Choose Themes for your Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

What came first the chicken or the egg? Do you choose the container or placement in your fairy garden first and then your theme? Or do you create your fairy garden ideas in your head, pick out the accessories, and after that go hunting for a great colored container that match? Both are possible. One is not better than the other. Often we have a certain theme and story we would like to tell and then, depending on the size and color of a container, we then choose the appropriate tree, cottage, furniture, fairy etc. that will match that particular fairy garden container.


Phew don't get us started. Over the last 7-8 years we have made over 400 different containers with so many different themes. Check out the container gallery to see some of them and get lots of fairy garden ideas.
These are a few of them:

Beach Scene


Barbecue Party (Recipe)


Veggie Garden


Northwoods Boat Rental




Zen Garden


Farm (Recipe)


Greek Temple



Valentines Day




Mothers Day


4th of July


Halloween (Recipe)





Chest Planter (Recipe)
Spiral Planter (Recipe)


Usually planted in fun fairy garden containers such as:

Teacup Planters (Recipe)


Suitcase Planters


Wine Bottles


Some folks actually believe in garden fairies, but for those who don't, any theme with fairies could be classified as fantasy. Other fantasy themes under this category would be:











Mystic Forest (Recipe)

Fairies, Gnomes or None of the Above

Like to plan a fairy garden but don't really care for fairies? Create an illusion for instance, of a fisherman who has left for just a moment to return later, pick up the fishing pole and catch that big fish.


We sometimes hear of people making a fairy garden that is used as a fun and clever way to send messages to friends and family. By creatively adding and moving items around the fairy garden landscape to intrigue and puzzle them to figure out the answer to the message. You can also plant the fairy garden by the entrance to your house or by the mailbox for all to follow. Think of it like a fairy Facebook page. Keep updating the status. Get others to 'Like it'. Keep the trolls at bay though!