest S 16-20in Yellow Striking yellow-white color and numerous flower clusters. Heat tolerant.  
Lantana Bandana Peach S 16-20in Light Pink and Yellow Bandana Peach features a tropical mix of pastel colored flowers all summer and fall, and it’s a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds. It’s easy to grow and a great choice for baskets and containers.  
Lantana Bandana Pink S 20-26in Pink Bandana Pink sets larger, brighter blooms over a summer-through-fall season that doesn't stop until the first frosts arrive. Tri-colored, brilliant, and calling out to all butterflies to feast upon them. The inner ring of florets on each bloom is white and yellow, which just makes the outer rings of scarlet-eyed dark pink stand out more beautifully.  
Lantana Bandana Red S 18-24in Red A hummingbird's delight! True red that gets darker with more sunlight.  
Lantana Bandana Rose S 20-26in Yellow-Pink Yellow blossoms mature to rose. Plants are very well-branched with a nice, uniform, mounding habit and offer significantly larger flowers than traditional Lantana varieties.  
Lantana Bloomify Red S 12-14in Deep Red with Yellow and Orange Completely sterile, so it won’t go out of flower in the heat of summer. Deep red flowers are brightened by splashes of yellow and orange.      
Lantana Bloomify Rose S 12-14in Rosy Pink with Yellow, Peachy-pink Medium mounded Lantana keeps a nice shape in the landscape. Continuous flowering throughout the season. Attractive foliage topped with vividly colored flowers. Completely sterile, so it won’t go out of flower in the heat of summer.  
Larkspur Giant Imperial Mix S 3-4ft Mixed colors Beautiful flower spikes on plants up to 4 feet tall and covered with colorful flowers in shades of pink, lilac, white, blue and rose. This old favorite is also called annual delphinium and is perfect to grow along a fence.          
Lavatera Twins Pink S 16-20in Hot Pink Bushy plants, smothered in a beautiful array of fully round, satiny hot pink blooms. Stunning in borders or containers on a sunny patio.          
Lithops Living Stones S     Resembling the pebbles and stones among which they grow in their natural habitat, their subtle colors of gray, brown, rust, green and pink, combined with their fantastically intricate markings make them very desirable additions to any plant collection. The flowers are daisy-like and yellow or white depending on variety. They first open during the afternoons of sunnier days.                
Lobelia Hot Bavaria S-P 8-12in Blue with White Eyes One of the best, with vivid color and fantastic heat tolerance. Full bloom throughout summer. Trailing habit is perfect for porch or patio in hanging baskets or containers. Deer resistant.      
Lobelia Hot Waterblue S-P 8-12in Sky Blue Lovely cascading habit with sky blue flowers. Unlike standard types of lobelia, Hot Waterblue exhibits a stronger tolerance for heat. They will survive the summer with masses of blooms and last until the first frost. Excellent for hanging baskets, mixed containers, and beds.        
Lobelia Regatta Midnight Blue P 6in Deep Blue Low-growing, compact; bronze-tinted, dark-green leaves; has a dense covering of violet-blue flowers with white eyes.        
Lobelia Riviera Midnight Blue P 4-6in Blue Extra early flowering, deep blue with bronze foliage.          
Lobelia Riviera Sky Blue P 4-6in Sky Blue Pale blue on green foliage; with a vigorous but compact habit.          
Lobelia Techno Heat Dark Blue S-P 6-10in Blue Intense dark-blue flowers completely cover the plant in a cloud of color.        
Lobularia Lavender Stream S-P 8-12in Lavender Shades This ball-shaped plant is covered with very fragrant lavender flowers that turn even darker during cool temperatures. Ideal in mixed containers, hanging baskets and a knock-out in the garden.      
Lobularia Marineland Frosty Lavender S-P 10-12in Lavender Something different in lobularia! The tiny leaves offer a white variegated margin for visual interest among the lightly scented, lavender flower spikes.          
Lobularia Purple Stream S-P 8-12in Purple 'Purple Stream' has fragrant dark purple blooms that won't fade in the sun. It produces a compact, ball shaped plant, covered with small alyssum-like, honey scented flowers. It is heat tolerant and blooms all through the summer. It is an ideal "filler" in mixed containers, hanging baskets or window boxes, as long as it is paired with plants of a similiar growth rate.      
Lobularia Raspberry Stream S 2-12in Pink 'Raspberry Stream' has a dramatic, vivid pink color. It has a great honey scent. Together with its semi-trailing habit and medium vigor, it will fit perfectly in a mix or as a stand-alone plant.        
Lobularia White Stream S-P 8-12in White 'White Stream' is a lobularia that can handle the heat of summer and it plays well with others in combos. It produces a compact, ball shaped plant, covered with small alyssum-like, honey scented flowers. It blooms all through the summer and is an ideal "filler" in mixed containers, hanging baskets or window boxes, as long as it is paired with plants of a similiar growth rate.        
Lophospermum Lofos Compact Rose S 4-6in Rose A gorgeous flowering annual vine that works great in hanging baskets or window boxes. Beautiful trumpet flowers cascade from elegant foliage that resembles grape leaves. Trails up to 2 feet.            
Lophospermum Lofos Compact White S 4-6in White A gorgeous flowering annual vine that works great in hanging baskets or window boxes. Beautiful trumpet flowers cascade from elegant foliage that resembles grape leaves. Trails up to 2 feet.            
Lotus Vine Flashbulb S 4-6in Orange Dense, needle-like silver foliage characterizes this trailing beauty. Blooms for several weeks in midsummer with brilliant orange flame-shaped blossoms.          
Lysimachia Goldilocks S 2-4in Chartreuse Low growing hardy plant with shiny golden foliage; Great spiller!          
Mandevilla Alice Dupont S-P 15-20ft Pink Twining evergreen vine displays unusual trumpet-like flowers of ice pink with darker pink throat. Lovely choice for a trellis or arbor.        
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Apricot S-P 8ft Apricot A vigorous growing climber featuring beautiful Apricot flower color, bold foliage and excellent heat tolerance. Natural climbers, these beauties are stunning trained to a trellis and are suitable for patios, balcoies and for landscaping. This plant loves warmth and plenty of sun light.        
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Giant Marbled Crimson   72-120in Crimson Sun Parasol Giant varieties produce large flower with a span up to five inches. Natural climbers, these are stunning trained to a trellis or obelisk in patio pots. Heat tolerant and superb disease resistant.              
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Red Emperor S-P 10ft Bright Red A vigorous vining mandevilla with luxurious dark green foliage that provides a nice foil to the incredibly large 4 to 6 inch wide red flowers.          
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Stars & Stripes S-P 6-8ft Red Voted the favorite new flowering plant at last year’s Tropical Plant Exhibition, Mandevilla Stars and Stripes has red star-shaped blossoms with white stripes through the center of each of the 5 petals. A golden-yellow throat contrasts nicely with the petals. It blooms abundantly from spring to fall and is a favorite for hummingbirds. Its leaves are deep, glossy green and are held on twining stems.        
