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Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

Did you grow up on a farm or vacation at a farm when you were young? Or maybe you even live on a farm now? Along with beach scenes, this is one of the most popular fairy garden scenes to create. There is room for numerous animals and plants in the design. Look at the Cotoneaster tree in the foreground with the red 'apples' ready to pick. The ladder leads up to the top of the tree for someone to reach out and harvest the apples.


Layout and Design

If you don't have a large container then this is a fairy garden that definitely lends itself to being built outside in the yard. Make sure the soil has proper drainage and maybe add some compost in the areas where the plants are planted. Before actually planting anything set out all the larger pieces starting out with the barn, silo, water tower and the farm house. Plan where the trees will be and the corn rows or other crops. A vegetable garden is an obvious add-on that we did not have room for.


Plant the larger trees first. It looks nice close to the farm building and creates a perfect shady resting place for the farm watch dog. Add mulch to some areas and pebbles to the yard.

Adding Accessories

Add the dog and farm animals. There is a mother pig and her piglets hiding under the windmill!

How to Take Care of Your Fairy Garden

Water and trim the trees regularly. The trees are small, and even though some are miniature, they do grow and will need shaping. If the flowers surrounding the yard start encroaching you can take a knife and cut away some pieces. Some plants can take over the area within a season. Follow the directions for the plants you choose. The plants we used are for a sunny spot.