Country Fairy Garden Container Recipe


Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

Gather the items you need to make a fairy garden container and set up shop in a place where you can make a little bit of a mess. If you are using a rattan container like the one shown above you will need to add a plastic liner that is perforated for drainage purposes.


Layout and Design

Add potting soil right up to the brim of the container and press it down a bit, possibly add a bit more. Place all the items you have on the surface of the planter. Different plant sizes or footprint of the cottage may mean you have to shift things around a bit.


When you are satisfied with your layout start out planting the tree you have chosen. Then place the cottage. After that fill in with the rest of the plants. Loosen the roots first if they are pot bound. Plants like Thyme and the golden Ogon Sedum we have used here can be teased apart and used several places to save on plants. If you want it to look full right away, use more plants.

Adding Accessories

Apply fairy mulch to the planting area. Add a piece of plastic or weed barrier in front of the cottage and add the gravel. Then you are ready for the steps, the pond and the 2 fences that have been slightly bent into shape to mimic the shape of the container.

How to Take Care of Your Fairy Garden

Water it in well with a watering can or a hose. Use large sweeps to avoid the water pooling and the pebbles or mulch to overflow. Check soil moisture regularly depending on the air temperature in your area. This planter needs full sun to part shade.