Playful Fun with your Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Life is supposed to be fun. Kids know this, but as we grow up we often need a gentle reminder to shake us up a little, to let loose and be playful. Can you think of a better way to have fun and play than dream up a fairy garden and plant it together with others? Lets see if we can convince you by running through all the ways we have found it can be applied to daily life.
As the saying goes, 'All you need is Faith, Trust and a little Fairy Dust'!

Alleviate Electronic Affliction

Get away from your device and focus on a small project that can be finished in an evening or an afternoon on the weekend. In just a few hours you can actually create a little world with meaning and forget all about screens and what others are doing in the rest of this busy world. When you are done with your fairy garden you can always go back to 'real life' and post it on your Facebook and Instagram page and let everyone else know how you spent your day.

Use as Gifts

What better way to express your appreciation towards someone you care about than planting a fairy garden and giving it as a gift. It need not be a large arrangement with a lot of plants. Just a small container with a couple hen and chicks from your garden or some other small blooming plant, small rocks from the driveway and a couple fairy garden accessories can make a wonderful little gift.

Express Artistic Talent

Creating an outdoor garden is like painting on a canvas. So is planting a fairy garden. Our choice of color, the scale of the plants, the fairy houses, general plant knowledge and the textures used, all come to together to 'paint' a picture.

Planning the Perfect Fairy Garden Party

Birthdays are important and exciting to every child. And so is the celebration. Why not plan your child’s next birthday party with the guests making a mini fairy garden to take home. You can also use miniature items to create unique party favors for your child's party or any other get-together or event. They can be individually personalized for each guest or designed with one or more themes that represent the event.

Celebrating your Family's Tree

Family time is not only valuable and rewarding, it is a critical part of growing up and growing together. Here is an idea:
Plan a night with the family and create a fairy garden that can grow and change with every day after. Family members can express their own ideas and work together to make a lasting memory. Fun for the entire family. Watch as your fairy garden grows along with the imaginations of each and every family member.

Is it Better to Give than to Receive?

The perfect gift is sometimes hard to come by. Give a gift that will not be duplicated and is sure to make the recipient smile. Make a fairy garden to surprise a special friend with all of his or her favorite things. A perfect, personalized gift for that certain someone, family member or helpful neighbor, co-worker or a favorite teacher or coach. Give the gift of Fairies! It can bring out the "child" in anyone!

The Hostess with the Mostess

We have all heard about various girls night out events. Why not host a Girls Night "In": Organize an evening with your best friends for some food, refreshments, fairies and fun.
Purchase various fairy garden items and accessories for everyone to make a miniature fairy garden representing themselves. Or, have them shop in advance and bring the items to assemble at the party. Each person can make their own masterpiece, be it simple or more complex. There is abundant assortment of items to choose from in our shop. All that is required is an imagination. Discover something new with and about your friends.

A Celebration of Remembrance

Honoring someone special who has left you with many fond memories can be very uplifting during somber times.
You can remember a loved one by creating a fairy garden and have each family member contribute fairy garden ideas and accessories that capture the memory they have of that certain loved one. You can continue the tradition with new family members and as your family grows so will your fairy garden!

Party Favors

Here is another way to use miniature and fairy garden accessories for decoration a cake or for party favors.

Fairy Gardens for Kids

This is the perfect gateway for kids to get interested in real life outdoor gardening and for enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities.
Create wonderful and rich teaching moments with your kids or grandkids. A few of the benefits are the ability to work in a team, learning about proportion, color choices, dreaming and imagination, treasure hunting outside or inside, planting and growing plants. But best of all is probably being playful and imaginative by integrating fun elements from the natural environment around us.

Let your inner fairy come out and once and for all make peace with the gnomes in your life.