Fairy Garden Framework

Fairy Gardens

Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses

A painting needs a frame fitting for the art work. When planning a fairy garden the container or outdoor area you are planting becomes that frame. Or maybe the frame itself becomes the art...?

Unusual Fairy Houses or 'Dwellings'

Intriguing Containers for Fairy Gardens
There is real joy in finding some old hidden away item that can suddenly be turned into a fun container. Planted with a magically, all of a sudden popped-up fairy garden scene looking like it was meant to be there all along, is delightful.
Or if you find an old tree trunk and place a fairy door, window and arrange stepping stones leading up to the perfect fairy entrance. Perhaps you can turn it into a fairy castle including a roof top garden with plants trailing down from the hollow stump above.
Special Containers for Miniature Plants
Rock gardens make a great fairy garden location because of the miniature stature of most of the alpine plants you will find growing there already.
Environmental Effects on Fairy Gardens
Or perhaps find a spot near a pond or a stream where the sound of water, reeds and ornamental grasses adds another dimension. A whoosh in the wind reminds us the fairies are near!
Find Your Fairy Garden Container
Let us show you some of the fun containers we have done over the years and you decide which one to use.

A Quiet Forest (Recipe)

There is a special place deep in the magical miniature fairy garden woods where fairies and their small woodland animal friends meet to spend quiet time together. A round sphere made of grapevine filled with soft, cool forest moss creates a mystical and peaceful setting. A fallen birch bark timber provides the ideal spot for the woodland fairy to comfortably sit while she visits with bushy tailed squirrels. Two bluebirds are perched on the edge of a birdbath resembling a poppy bloom getting a cool drink of water. And mushrooms with red polka dotted caps appear to have randomly sprung up through the moss. The Quiet Forest magical orb includes a hook allowing it to be hung up as if it were magically suspended in mid air.

A Bee Happy House (Recipe)

A pale yellow colored fairy garden container serves nicely as a foundation for a very happy garden setting. Flagstone stepping stones lead the way to the front door of a golden honey colored fairy cottage. Turquoise window shutters, painted vines and an old world Gothic front door accent the outside of the charming cottage. Welcoming visitors is a colorful sign stating "Bee Happy" hanging from a metal shepherds hook. Low spreading miniature plants create the appearance of a soft and lush front lawn accented with ornamentals. A mini tree flanks the right side of the cottage providing shade for the conveniently placed Adirondack chair.

Camping Ground with Fairy Horse (Recipe)

A lime colored charcoal grill cleverly serves as the base for a camping themed fairy garden setting. Dwarf grassy leafed miniature plants and a mini spruce tree help create the great outdoors environment. A petite fairy wearing a denim dress has been out riding trails all day with her chestnut colored horse and is giving him one last hug before she retires for the night into the egg shaped vintage trailer. Did you spot the honey colored fawn peeking out of the tee pee bidding his friends a good night before he goes to sleep? The Camping Ground with Fairy Horse miniature container garden includes everything for a successful camping trip.

Mermaid in Cup (Recipe)

Gentle ocean waves rolling in and out must have made the little sleeping mermaid drowsy. Her trusty seahorse friend is patiently watching over her as she slumbers. Beach inspired miniature plants with tropical patterns mimic underwater flora and seaweed. Tufts of white beach sand create her soft seaside bed, while a shimmering metallic boulder in the color of the deep blue sea serves as her pillow. A tea cup and saucer in the appropriate color of ocean blue serves as the fairy garden container for the seaside inspired miniature garden.

Mermaid in Mini Glass Planter (Recipe)

A fairy garden can exist in even the smallest of containers. If space is sparing, the mermaid cocktail may be right for you. An elegant martini glass filled with ocean colored decorative pebbles serves as the fairy garden container. Auburn locks of hair pool around the lovely mermaid fairy's shoulders as her tail shimmers and she reads from a hardback book made from an oyster shell. A succulent with fronds resembling a palm tree appears to be gently swaying in the ocean breeze behind her.

Tea Party in a Teapot

What more appropriate place to host a proper fairy garden tea party than in an elegant tea cup? A dainty tea cup in carnation pink resembling fine china serves as the container for the tea party themed fairy garden setting. The outdoor table is formally set with tea for two and a classic white picket fence encircles the entire garden. Old English countryside character best describes the style of the cobblestone fairy house with crimson front door. A ground cover in pale green will continue to spread resembling a soft mat lawn.

Birch Tea Cup Planter (Recipe)

Elves and fairies residing in the woodland fairy garden prefer to sip their tea from birch bark tea cups. The micro Birch Tea Cup Planter is a wonderful mix of both rustic yet elegant decorative details. A tea cup fashioned out of eye catching birch bark serves as the micro fairy garden's foundation. Sprigs of brightly colored bittersweet vines encircle the rustic tea cup creating an exquisite woodland china pattern. The entrance to the fairy tea house timidly peeks out from underneath two cleverly rolled back pieces of birch bark. After enjoying tea and crumpets at the elegantly decorated table for two, fairies can retreat to the soft moss covered rocks for an afternoon nap or contemplation. Sometimes the smallest fairy gardens can contain the most intimate details.

