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Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

It is hard NOT to put the finger on the 'scale' when planning a miniature or fairy garden. Often you try and try to create a great looking fairyscape and you just can't get some chairs to look right because they are too large for the fairy houses you are using. Maybe you need to change your design, get another seating arrangement, or use your imagination and find some other way to make it work. Could it be moved over by the miniature tree and then look to scale? Try! Don't be afraid to play around until you get it right.

Size Matters!

In fairy gardens we work with four basic scales:
Mini is the 'biggest' and most common, Tiny, Teeny and lastly Micro being the very smallest.
In an outdoor landscaped fairy garden or large pot, the scale is usually 1:12, where 1 inch corresponds to 1 foot. (1:12 = 1" : 12"). What scale should you use when planning a container fairy garden? Let's explore the options.

Mini - the Most Commonly Used Size (Recipe)



Micro - Being the Very Smallest

Scale Explained

For tabletop gardens or pots consider using a medium or 1:24 scale, where a .5-inches equals 1-foot in real life. The size of 1:24 is smaller than 1:12, so this scale works well for container mini gardens. How do you use this scale when planning a fairy garden? Measure the doorway of the fairy houses to determine the scale. Most real life doors are 7.5-feet high, so the scale of a 3.75" doorway would be 1:24 or some may call it half-sized. Keep this design tip in mind when selecting plants and accessories for a fairy garden.
When planning on purchasing a chair for a 1:24 scale mini garden, think about these tips. One way to determine the realistic miniature size is to begin by finding the measurements, in inches, of a life size chair. Let's say the chair was 48-inches wide x 36-inches high. Divide each of those numbers by 24 to calculate the 1:24 scale of the chair. and purchase a 2-inch wide x 1.5-inch high miniature chair. Voila!
Another way to calculate the correct scale is to measure the chair in feet. The chair in our example would be 4-feet wide x 3-feet high. Next, take this number and divide it in half to determine the 1:24 scale in inches. Once again the mini chair would be 2-inches wide x 1.5-inches high.

Remember 'One size does not fit all'. Delight in the little things!