Manettia Candy Corn Vine S-P 6-8ft Orange and Yellow Graceful, twining plant for large planters, topiaries and trellises. The unique bright, yellow-and-red, tubular flowers really stand out against the dark green foliage. Can flower year-round if kept actively growing under bright light. Plants in outdoor containers can be moved indoors and will continue to grow and flower when placed in a southern exposure. Plants tolerate some wilting.          
Marigold Afr. Alumia Vanilla Cream S 10-12in Pale Lemon Yellow A marigold with strong stems, long-blooming and bright. Easy to grow, 2-3 inch wide, pale lemon yellow flowers are produced in profusion above green foliage.            
Marigold Afr. Garden Joy Orange S 24-32in Orange This new 24-30 inch tall variety has exceptionally sturdy stems, keeping the large blooms at attention all summer. The Garden Joy series fills a niche of taller marigolds that can load big spaces with eye-popping color.      
Marigold Afr. Garden Joy Yellow S 24-32in Yellow This new 24-30 inch tall variety has exceptionally sturdy stems, keeping the large blooms at attention all summer. The Garden Joy series fills a niche of taller marigolds that can load big spaces with eye-popping color.      
Marigold Afr. Taishan Mix S 10-12in Mix Bright blooms in gold, orange or yellow, on a high quality dwarf plant. Delivers excellent, season-long landscape performance. Taishan was a prominent performer in the landscape at the Beijing Olympics. This sensational plant was named after the Taishan Mountains, regarded as preeminent among China’s five sacred mountains.    
Marigold Fireball S 10-12in Red, Orange, Bronze and Gold 'Fireball' is a blaze of color over the growing season. The big double blooms open to a rich shade of red and then mature to orange, bronze and gold.            
Marigold Fr. Boy O Boy Mix S 8-10in Mix Dwarf plants are loaded with 1.5" gold, yellow, orange, red and bicolor blooms, with crested centers.      
Marigold Fr. Boy Orange S 8in Orange Deep orange 2" blooms.      
Marigold Fr. Boy Yellow S 8-12in Yellow Bright yellow; early, free flowering with 2" blooms.      
Marigold Fr. Durango Flame S 10-12in Red-Orange Large, golden, anemone type bi-color blooms in shades of red and orange.      
Marigold Fr. Durango Red S 10-12in Red Wonderful anemone-like flowers of mahogany-red.    
Marigold Fr. Safari Yellow S 8-12in Yellow Extra large, vibrant yellow single flowers.      
Marigold Fr. Zenith Red S 14-16" Red Large 3-4" flower size. Fragrant!    
Marigold Gem Lemon S 10-12in Yellow Just under 1 foot tall, these uniform plants are covered with single, small blooms held slightly above the lacy foliage.      
Marigold Strawberry Blonde S 8-10in Yellow, Peach, Red Meet the "New World marigolds" Fireball and companion Strawberry Blonde. Colors never seen before in African or French marigolds and puts multicolor blooms on the same plant. In Spring growing conditions, flowers change color more slowly for maximum contrast. In warmer conditions, color changes faster with less distinct contrast.          
Mimosa S 24in Pink 'Sensitive Plant.' Delicate fern-like leaves quickly fold up when touched then return to normal after a short time. Also bears puff-ball pink flowers.              
Muhlenbeckia Fairy Vine P 4in   Creeping, twining, wire like foliage. Use in topiaries, filler. The tiny round leaves are a nice glossy green that turn bronze toward winter and sometimes in extreme heat. Also makes an interesting house plant.            
Nasturtium Alaska Mix S 4-5ft Mix Yellow, cream, red, and peach-pink blooms; cream-striped foliage; young leaves and flowers are edible.          
Nasturtium Orchid Flame S 12in Creamy Yellow and Red Colors are as bold and beautiful as a fiery evening sunset. Flowers open up to a beautiful red and yellow bicolor maturing to a rich burgundy. Temperature and weather conditions will affect the final flower colors.            
Nasturtium Phoenix S 12in Orange, Yellow and Red Unusual profuse new variety. Flowers nonstop until frost. Phoenix is not only a new look with its 'flamed-fringy' flowers it's one of the easiest and a great pollinator plant.        
Nemesia Aromatica Royal Blue S-P 12-14in Deep Blue Fragrant, delicate, airy blooms cover these upright plants. Performs well in cool temperatures.      
Nemesia Sunsatia Blood Orange S 10-14in Orange Rich shades of orange, yellow blossoms with speckles of red are terrific in combination planters. Smells great and will brighten up any container or window box.          
Nemesia Sunsatia Cranberry S-P 6-10in Red Profuse flowers cascade from pots and baskets all season; excellent for early spring; low maintenance. Can trail up to 36 inches in a basket. Sunsatia do not like to have wet feet so be sure to provide good drainage.        
Nemesia Sunsatia Lemon S-P 6-10in Yellow Clusters of lemon yellow flowers sit on compact bushy foliage all season. Very showy and dramatic in borders, hanging baskets, and containers. Nemesia prefer well-drained soil and full sun, but can perform in shade as well.          
Osteospermum Blue Eyed Beauty S 10-14in Canary yellow with deep violet blue eye Blue Eyed Beauty is a knock out! This unique bicolor African Daisy will add a splash of bright color to your garden in early spring.          
Osteospermum Daisy Falls Pink S-P 8-12in Pink Lavender Grows and blooms with traditional osteospermum style on a more vigorous trailing frame. Performs longer into the season and can tolerate inclement conditions.        
Osteospermum Daisy Falls Purple S-P 8-12in Dark Purple Magenta Daisy Falls is a series that grows and blooms with traditional osteospermum style, only on a more vigorous trailing frame. Continues to perform longer into the season.        
Osteospermum Orange Symphony S 10-14in Orange Light orange daisies, with blue eyes, are about 2" across and abound on neat upright plants.          
Osteospermum Voltage Yellow S 12-16in Yellow This African Daisy displays vibrant deep yellow daisy-like flowers and unlike a lot of Osteos, has a yellow eye. It is a dependable plant that blooms all seasonl. Yellow Voltage does well in hanging baskets, window boxes, landscaping and combination planters.        
Osteospermum Zion Copper Amethyst S 14-18in Bronze Large, unique bi-color flowers feature bronze-tipped petals darkening to a deep purple center.    
Otacanthus 'Brazilian Snapdragon' S-P 24-36in Blue Lovely blue flowers with a white eye that look like snapdragons. It prefers sun or light shade and a rich loamy soil.              
Pachystachys S 36-48in Yellow 'Golden Shrimp Plant' has evergreen foliage and showy yellow blossoms. The showy, yellow, gold or orange flowers, which bloom during the summer, resemble the layered scales of a shrimp. Pinching the tips encourages bushier growth. Prune the plant in early spring to maintain the desired size and shape. If grown in a container, move it indoors before nighttime temps drop to 45 degrees.          
Pansy Chianti Mix S 8-10in Mix Large, early semi-ruffled flowers in shades of terra-cotta, salmon, wine-red and rose, all striped and marked with dark red.            
Pansy Cool Wave Berries N Cream Mix S-P 6-8in Mix More vigorous than any other spreading pansy. Superior overwintering hardiness. The earliest pansy to return in the Spring. The most prostrate habit of any spreading pansy. A great spiller in combos and a fast-growing, high-impact groundcover. Easy-care, all-season color.        