Wineglass Planter (Recipe)

These wineglass planters are easy and fun to create. You can use them as gifts!

Wizard Sphere

If fairies walk deep enough into the fairy garden woods, they will eventually come upon the magical sphere where the local wizard resides. A sphere made of grapevine encircles his woodsy abode turning it into a sort of magical orb. Thick lush woodland ground cover flanks both sides of the wizard's cottage that appears to be built right into the hollow of a crooked old tree trunk. If you look close you will see the Wizard himself peeking out the window at fairy friends holding his spellbinding crystal ball in his hand. Consider hanging the wizard sphere from a hook to make it appear as if it suspended in mid air.

A Quiet Place (Recipe)

The best kept secret in all of the fairy garden world just may be this very spot. Little Candytuft Fairy has found the most peaceful spot in the fairy garden to quietly sit and listen to the sounds of nature. A sphere made of grapevine encircles the quiet garden creating a sort of barrier from the rest of the hustle and bustle world. A creek bed made of stones and water colored decorative pebbles flows down the middle of the sphere, with forest moss forming its banks. A single rose colored lotus bloom has popped open and appears to be floating in the creek. The little fairy is not alone however, she has a chirping bird and snoozing fox to keep her company. Not to mention the colorful butterflies fluttering on top of the sphere keeping watch over her.

Busy Fairy Farm (Recipe)

It seems a farmer's work is never done. The Busy Fairy Farm fairy garden container is quite obviously a working farm complete with a fattened up pink pig, a wooly lamb and egg laying chickens. Scruffy the puppy must have gotten into the pig pen again because Fairy Katie is giving him a much needed bath. There are corn ears that need to be harvested, red apples in the miniature tree that need to be picked, and fresh eggs that need to be collected. A classical red barn with a cupola and weather vane on top of the barn's traditional gambrel roofline completes the look of the farm themed setting.

Country Fairy Garden (Recipe)

Everyday is a good day to escape to the miniature garden countryside. The humble fairy house with stucco walls and thatched roof set the old English countryside tone of the Country Fairy miniature garden container. Enter the inviting cottage front yard via a cobblestone walkway leading to papa's rocking chair that is worn in all the right places. A pink daisy metal fence and brightly patterned container of red tulips provide a pop of color while waiting for miniature plants to bloom. Adding to the country feeling is the lined wicker container with a fresh country whitewashed exterior.

Fairy Fishing

You can find the fishing fairy boy most afternoons after his chores are done down at the pond fishing. By all appearances it seems he has had quite a successful day with three fish hanging from a stringer and a fat Perch still dangling from his willow branch pole! His faithful puppy dog companion is at his side patiently waiting for his master's attention. Grassy leafed miniature plants resemble lakeside reeds while randomly placed boulders provide a nice spot to sit down. The pond blue color of the miniature garden container creates the feeling and appearance of a deep cool water fishing hole.

Seashell Planter (Recipe)

The mermaid and seashell-themed fairy gardens are very popular these days. Even if you can't find a container that looks like a shell like this one you can effectively use any kind of container. The theme is visually strong in itself. For a personal touch use whatever you might have in your house from a vacation, a trip to the beach or some cool colorful jewel stones.

Fairy Grill Party

Welcome to Lily the Flower Fairy's fairy garden grill party! She's worked very hard to make sure her fairy house patio was landscaped perfectly in anticipation of the arrival of her garden fairy friends. She will be serving cold beverages and hamburgers cooked on a green charcoal grill on wheels. Cleverly enough, the entire fairy garden is potted table top charcoal grill on a tripod stand. A lime green picket fence separates her flagstone patio from her lovely miniature tree and shrub landscaping. Fairy Lily's faithful Scottie Dog is posed in position to welcome guests upon their arrival. Let the party begin!

Fairy Gypsy Camping

Gigi the Explorer fairy prefers to live the life of a gypsy. The simplicity and mobility of her tiny house suits her just fine! Every morning she wakes up and plucks an apple from the miniature tree she conveniently camped next to. And every evening she cooks a stew fit for a king in a black pot over an open fire. For added interest, the fire flame actually lights up resembling a flame. Appropriately enough, the container the gypsy camping themed fairy garden is potted in is a table top grill. Maybe Gigi can be coaxed into playing some fireside tunes on her mini pink guitar after the sun goes down.

Fairy Suitcase Planter (Recipe)

From California to the New York Island. Fairy Emma is known for not wanting to put her roots down. She likes to be ready to pick up and travel at a moment's notice which is probably why her fairy house is built into a hollowed out tree stump instead of a multi gabled grand palatial estate. She is holding a watering can in her tiny hand and clearly is blessed with a green thumb as is witnessed by the blooming colors of white, yellow and blue in the various miniature plants in her front yard. Pale purple aster blooms form the cone shaped roof on her fairy house while multicolored daisies provide a cushioned back rest for her garden bench. The entire fairy garden is planted in a vintage inspired suitcase with a leather strap handle.

