Tell your Miniature Garden Story

Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Fairy gardening is the perfect way to "unplug". No device is necessary, no screen needed. Leave any device behind and exercise your imagination! To plant a fairy garden is an opportunity to tell your story, recreate a memory, celebrate an event, dream a dream and make a fantasy come true.

A Memory or Dedication

Wouldn't a fairy garden be a perfect gift to give to someone you love? When you think about that certain person and reflect on some of the things you have done together, the interests of the person you are dedicating it to, maybe one of their quirky habits, you can come up with all kinds of meaningful and fun things to assemble.
This one was created by one of our staff members here at Miniature-Gardening. She sent this little gift of love and remembrance to her mom. You can clearly see that her mom is a golfer, a devoted gardener, loves to bike, even though she is now in her upper seventies, and that she enjoys a good glass of wine with her baseball cap wearing partner.


Start a holiday tradition, like planting a tree, only create a Holiday Fairy Garden. Collect fairy items and accessories all year and during your holiday gathering, set aside some time to exercise your imagination and put together a lasting and fun memory that can be added to year after year.

Fairy Lore

Based on common fairy lore, garden fairies are tiny creatures that live in the bottom of gardens, the middle of grassy meadows, and on the edge of distant marshes. Wherever a seed sprouts, a Garden or Flower Fairy baby is born into this world. Each Garden Fairy lives and sleeps in their chosen flower, plant or tree, and as this grows the fairy grows too. Each and every Garden Fairy is in charge of looking after their flower or plant; keeping it strong and healthy by making sure it has plenty of sunshine and water to drink, sweeping away dead leaves, and polishing flowers and stems.
If you are looking for fairies, the best times of the day to find them is at twilight, midnight, and just before sunrise. The best time of the year to see a fairy is on Summer Solstice, as this is the most magical time for all fairies.
Flower Fairies are passionate about music and dancing, and due to this, they host many galas and parties throughout the year, but on this special night they throw the most magical party of all, and every fairy in Flower Fairyland is invited! Fairies like their privacy, and are very good at disappearing quickly (with the help of their magical fairy dust), so you must be very careful, very patient, and very quick if you wish to see one.
Garden Fairies are timid creatures, and because of this they are especially wary of humans. They are usually a bit mischievous and love to play. If you are forgetful and lose something in the garden, feel free to blame it on a fairy for hiding what was lost. It is true that each fairy has extra-sensitive ears, so if they hear someone coming close to them they are careful to flutter away into their own flower and curl up tightly. They blend in so easily due to their creative outfit choices, made from their own leaves and flowers, so it is easy for them to hide.

The Modern Fairy Garden

We had a little fun with some modern day reporting from our local fairy garden (The Fairyhood). Take a listen:
The fairies in our 'Fairyhood' have taken to 'Live Streaming' their daily life.
This is causing their furry and feathery friends to gather up their little ones around the stream to ponder and wonder...
After their live streaming, the fairies are all worn out and need some well deserved rest. Consequently, they have become quite fond of 'Podcasting'.
A habit that might become the new norm in the fairyhood given the benefits it creates.
All this modernity has spread to the eight legged inhabitants too. They have decided to start a weekly 'webinar' and put their spin on things.
Then there are others in the fairyhood who find it all together quite PINte-Resting.
But wait a minute. We are not done yet. It is not known how it happened but the fairies love, almost as much as us, to take selfies. They do not have cameras, or phones for that matter, so they just use what they have and make do with it. It seems to work marvelously and it 'reflects' their personalities to a T!