Pansy Cool Wave Blueberry Swirl P-S 4in Blue with yellow and white More vigorous than any other spreading pansy. Superior overwintering hardiness. The earliest pansy to return in the Spring. A great spiller in combos and a fast-growing, high-impact groundcover. Easy-care, all-season color.          
Pansy Cool Wave Fire S 6-8in Dark Red, Yellow Face Rich dark red with a yellow face shows more red in the face during the cool season and more yellow in the face during the warm season..          
Pansy Cool Wave Golden Yellow S-P 6-8in Golden Yellow More vigorous than any other spreading pansy. Superior overwintering hardiness. The earliest pansy to return in the Spring. The most prostrate habit of any spreading pansy.. A great spiller in combos and a fast-growing, high-impact groundcover. Easy-care, all-season color.        
Pansy Cool Wave Morpho S-P 6-8in Purple, Lavender and Yellow The best-performing spreading pansy for spring and fall. A truly trailing pansy for containers. More vigorous with the most prostrate habit of any spreading pansy.          
Pansy Cool Wave Raspberry S 6-8in   The best-performing spreading pansy for spring and fall. A truly trailing pansy for containers. More vigorous with the most prostrate habit of any spreading pansy.          
Pansy Delta Beaconsfield S 6-8in Blues A faceless pansy with purple lower petals and light blue upper petals; extra early, large 3" flowers.          
Pansy Delta Cotton Candy Mix S-P 6in Mix The Delta series combines large flowers and great garden performance with blooms that appear earlier than any large-flowered pansy. Cotton Candy Mix contains shades of purple, rose, and pink colored flowers with darker centers.            
Pansy Dynamite Scarlet S 6-8in Red Large scarlet red, 3 inch flowers on a compact plant.            
Pansy Dynamite Wine Flash S 6-8in Burgundy-Red Very unique, iridescent wine-red color accented with yellow.            
Pansy Fizzy Lemon Berry S 4-6in Yellow-Purple Frilly yellow blooms highlighted with dark purple picotee edges; also features almost solid purple and yellow flowers. Stronger ruffling occurs in cool conditions.          
Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Mix S 6-8in Mix Ruffled flowers in a mix of blues, yellows and reds.            
Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Raspberry S-P 5-6in Deep Rose The frilly flower form makes this a standout. Looks great in containers and close-up landscapes. Stronger ruffling occurs in cool conditions. Some blooms have attractive whiskers.            
Pansy Halloween S 6-8in Black Black with small yellow eye, medium flowered; incredibly floriferous.            
Pansy Inspire Deluxxe Denim S-P 8-10in Deep Blue and Black A uniform and compact habit with extra large "xx" flowers. Deep blue flowers with a black face are held beautifully over the foliage on strong, sturdy stems. Creates high impact in landscapes and containers.          
Pansy Jolly Joker Mix S 8-10in Mix Purple and orange bicolor combination with 2.5-3" blooms. Heat tolerant and free flowering plants.            
Pansy Jolly Poker Face S 8-10in Violet-Orange Early bloomers, cold tolerant, some are hardy to zone 4.            
Pansy Karma Blue Sun S-P 6-8in Dark Blue and Yellow The Karma series features large flowers on full bodied plants. The large dark blue blooms with yellow faces are simply eye-catching.            
Pansy Majestic Giants Mix S 6-8in Mix Mix of red, rose, purple, blue, and yellow shades with blooms up to 4" across.            
Pansy Mammoth Pink Berry     Pink Heat tolerant and stretch resistant pansy for either spring or fall. Mounding plants are compact.        
Pansy Mammoth Viva La Violet S-P 4-5in Violet Extra large flowered pansy with strong plant vigor and branching. The blooms are violet with a blotch of white and a yellow eye.          
Pansy Panola Autumn Blaze Mix S 6-8in Red-Yellow Red and yellow shades of free flowering mini pansies that resist stretching in warm weather.            
Pansy Spring Matrix Midnight Glow S-P 8in Dark blue and purple Matrix Midnight Glow' has profuse, bright violet and yellow flowers with additional interesting detail provided by whiskers.        
Pansy Spring Matrix Blue Blotch S-P 8in Blue Matrix Blue Blotch exhibits a rich, royal blue flower with a darker blue, almost black, blotch in the center.        
Pansy Spring Matrix Pink Shades S-P   Pink Shades Large flowers in a mixture of light pink to dark mauve accented by darker blotches.          
Pansy Ultima Morpho S 6-10in Blue-yellow Unique color pattern of bright pastel blue that brightens into a yellow center; upward facing.            
Pansy Ultima Radiance Violet S-P 6-10in Purple-white Ultima Radiance Violet has vibrant purple upper petals highlighting a white center with deep purple whiskers.            
Pansy Whiskers Red & Gold S 2-3in Red and Gold Bright red upper petals and golden yellow lower petals with a bright red edge and black 'whiskers.'            
Pansy Wonderfalls Blue Picotee Shades S-P 6-8in Blue Shades High-quality, classic pansy flowers on extremely trailing and floriferous plants. Unique ‘spiller’ for containers and hanging baskets. Spreading habit in the landscape for maximum color coverage.        
Pansy Wonderfalls Yellow with Red Wings S-P 6-8in Yellow-red High-quality, classic pansy flowers on extremely trailing and floriferous plants. Unique ‘spiller’ for containers and hanging baskets. Spreading habit in the landscape for maximum color coverage.        
Passiflora Aphrodites S-P 48-144in Lavender Vigorous vine, sparse blooms at first then numerous blooms mid-season on. This vine needs plenty of support to show off the buds which become purple-lavender blooms.        
Petchoa SuperCal Prem. French Vanilla S-P 14-20in Cream Yellow with Amber Throat New series offers the same excellent performance as SuperCal, with larger flowers, and improved habit and more mounded, refined growth.          
Petchoa SuperCal Prem. Sunray Pink S-P 14-20in Pink Lavender, Golden Throat Enjoy SuperCal’s strong vigor and good disease tolerance. Larger blooms leave no sticky residue for ease of handling. An improved habit and a more mounded refined growth make for great baskets and containers or in the landscape.          
Petchoa, SuperCal Crimson Red S 12in Bold Red with Dark Center Enjoy SuperCal’s strong vigor and good disease tolerance in the garden. Blooms leave no sticky residue for easier handling. Excellent heat tolerance and weather recovery.        
Petchoa, SuperCal Neon Rose S 10-14in Hot Pink SuperCal™ Petunia delivers the best characteristics of petunias and million bells: big vigor, loads of flower power, lush foliage and dependable performance. The vibrant rose colored flowers of Neon Rose cover lush foliage all summer. It exhibits strong vigor and excellent disease tolerance. Great for use in the landscape, containers and hanging baskets. Grows best in full to part sun.  
Petchoa, SuperCal Prem. Bordeaux S-P 14-20in Crimson Red with Vein Enjoy SuperCal's strong vigor and good disease tolerance in the garden. Blooms leave no sticky residue for easier handling.        
