Busy Fairy Farm Container Recipe


Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

Before You Get Started

Did you grow up on a farm? In that case, you could add some special items that remind you of that time. This container design requires some space in order to make a good scene which isn't too crowded. We chose a 16-inch lightweight container that works well, and it is easier to move it around too. This scene could also be planted directly out in a garden where the options are endless.


Layout and Design

Fill up the container will potting soil and tamp it down a bit to avoid it sinking down when you water. Then set out the tree, barn, and the other plants. Come up with an idea that fits the size of your container.


Always start with the large plants first. In this case, the tree in the background should be the one you start out with. Then add the barn since it is such a large piece of the scenery. Plant the other plants first before adding the gravel area. We like to add a piece of plastic, or better a piece of weed fabric, under the gravel to keep it from mixing with the loose potting soil and having to constantly add more gravel to keep it clean. Add mulch around the plants to cover the perlite (small white texture pieces in the potting soil). Then add the gravel.

Adding Accessories

Now it is time to add the animals and fairies. In addition to our original plan, we had a little basket of eggs and a giant blue egg that really doesn't belong in the scale of this design but… hey, you gotta have a little fun and not make it 100% matchy matchy all the time!

How to Take Care of Your Fairy Garden

Keep it well watered. Especially the tree since it will be drinking the most. Stick your finger in the soil daily to check the moisture level. Remember that plants have occasionally to be trimmed. Watch the following video with tips on how and which plants to prune: