A Quiet Forest Container Recipe


Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

Gather the ingredients you need to make a grapevine sphere. To cut the hole in the sphere you will need a pair of pruners. You may want to go for a walk in the woods or in your own yard and find some pieces of birch or other tree branches you can use. Pieces of bark or real life moss would also be nice additions.
Remember this is just meant as an inspiration for you. The nicest planters are those where we get creative and add a little bit of our own personality into the mix.


Layout and Design

Choose one side of the sphere and start cutting the twigs. Be aware not to cut the hole too large.
Pad the inside of the sphere with moss and start playing around with the pieces you have gathered. This planter is without plants. If you wanted to add real plants you need to line the bottom with Forest Moss then plastic (with holes in it), then again with moss and then plant directly into that moss.


This sphere is meant to hang up. We usually use a 12-14" copper hook but you can also set it on a shelf as decoration. How about adding LED lights to it?