Petchoa, SuperCal Prem. Caramel Yellow S-P 14-20in Yellow with Caramel Center Enjoy SuperCal's strong vigor and good disease tolerance in the garden. Blooms leave no sticky residue for easier handling.        
Petchoa, SuperCal Prem. Cinnamon S-P 14-20in Coral-Orange with Yellow Throat Enjoy SuperCal's strong vigor and good disease tolerance in the garden. Blooms leave no sticky residue for easier handling.        
Petunia Ray Sunshine S 10in Light Yellow 'Ray' petunias have a naturally compact habit and superior center branching, making for endless possibilities in patio combinations, borders, landscape, hanging baskets, window boxes and pots of all sizes. They are self cleaning, easy to grow, sun loving and self maintaining. They are very desirable to the home gardener. Plants are covered with an attractive canopy of very large light yellow flowers. Flower size measures about 3.5 inches in diameter.          
Petunia Super. Honey S 6-10in Orange Yellow Melange of orange and yellow, sunset colors which is ever changing as the plant grows from spring, through summer, and into fall. The combination possibilities are endless, yet it is beautiful on its own too.          
Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts S 8-10in Rose Yellow 'Amore Queen of Hearts' has a unique heart shaped pattern in the flower. The flowers are very stable. It will flower from early spring to frost.          
Petunia Cascadia Indian Summer S 6-8in Terra cotta orange New trailing orange petunia. The orange color is unique for the petunia class. It has the same habit, growth and performance as the rest of the cascadia petunias.          
Petunia Cascadia Rim Chianti S 8-10in Purple-red with a white rim Knock-out new bi-color. Purple blooms with a cream edge makes a pretty cascading splash in the border, basket or container. Flowering prolifically from early summer to frost. Vigorous 10-16" tall.          
Petunia Colorworks Blue Star S-P 8-12in Dark Blue with White Stripes This petunia has dark blue with white stripes forming a star pattern and is extremely floriferous. It has a strong mounding/semi-trailing habit. Early to bloom and has outstanding garden performance.      
Petunia Crazytunia Passion Punch S 6-12in Bi-Color, Violet-Purple and White Petunias are a classic choice among annuals for their bold, trumpet blooms in a range of single-hued, striped and white-rimmed colors.    
Petunia Crazytunia Purple Prince S-P 6-12in Purple-Pink An all-time favorite with a new look. Large flowers in a unique color brighten baskets, containers and the garden. Irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds.    
Petunia Dbl. Take Mix S 12-15in Mix Extra-large, super-tough ruffled blooms in 5 colors! So extravagantly ruffled and fully held that they look like giant Carnations instead of Petunias.    
Petunia Dekko Star Rose S 8-12in Bicolor Light and Dark Pink Exceptional garden performance sets Dekko apart from the crowd. A wide range of core and unique colors are perfect for adding wow to mixed combos and baskets.    
Petunia Double Madness Mixed S 15in Mix Large, double, 3 inch blooms in a mix of rose, white, red & burgundy that bounce back quickly after rainstorms.        
Petunia Easy Wave Burgundy Velour S 6-12in Burgundy velvety These new wave trail and spill from their container, or cover the ground with their luxurious color, they have a never-before-seen velvety TEXTURE that we’re sure Wave gardeners will go nuts for!      
Petunia Easy Wave Party Pack S 6-12in Red, Pink and Blue Fast-growing plants with exceptional uniformity and well-matched habit, bloom freely all season. Three color mix for landscapes and containers can tolerate both heat and cooler conditions very well. Flower-filled plants grow mounded with a more controlled spread.          
Petunia Easy Wave Patriot Mix S 6-12in Red, White and Blue Fast-growing plants with exceptional uniformity and well-matched habit, bloom freely all season. Three color mix for landscapes and containers can tolerate both heat and cooler conditions very well. Flower-filled plants grow mounded with a more controlled spread.          
Petunia Easy Wave Pink Bliss S 6-12in Pink, Blue and White Fast-growing plants with exceptional uniformity and well-matched habit, bloom freely all season. Three color mix for landscapes and containers can tolerate both heat and cooler conditions very well. Flower-filled plants grow mounded with a more controlled spread.          
Petunia Easy Wave Red Velour S 12-12in Deep Red Not only do these lovelies trail and spill from their container, or cover the ground with their luxurious color, they have a never-before-seen velvety TEXTURE that we’re sure Wave gardeners will go nuts for!        
Petunia Easy Wave Sweetheart Mix S 6-12in Pink, White and Red Fast-growing plants with exceptional uniformity and well-matched habit, bloom freely all season. Three color mix for landscapes and containers can tolerate both heat and cooler conditions very well. Flower-filled plants grow mounded with a more controlled spread.          
Petunia Easy Wave Yellow S 6-12in Soft Yellow These fast-growing petunias bloom freely all season and tolerate both heat and cooler conditions very well. First yellow Wave petunia.          
Petunia Headliner Pink Sky S 10-16in Bright Pink with Clusters of White The latest addition to the Petunia selection is Headliner Pink Sky, this stunning petunia is an early release from Ball Selecta. Similar to the incredibly popular Night Sky Petunia, it features a bright pink bloom with unique clusters of white that resemble a starry sky.          
Petunia Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy S 10-16in Burgundy and Yellow Large flowers with a star AND spots. Attractive deep burgundy blooms with a golden yellow star center and tiny white splotches in the backdrop of the star. Star pattern is more pronounced in cool weather.            
Petunia Hells Flamin Rose S 10-14in Rosy Pink Neon pink to salmon-pink flowers are medium large with a deep yellow throat and completely cover vigorously branching plants. Perfect for anywhere needing a bold splash of color.        
Petunia Hurrah Blue Veined S 8-10in White with light lavender-blue veins White with light lavender-blue veins      
Petunia Pretty Flora Mix S 7-10in                
Petunia Ray Black S 6-12in Black One of the most popular flowers to grow and produces many large blooms. They can be used for container planting, border edging flower beds, and hanging baskets. Petunias are known to be able to handle heat and are easy to care for.      
Petunia S.g. Dream Patriot Mix S 10-15in Mix Early 4" blooms in a mix of red, white and midnight blue.    
Petunia S.g. Prism Sunshine S 12-14in Yellow AAS Winner. This single grandiflora has 3 inch creamy yellow blooms contrasting with deep green foliage.    
Petunia Sanguna Blue S 10-14in Deep Blue Big flowers and bright colors are ideal for impactful hanging baskets and combos. Also terrific in containers or planted near a wall where the foliage can flow over the edge with a cascade of colorful blooms.      
Petunia Sanguna Deep Lavender Vein S 10-14in Lavender with Dark Lavender Veins A continous display of lavender blooms with darker lavender veins provides beautiful color in hanging baskets and containers. Well-branched plant spreads outward to fill spaces amid other plantings.          
Petunia Sanguna Light Blue S 10-14in Light Blue Purple-blue flowers that lighten as they age, resulting in a pleasing variation of flower color over the plant.  
