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Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

Ask your significant other if you can have the grill for making a fairy garden before you go ahead and just do it! Or if you can't find a used one buy a new one. They are pretty inexpensive. Another option is to make it in another container. But this is so cute that a little time invested in acquiring one is worth it. Remember to open the run off hole in the bottom to allow for drainage and watch the video we have made about making a patio:


Layout and Design

Fill up the container to the edge. Compress the soil a little. A common mistake is adding too little potting soil so that the soil level sinks down an inch or two when watered in. If you are using dry soil it increases this problem.
Always play around with the plants and pieces you are using before planting. When you are sure you have what you need and it looks good where it is placed, it is time to start.


Plant the trees and shrubs in the back of the container first. Firm the soil around them and add the fairy mulch.

Build the Patio

Watch the video about making a patio mentioned above.

Adding Accessories

Add the fence at the edge of the patio and then play around with the grill, fairy, and the bistro set.

How to Take Care of Your Fairy Garden

First, you need to water the plants. When watering be careful not to water too heavily in one spot to avoid the bark/soil overflowing into the patio area. To water it outside is the easiest. Use a hose and make long sweeping 'swipes' over the container to avoid pooling of water. How often to water? This is so subjective that an answer is difficult. In average conditions of 70-75°F every 3-4 days is probably fine, But you have to stick a finger into the soil and judge this for yourself. This is how you get green thumbs!


Wouldn't this be the absolute perfect hostess gift at a barbecue gathering, at a cookout or at a beach party!