A Quiet Place Container Recipe


Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

Begin by making sure you have all the ingredients you need. In addition to the list below, you need a good sharp pair of pliers or pruners to cut the sphere. All the items but the little pieces of bark and the feather monarch butterfly are items we can supply. Before buying all the pieces go hunting around the house for small items that you may already possess. That might change the look of the planter but the most important is to make it fun and turn it into your own creation.


Layout and Design

Start by adding the moss to the bottom of the sphere. Make a little hole for the 'pond'. We used the bottom one inch of a clear water bottle as a reservoir and added little rocks around the edge to cover the plastic edge. Add bark pieces as stepping stones and for little seating places for the fairy and her friends.

Adding Accessories

Place the mushrooms randomly around the sphere, add the pebbles and the lotus with the tiny frog to the inserted pond, and don't forget the Bell Flower Lamp post by the fairy so she can do her reading at night. The butterflies add a peaceful atmosphere to the planter.