Petunia Sanguna Lipstick S 10-14in Hot Pink Like your favorite shade of pink lipstick, these early blooming plants are covered in vibrant color. The vigorous habit quickly fills hanging baskets and landscape beds, attracting everyone’s attention, including hummingbirds and butterflies.      
Petunia Sanguna Radiant Blue S-P 8-10in Blue bi-color ‘Sanguna Radiant Blue’ is a one-of-kind bi-color due to its pattern of blue that gradually fades into a white ring which appears to fall into its throat. Imagine a hanging basket carpeted with the blue bi-colored flowers at the top of the pot and long stems dripping down with those same blue blooms.            
Petunia Sanguna Red S 6-12in Red First rate branching creates pots that are covered with red blooms that are sure to attract attention. Great for hanging baskets, landscape beds and mixed containers.  
Petunia Sanguna Rose Vein S 10-14in Rose Pink, Lavender Veins The perfect petunia for creating a carpet of color and fragrance. Trailing petunias make a great seasonal groundcover for sunny locations. Also terrific in containers or planted near a wall where the foliage can flow over the edge with a cascade of colorful blooms.      
Petunia Sanguna White S 10-14in White This semi-trailing petunia is great for spring and summer. It flowers early and is great for containers or landscapes, with vibrant flowers filling the plant all over.      
Petunia Super. Bermuda Beach S 6-10in Salmon-Coral This large blossomed petunia has salmon/coral colored blooms which make it the perfect summer color for containers, window boxes, hanging baskets, mass plantings, and borders. It is drought and heat tolerant and also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.  
Petunia Super. Blue Skies S-P 6-12in Sky Blue Vigorous plants with trailing/slightly mounding habit that function both as fillers and spillers in containers. Medium to large sized flowers in sky blue with a pale yellow throat.      
Petunia Super. Daybreak Charm S-P 8-12in Yellow and Pink The eye-catching and unique flower has a vibrant sunshine yellow center and watermelon pink edge. Small to medium size flowers are abundant on a really densely branched plant. It is great in containers and in landscapes.      
Petunia Super. Really Red S 6-10in Red Supertunia petunias are vigorous with slightly mounded habits that function as both "fillers" and "spillers" in containers. They have medium to large sized flowers. They're virtually maintenance free and bloom continuously throughout the season.      
Petunia Super. Royal Magenta S 5-7in Magenta Large bright magenta flowers; heat and drought tolerant. High feeders.  
Petunia Super. Royal Velvet S 5-7in Purple Large, dark blue, velvet-like flowers; vigorous, long blooming, heat & drought tolerant. High feeders.  
Petunia Super. Vista Bubblegum S 16-20in Pink Bubblegum pink flowered plant grows larger than most petunias and casts a pink glow in the sun. High feeders.  
Petunia Super. Vista Paradise S 12-24in Watermelon Pink Very vigorous with mounding habit that will trail up to four feet! Watermelon pink with salmon-pink undertone flowers bloom continuously all summer.      
Petunia Super. Vista Silverberry S 16-24in Silver and Light Pink Vista Silverberry is a vigorous, mounding petunia that is perfect for landscape fillers. For best performance, fertilize often and it will continue to bloom until frost.  
Petunia Sweetunia Fiona Flash S 8-10in Scarlet Hot Pink Bicolor Medium flowers are two-toned red. Good pollinator plant. Great color for combination planters and a semi upright habit for baskets.    
Petunia Sweetunia Johnny Flame S 10-12in Rose-purple Large, beautiful bright rose-purple flowers patterned with a deep-purple flame. It is bursting with color and is sure to steal the show in any garden or container.          
Petunia Sweetunia Miss Marvel S-P 8-10inch Veined Deep Plum Crisp White Outline July 2016, ‘Miss Marvel’ joined the ‘Sweetunia’ series of petunia. With an eye-popping combination of subtly veined deep-plum outlined with crisp white. Works well in containers thanks to its mid-range vigor, upright-mounding habit and floriferous bloom set.            
Petunia Trailing Surfinia Heavenly Blue S 5-7in Lavender Blue 'Heavenly Blue' petunia is smothered in stunning lavender blue trumpet-shaped flowers from spring to fall. The trailing growth habit is perfect for spilling over the edges of hanging baskets and containers.          
Petunia Wave Purple Improved S 4-6in Magenta-Purple Vibrant rosy-purple blooms simply cover the plant; spreads to 5' or more. High feeders.  
Petunia, Night Sky S 10-16in Purple with white speckles The white spots on the dark violet flowers look like an ever-changing star constellation in the night sky. This extraordinary new color pattern is an absolute first for Petunia. The splendid, white spotted violet blooms will shine in baskets and mixed containers.            
Phlox Intensia Red Hot S 8-12in Red Large flowers, long-blooming well-branched plant with glossy, mildew resistant foliage. Very heat and humidity resistant.      
Phlox Popstars Mix S 10-12in Frilly mixed colors Naturally dwarf and strong branching, Popstars is a new F1 hybrid Phlox with a fantastic show of single and bi-colored star-shaped flowers. The compact habit ensures good garden performance and amazing flower power.          
Pilea pep. Chinese Moneyplant P-Sh 5-7in   Pilea peperomioides, also known as Chinese Money Plant or Pancake Plant due to its flat, coin-shaped foliage. A central upright stem is surrounded on all sides with peltate leaves.              
Portulaca Happy Hour Mix S 8-10in Mix Large, semi-double blooms in vivid colors. Great for hot, dry, full-sun conditions, drought-tolerant Happy Hour is sure to please you with its excellent garden performance. Portulaca prefers well-drained soils and loves neglect.        
Portulaca Happy Trails Deep Red S 6-9in Deep Red Large intense deep red flowers on a trailing habit. Happy Trails demonstrates a fantastic spreading habit in the garden as well as in containers and hanging baskets.        
Portulaca Happy Trails Mix S 6-9in Mixed Colors 'Happy Trails' takes portulaca to a whole new level... trailing portulaca in brilliant and unique colors! The most vivid color assortment on the market today, this series features uniform, large, semidouble, 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 inch blooms on well-branched plants with a fantastic, up to 14 to 18 inch spreading habit. Perfect for borders and ground covers. This very bright mix includes Deep Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Pink, Primrose, Rosita, Scarlet and Yellow.        
Portulaca Happy Trails Orange S 6-9in Orange Large, vivid orange, semi-double 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 inch blooms on well branched plants with a fantastic, up to 14 to 18 inch spreading habit. Perfect for borders, baskets and ground covers.        
Portulaca Happy Trails Primrose S 6-9in Yellow Large, golden yellow, semi-double 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 inch blooms on well branched plants with a fantastic, up to 14 to 18 inch spreading habit. Perfect for borders, baskets and ground covers.        
Portulaca Sundial Peach S 4-6in Peach Semi-double flowers, very drought tolerant; low feeders.            
Portulaca Sundial Pink S 4-6in Pink Semi-double flowers, succulent leaves; very drought tolerant; low feeders.            
Portulaca Sundial Scarlet S 4-6in Red Semi-double flowers, succulent leaves; very drought tolerant; low feeders.            
Portulaca Sundial Yellow S 4-6in Yellow Semi-double flowers, succulent leaves; very drought tolerant; low feeders.            
