Mystic Forest Container Recipe

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Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

We used a common table top fountain mister that you can get in any shop carrying pond equipment or online. Currently, we do not sell this.


Layout and Design

After filling the fairy garden container with soil, the container for the mister needs to be buried. Place one of the empty pots from a tree upside down inside the plastic container (this is to create a reservoir for the water). Place the mister on top of this so it is 1" below the surface (see instructions on the mister - it may vary from one to the other). Then fill up with larger 2-3" boulder rocks and water. When you have tested that the mister actually works fill it in with smaller rocks and pebbles to make it look realistic, like a forest spring.


Plant the larger trees first. Always cut off some of the root balls of the trees. These small trees often arrive very root bound.

Adding Accessories

Add mushrooms, forest animals, and the fairy. If you have any driftwood and live moss pieces then they would fit in really well.

How to Take Care of Your Fairy Garden

Because the mister creates mist it also uses up the water in the tub that is buried. It runs dry in 2-3 hours and lets the plants have time to dry up a bit. We recommend that you just run it once or twice a day in 2-3 hour intervals. That would be the best for the plants. The pump is designed so it does not get damaged when it dries out, as do many other fountain pumps. This way you can safely walk away from it without worrying.