Christmas Chest Container Recipe


Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

The chest does not come with a drainage hole. If you plant it up with the Christmas tree and want to avoid drilling a hole, you might be able to plant the tree into a pot that is a little larger and is without a drainage hole and then insert that into the pot. This requires that you carefully water just the corner where the tree is planted. Watch that you do not over water it. Since this is a seasonal theme you might want to convert it into a fairy garden after the holidays. That can easily be done by adding a small fairy cottage and choose whatever theme you want. Or you can take out the tree and use it elsewhere. Then you have a nice chest to store your Christmas decorations in!


Layout and Planting

Plant the tree first. Make sure to firm the soil in around the base and water the tree in before adding gravel to the surface.

Adding Accessories

Now it is time to decorate and light up the tree. We prefer to drape the colored light bulb garland in loose swoops around the tree and not in tight circles. Add some evergreen sprigs to the sleigh and place the gifts on top.

How to Take Care of Your Fairy Garden

You will need to place this planter in the sun if you keep it longer than for a couple of weeks over the holidays. No trimming is required but moisture level needs to be checked once or twice a week.


This would be a wonderful chest full of Christmas wishes to bring along as a gift to a party over the holidays. Or you could use the trunk as it is and fill it with goodies of either the edible kind or with lots of fairy surprises!