Ricinus Castor Bean S 4-5ft Red Bold and striking shrub-like plant with large maple-like leaves flushed red-purple; flowers are small, followed by showy red seed pods covered with soft prickles; all parts of plant are poisonous.          
Rudbeckia Cappuccino S-P 18-20in Bronze Sumptuous dark coffee centers blend with warm shades of amber and ochre petals. This rudbeckia is as welcoming as a warm mug of cappuccino on a cool day. 2008 Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner.      
Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset S 20-24in Mix Double and semi-double 3-4" flowers in shades of yellow, orange, red, bronze and mahogany; some bicolor. AAS Winner. Zone 5-6, reseeds.      
Rudbeckia Denver Daisy S 18-20in Yellow and Brown Large masses of extra large golden flowers adorned with rusty red rings cover Denver Daisy from late spring until first frost. Strong, dense flower stems ensure that the plants will not flop or fall over in adverse weather conditions.    
Rudbeckia Prairie Sun S 22in Yellow A Gold Medal winner. Orange petals wash to yellow at the tips around green centers. Tall and robust and great for cutting.        
Rudbeckia Tiger Eye S 16-24in Golden Orange Incredible display of long-lasting, semi-double golden blooms. These 18- to 24-inch plants make a strong statement over a wide range of conditions, weathering heat and humidity while offering reduced sensitivity to powdery mildew and requiring minimal care.    
Salvia Bodacious Rhythm & Blues S 36in Cobalt Blue Tall spikes display saturated cobalt-blue flowers, each held by an elegant black whorl. Dark green foliage maintains rich color, covering a tighter growth habit than others.            
Salvia Cathedral Deep Blue S 14-18in Blue Nicely branched plants with spikes of deep blue flowers. High feeders.        
Salvia Farinacea Velocity Blue S 12-16in Blue Velocity Salvia is a bushy, upright plant with intense, dark blue flower spikes. It makes an excellent plant for adding height to combination containers. It is the earliest flowering Salvia farinacea on the market. Outside it makes a great landscape plant for ground beds or mixed containers, especially when used with bright red or yellow annuals.    
Salvia Flare S 14in Bright Red Vivid scarlet-red flower spikes contrast well against deep green foliage; heat tolerant. High feeders.        
Salvia Lighthouse Red S 30in Red So big, bright, and bold it could only be a Whopper, this annual Salvia takes the world by storm. It's happy in just about any light from full sun to complete shade. Not only are these blooms far larger than other Salvias', but they arise in big clumps for a very full, colorful look.        
Salvia Mystic Spires S 18-24in Bright Blue The sturdy, dark green-leafed plants are naturally compact, well-branched and very free-flowering. Excellent summer garden performance, with longer flower hold for a brighter blue flower color in the garden.      
Salvia Mysty S 12-18in True Blue Covered with true blue flowers all season, the dark green-leafed plants are naturally more compact, well-branched and very free-flowering.      
Salvia Rockin' Fuchsia S-P 24-36in Fuchsia and Black Fuchsia flowers each with a black calyx on tough plants. Rebloomer with rich color. Is easy and trouble free. Great plant for pollinator gardens.        
Salvia Sizzler Mix S 12in Mix Unusual mix of colors such as pink, orange, white, purple, salmon, red wine red; long blooming; compact plants. High feeders.        
Scabiosa Giga Blue S 15in Blue Blue pincushion flower. Graceful, honey-scented flowers rise above mounds of deeply cut, often fuzzy foliage. Good border plant and excellent cut flower. Use in rock gardens or mass plantings.        
Scaevola Bombay Dark Blue S 6-10in Blue Hundreds of rich blue, fan-shaped blooms are scattered along the arching dark green foliage. The consistent semi-trailing growth habit and lovely blooms makes this a great choice for landscape, baskets and containers! Scaevola is desired most for its ever-blooming blossoms, low maintenance, heat tolerance, and drought tolerance.        
Scaevola Bombay White S 6-10in White This lovely variety of Fan Flower, so-called for its fan-shaped flowers, is filled all summer with clean, white flowers sparkling against dark green foliage. Thrives in bright, hot, sunny locations.        
Scaevola Diamond S 8-12in Blue-white Bicolor lilac and white, fan-shaped flowers. Very heat and drought tolerant. Great for containers, baskets and landscape.        
Scaevola Surdiva Fashion Pink S 6-10in Bright Pink Scaevola is now one of the most heat tolerant plants around and offers continuous color even through summer and bad weather. It’s blossoms are unique fan shaped. They bloom well into the fall. Habit is compact and semi trailing. Easy to grow and maintain. They are self cleaning. General usage is in baskets, combination plantings, window boxes and landscaping. Mounding/semi-trailing          
Senecio S-P 8-16in   Impressive broad and velvety silver leaves on this show stopper. Loves dry conditions and heat.          
Snapdragon Rocket Mix S 2.5ft Mix Mixed colors in vibrant shades of red, yellow, white and pink.    
Snapdragon Twinny Mix S 10-12in Mixed colors This easy-to-grow dwarf snapdragon series produces unique, showy, open double flowers on compact, basal-branching plants and exhibits exceptional weather tolerance to both hot and wet summer growing conditions. They're an excellent candidate for both annual borders and mixed color bowls. 'Twinny Mix' produces a mixture of bronze, peach, violet, white and yellow snapdragons.        
Streptocarpus Ladyslipper Grape Ice P 6-12in Deep Purple with White Veins A great bloomer of deep purple flowers with elaborate veining and pure white centers and petal edges. Good houseplant for low light.              
Streptocarpus Ladyslipper White Ice P-Sh 6-12in White, Purple Vein Clusters of petite white flowers with lavender blue veins that look like whiskers. Flowers bloom indoors continuously with indirect light and will also work well for patios.            
Strobilanthus (Persian Shield) S 24-36in Purple Large leaves are striped with a shimmering blue and lilac color, while the underside is majestic maroon.            
Succulents S 1-10in Mix Mix of shapes, sizes and colors, succulent foliage is used to great effect as houseplants, in a rock garden, in all kinds of containers, topiary projects and as a specimen plants. Low feeders. Require very little water.          
Sunflower Sunfinity S 24-36in Yellow The FIRST sunflowers to continue blooming ALL summer! These vigorous sunflowers will grow to garden heights of 36 to 48 inches and widths of 24 to 36 inches and are ideal for large garden spaces and patios.        
Thunbergia Arizona Brownie S 60-90in Deep Red with Dark Eye A vining, fun annual with dark-eyed blooms. Beautiful trained to fences, posts, latticework and trellises. An eye catching potted specimen plant and looks great as a "spiller" in a container.      
Thunbergia Fairy Moon S-P 4-6ft Lavender Blue The flowers are trumpet shaped, tinted lavender blue with a yellow throat and white edged petals. Thunbergia erecta has an upright, bushy growing habit with profuse blooms.        
Thunbergia Lemon S-P 5-8ft Light yellow A fun, twining vine with dark-eyed blooms on most varieties. Works well as a trailing or climbing selection. Beautiful trained to fences, posts, latticework and trellises. Makes a breathtaking potted specimen plant. Looks great spilling over container edges.            
