Fairy Garden Care & Maintenance

Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

How to get started? How to keep your fairy garden look appealing? Some practical advice for the successful creation and maintenance of your fairy gardens for continued enjoyment.

Tips for Creating a Fairy Garden

  • Choose a container with drainage hole.
  • Add a good, light potting soil without fertilizer. That way it is easier to control how much fertilizer you add. If succulents are planted in the container you do not need much fertilizer.
  • Fill the fairy garden container up to the rim to ensure you don't plant a 'sunken' garden after watering it.
  • When you have chosen your theme and you have your accessories, start laying them out where you want them placed. Play around a bit, this is the fun part.
  • Plant trees and larger plants first.
  • Then place your fairy houses and add fences, bistro sets, benches etc. afterwards.
  • If you have gravel or sand on a beach, add that last so it doesn't get all mixed up with the soil. We like to cut a piece of weed barrier or black plastic as a protective ground cover underneath the gravel or sand.
  • Icing on the cake is the garden fairies and the tiny finishing touches like a cup of coffee on the table, a watering can by the fence, boots by the door or a bird house hanging from a tree. Enjoy!

Tips for Trimming and Caring for your Fairy Garden

Your fairy garden needs to be fertilized, but hold back a little so the plants do not grow out of hand. It is important to choose plants that do not take over the fairy garden, but if you are vigilant you can get away with some of those plants too, as long as you keep trimming them back. There is nothing as sad as a fairy garden that has been neglected and where the plants are covering all the fine little details.
Here you can clearly see how much the plants have filled in. If this container area had been smaller these plants would have needed trimming several times during the growing season.

How to trim your miniature plants


Repair, Paint and Protect

A few tips on how to protect your miniatures as also repairing or re-painting fairy garden items that have been used.