Thunbergia Orange Beauty S 3-5ft Orange Notch-petaled flowers of golden orange are set off against deep green leaves.        
Thunbergia Pink Beauty S-P 6-8ft Pale Pink Pale pink blooms are produced all season on this vibrant, vining 'Black-eyed Susan Vine'. Ideal for use on trellises, arches, along a fence or trailing from a basket or window box. Adds interest to a deck or patio.            
Thunbergia Tangerine Slice A-PEEL S-P 60-96in Orange Red Bi Color An annual vine that will produce color all summer long and will climb happily up whatever support is used. Great for use in landscapes and containers for either climbing with a support or sprawling the ground. In a hanging basket it will climb the chains and/or trail.          
Tillandsia Air Plant S-Sh     The name "air plant" is a bit misleading. Tillandsia do not grow on air alone, but do not need soil to grow. They still require water, nutrients and light to survive. Tillandsia are perfect for craft projects, small space living, driftwood crevices, glass baubles and wire baskets.                
Torenia Summer Wave Bouquet Blue P 6-8in Blue The most enjoyable Torenia that blooms early from spring through summer, and one of the earliest flowering Torenia’s around. Wonderful large flowers which bloom profusely. Vigorous but maintaining compactness and easy to grow with no pinching requirement when in the garden. Super low maintenance with continuous blooming all year round in moderate climate. Mounding, compact habit. Shady borders, hanging baskets, combinations, window boxes, landscapes & patio containers. Shady situations also suit Summer Wave.          
Torenia Summer Wave Lg. Blue S-Sh 8-10in True Blue Sometimes called "wishbone flower". Blue flowers attract hummingbirds and cascade from hanging baskets and containers. Best planted in partial shade to give the most blooms during summer heat.        
Torenia Summer Wave Lg. Violet Sh-P 6-8in Deep Violet Violet-colored flowers bloom all season; heat tolerant; loves the shade.      
Tradescantia albiflora S-Sh 2ft White Best known as a hanging plant, the Wandering Jew is easy and fast-growing. Albiflora has long, fleshy stems, nicely covered with lance-shaped green and white leaves that are flushed with purple. White flowers with three petals bloom in bunches at the end of stems. Pinch stems back often to encourage branching and to keep the plant from getting too leggy.            
Verbena Empress Flair Burgundy Star S 10-12in Burgundy and White Dense foliage with showy clusters of five lobed, burgundy flowers with white stars. Trailing habit looks great cascading over the side of baskets, patio pots or garden wall.      
Verbena Endurascape Pink Bicolor S 8-12in Light to Bright Pink The first verbena that’s hardy in the hottest days of Summer, but can take the cold and still re-bloom in Spring. Superior branching: finished product has full habit with high bloom count. Excellent powdery mildew resistance.            
Verbena Hurricane Pink S 12in Pink and White Verbena is a sun-worshipper that shows off finely cut foliage topped by clusters of bicolor pink and white blooms. Works well in beds, window boxes, containers and hanging baskets.      
Verbena Hurricane Violet Red S 12in Violet and Red Verbena is drought tolerant, but blooms best if not forced to dry out. Violet Red shows off purple and white bi-color blooms on top of finely cut foliage. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attraced to Verbena.      
Verbena Lanai Blue S 10in Blue Verbena 'Lanai Blue' has solid masses of color on spreading plants. Its trailing habit provides large, vivid blue blooms all season long. An attractive plant with glossy, mildew resistant leaves.        
Verbena Lanai Cyclops Purple S 6-10in Purple with White Center Strong trailing habit ideal for hanging baskets and mixed combinations. Class-leading disease resistance.          
Verbena Lanai Deep Pink S 6-12in Pink An attention grabbing pink verbena that flowers early and is free flowering from tip to crown. Superior in powdery mildew resistance.        
Verbena Lanai Denim Blue S 6-10in Blue-purple This verbena features broad leaves, and a medium to vigorous trailing growth habit. The amazing blue color on large flower heads makes every mixed container and basket a hit. This heat-loving variety offers excellent outdoor performance.        
Verbena Lanai Magenta S 6-10in Magenta Strong trailing habits are ideal for hanging baskets and mixed combinations. Verbena will continuously bloom all season long and are quite tolerant of drought, heat and humidity.        
Verbena Lanai Peach S 6-10in Peach Delicious soft peach color with subtle hints of pink.        
Verbena Lanai Purple Star S 6-12in Purple and White This stiking purple-white bi-color exhibits great powdery mildew resistance and drought tolerance.        
Verbena Lanai Red S 10-12in Red Clusters of large, bright red florets are displayed on dark green, foliage. The mounding and trailing habit makes them excellent choices for baskets and mixed containers.      
Verbena Lanai Royal Purple w/Eye S 6-10in Deep Purple with White Eye Verbena flowers attract butterflies, adding a touch of beauty to your garden while promoting pollination and plant growth. Strong trailing habits are ideal for hanging baskets and mixed combinations.      
Verbena Lanai Sky Blue S 6-10in Light Blue with White Eye A luxurious cascade of soft, textured foliage complemented by round clusters of bright flowers adds a splash of color to sunny, hot locations. Looks great in hanging baskets, spilling from mixed containers, or cascading over a wall.      
Verbena Lanai Twister Pink S 6-10in Pink and White The flowers clusters have a distinct ring of deep pink petals in the center surrounded by white petals edged with light pink. The Lanai series is early to bloom with large flowers, and the plants have exceptional powdery mildew resistance.      
Verbena Lanai Twister Red S 6in Red and White The flower’s clusters have a distinct ring of deep red petals in the center surrounded by white petals edged with light pink. The Lanai series is early to bloom with large flowers          
Verbena Lanai White S 6-10in White Crisp white blooms with a light green eye. A trailing variety that is very versatile. Great for baskets and containers.        
Verbena Lascar Mango Orange S 12-14in Coral with Orange Eye This verbena is well-branched, bushy and early flowering. The flowers of coral with a large orange eye can be seen from a distance when planted in beds, flower boxes and containers.            
Verbena Obsession Blue Eye S                
Verbena Obsession Mix                  
Verbena Voodoo Red Star S 18-32in Red and White Striped flowers form profusion of starry red and white clusters on finely cut foiliage. A free-flowering annual that thrives in the heat of summer. Great for containers, baskets and sunny flowerbeds.        
Vigna Snail Vine S 15-20ft Lilac A beautiful fast-growing vine with pale purple flowers often with cream or yellow markings. The flowers are also a bit snail-like with twisted and coiled keel petals.      
Vinca Vine Major Variegated P-Sh 12in Purple Large light blue flowers and variegated foliage will light up shaded areas.          
Viola Angel Amber Kiss S 4-6in Bronze-orange Semi-double yellow face etched with black whiskers kissed with autumn colored, rusty to rosy red edges; one of the best for overwintering.          
Viola Frou Frou Blue & Yellow S-Sh 6in Blue and Yellow 'Frou Frou' is an elegant series of double-flowered, scented violas with plenty of whiskers and soft, full color.This is the viola that thinks it's a pansy!        
Viola Gem Antique Plum S-P 6in Velvet Plum The Viola Gem series has strong over-wintering ability as well as exceptional heat tolerance. Excellent for color bowls, containers, pots, hanging baskets and landscapes.          
Viola Penny Beaconsfield S-P 6in Purple Early flowering, 6 inch violas display 1 inch blooms. Uniform in both habit and flowering, with excellent cool weather tolerance.            
Viola Penny Denim Jump Up S 6in Blue-violet This viola has a compact and uniform habit and display excellent heat tolerance and numerous blooms on each plant. Shining, blue petals, pale blue chin, dark blue and white face and a bright yellow eye.          
Viola Penny Jump Up Mix S 6in Violet and Peach Gorgeous combination of violet and peach colored blooms.            
Viola Penny Mickey S-P 4-6in Purple with Yellow Eye Blooms are white with deep purple outer petals and blotches with a yellow eye. Countless blossoms cover the lush, clean green foliage throughout the season.              
Viola Penny Orange S 4-6in Orange Bright orange. Hardy and heat tolerant.            
Viola Penny Orange Jump Up S 4-6in Orange and Maroon Upper petals burgundy, lower petals orange. Hardy and heat tolerant.            
Viola Penny Peach Jump Up S 4-6in Peach and Purple Peach flowers with purple upper petals flower continuously from beginning to end of season. This hybrid viola has a unique mounded plant habit suitable for a wide range of pot and container sizes. Tolerates more heat and stretches less than other hybrid violas.          
Viola Penny Primrose Picotee S-P 6in Yellow and Purple Profuse fragrant yellow flowers with whiskers and heavy purple edge on upper petals with less purple edge on lower petals. Beautiful as a garden edge, in rock gardens, as a small-scale ground cover, and lovely in bouquets.        
Viola Penny Red Blotch S 6in Maroon Pale maroon with dark maroon blotch.            
Viola Sorbet Antique Shades S 6-8in Blue and White Dainty 1-1/2 inch flowers open white, then gradually turn shades of various blues. Extra tolerance to temperature extremes.            
Viola Sorbet Carmine Rose S-P 6-8in Rose 'Carmine Rose' is a deep clear red colored pansy. Early-blooming Sorbet tolerates both heat and cold, making it a standout multi-season performer.        
Viola Sorbet Fire S 6-8in Red with Gold Early-blooming, free-flowing plants remain compact in both heat and cold. Attracts bees and has fragrant flowers. Shade tolerant and low maintenance.          
Viola Sorbet Honeybee S-P 6-8in Yellow/copper-orange bicolor 'Honeybee' is really an amazing variety. Compact and colorful with bright and sunny, honey-colored faces. There unique flower pattern and uniform color and markings make them a "must have" for spring and fall.        
Viola Sorbet Lemon Ice Blotch S-P 4-5in Yellow and White This viola will brighten up any landscape or container. The defined dark blotch or face, give the effect of a cute miniature pansy. These vigorous flowers will just keep coming and coming.            
Viola Sorbet Mix S 6-8in Mix A wide range of colors, including unusual bi-colors found in no other line of violas.            
Viola Sorbet Pink Halo S-P 6-8in White and Pink These compact, mound-shaped 6 inch plants produce an abundance of 1 inch flowers that are white with flaring hot pink around the face. Flowers are fragrant.        
Viola Sorbet Raspberry Sundae Mix S-P 6-8in Mixed Violas can't be beat for bringing cool season color to garden beds, patio containers and baskets. A wonderful designer and eye-catching mix of colors.          
Viola Sorbet Ruby and Gold Babyface S-P 6-8in Maroon and Gold Deep ruby-red blooms with a golden yellow 'babyface' cover the deep green foliage all summer.        
Viola Sorbet Yellow Frost S-P 6-8in Yellow-Lavender 'Sorbet Yellow Frost' is a compact bedding viola with fragrant flowers. The upper petals are violet, the lower ones pale creamy-yellow with purple tinges, and deep violet rays.          
Viola Sunset Boulevard P 6-8in Yellow, Light Yellow and Bronze Excellent for massing, edging, rock gardens and in containers. Nice compact habit and great color combination. Perfect for spring and fall plantings.        
Viola Tiger Eye Mix S-Sh 6in Golden Yellow with Black Veins A petite 6 inch plant accompanied by blazing golden yellow flowers with black vein-like loops radiating from a black center. Flowers are 1-2 inches in diameter.          
Viola Velour Purple Wing S 4-6in Purple-Yellow 1" blooms in colors of purple and yellow bi-color.            
Zinnia Profusion Double Cherry S 12in Cherry Red The first double-flowered member of the Zinnia Profusion series, 'Double Cherry' is ideal for mass plantings or containers. The bushy plants are simply smothered nonstop all season with cheerful, 2-inch daisy-formed blooms. The petals are bright cherry-red, and they arise in layers surrounding a bold, eye-catching central cone. Profusion is highly tolerant of mildew and other foliage diseases, and laughs at heat, humidity, and drought.      
Zinnia Profusion Double Yellow S 18in Yellow Another glorious double-flowered Profusion joins this award-winning family. The merits are amazing: the flowers are bigger, the plant more spreading in habit, and the super-dazzling color is fade-proof. Wow!          
Zinnia Profusion Red S 12in Red Vibrant, perfectly true red color on this zinnia which doesn’t fade in summer’s intense rays. Easy to grow and a favorite of pollinators.        
Zinnia Swizzle Scarlet & Yellow S 10-12in Red and Yellow Giant 3 to 4 inch blooms completely cover the petite plants! The large inner circle of each bloom is radiant scarlet, tipped by a generous edging of gold.      
Zinnia Zahara Double Fire S 12-18in Scarlet Orange A Zinnia with superior disease and drought tolerance. Vigorous and topped with scarlet orange flowers that turn a lighter shade as flowers age. Long season display creates an amber glowing carpet.      
Zinnia Zahara Double Raspberry Ripple S 16-20in Pink Shades with White Color varies under different environmental conditions. Cooler temperatures accentuate the rose; as flowers age and under more heat, the white comes out more.          
Zinnia Zahara Mix S 12-16in Mix This disease-tolerant, heat-loving series of Zinnias has 20% larger flowers in stronger colors than previous varieties. Once established in the ground, drought-tolerant Zahara has very low water needs, making it an ideal crop for areas with watering restrictions. Mix includes coral rose, scarlet, white and yellow.        
Zinnia Zahara Sunburst S 12-18in Red and Gold Bi-Color Big blooms and superior disease resistance, all-around winner, Zahara, is carefree and offers season long show. Outstanding performance in sunny, hot, and dry conditions. Very low water needs. An ideal crop for areas with water restrictions.          
Zinnia Zahara Yellow S 12-15in Yellow Bright and sunny 2 inch yellow blooms erupt all summer on super-vigorous dwarf plants.      
Zinnia Zowie S 30-35in Red and Orange Several layers of bright petals surround a big red-and-yellow cone. When the petals open, they're bold magenta-pink with yellow tips, and the pink gradually turns to rich red. AAS winner.      
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