Fairy Chest Planter (Recipe)

The Fairy Chest Planter capitalizes on the recent popular trend of growing and displaying succulents in planters. A wooden trunk with classical details including brass colored nail heads and warm dark seasoned wood serves nicely as the planter foundation. The wooden trunk also creates an upscale old world feel and look for the planter. Succulents are easy to grow and do not require much attention, however they create a full lush look as if a team of fairies worked long and hard to create it. Tufts of forest moss carefully tucked in between plants fills in gaps and helps create a full and lush appearance.

Friends by Doghouse

This odd couple is certainly not "fighting like cats and dogs"! On the contrary, the Furry Friends are happy and content all cuddled up together and living in harmony. A glazed brown container is the foundation for the friendly fairy garden setting with a layer of pea gravel spread over the ground. The Shingletown Doghouse provides chalet styled shelter for the duo when inclement weather strikes, with a food bowl sitting near its front door. A miniature plant resembling a pine tree provides a nice wind break for the cozy couple. I guess its true what they say that "opposites attract"!

Gnome in Bottle Garden (Recipe)

The only 'message in the bottle' that Iggy the Gnome is sending is that it is obviously nap time! He's been caught sleeping on the job again in the miniature garden. Iggy has all the creature comforts that a gnome could want including a nice cozy micro mini cottage, a cool pool to take a dip in, and Betsy Bunny to keep him company. Leave it to Iggy to find a nice shady spot under a miniature plant with palm tree like fronds creating a gentle breeze as they sway in the wind. A classic shaped bottle with a weathered and battered looking exterior serves as the container for Iggy the Gnomes fairy garden container paradise.

Halloween (Recipe)

Welcome to Spooky Hollow where only the bravest fairy friends dare to enter! Seasonal themed fairy garden container settings are perhaps some of the most fun to create. A haunted house with crooked walls built into the trunk of a hollow oak tree inspires an eerie setting and creates a focal point. Leave the front door slightly ajar beckoning unsuspecting flower fairy friends to enter the frightening fairy house. Miniature plants with black and brown accented foliage provide a ghoulish backdrop for the fairy garden. And seasonal miniature garden accessories including a black cat with arched back, carved pumpkins, and Bat Picks with glow in the dark heads help to creep out the scary environment.

Be Thankful

Things to be thankful for: crisp Autumn days, changing seasons, colorful falling leaves, and fattened up turkeys! Collect smaller leaves from shrubs and bushes in rich shades of russet, gold and amber to spread around the fairy garden floor helping create a Fall themed setting. Adding miniature garden accessories such as Autumn Gourds in differing shapes and colors will help transition a summer themed setting into the Fall changing season. And certainly what is Thanksgiving without a plumped up turkey? Perhaps this richly colored turkey mini accessory with cleverly fanned out oaks leaves forming his tail is so thankful because he's managed to not become the main course!

Veggie Garden

When planning a fairy garden layout, consider grouping similar miniature fairy plants together to help communicate a specific theme. For example, a mini veggie garden can be accomplished by using miniature plants that resemble larger vegetable plants. Cobweb, Hen and Chicks planted in a single row look just like healthy heads of cabbage. Miniature garden accessories such as Putka Pumpkins placed on top of low spreading ground cover will help add color and give the appearance of a bountiful harvest. A white wood picket fence and stone walkway establish garden boundaries and add a sense of formality. While mini accessories such as garden tools and rubber boots help to bring the setting to life by indicating the fairy gardener has recently been hard at work.

Fairy Peace Love Garden (Recipe)

Eva the Garden Fairy is very self sufficient and is consciously choosing to live a cleaner life. Consider creating a fairy garden container setting that highlights the current trend of community and organic gardening. Eva has planted all sorts of garden veggies such as tomatoes, corn, and squash that she plans on sharing with all of her fairy friends. Simple tiny structures with clean lines made of what appears to be recycled tin, serve as her fairy house and potting shed structures. Miniature plants with foliage in dark lush green shades help communicate a healthy garden environment. A whitewashed bench is conveniently positioned for Eva to sit down at the end of the day for a well deserved rest while she admires the fruit of her labor.

Fairyhood School Yard (Recipe)

School days, school days, dear old golden rule days. If you listen closely you can almost hear the carefree sounds of fairy children laughing as they play at recess. In addition to the "three r's" including reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, the art of making magical fairy dust is also taught within the four walls of the little red school house. Flower garden fairies frolic and play in the country school's gravel covered playground that includes a swing set and Tree Trunk Slide. An American flag is proudly displayed in front of the country school and a tire sandbox is available for the smaller fairies to play in. The fairies that live farther away arrive to school every morning on the yellow School Bus. While the fairies that live closer to the little red school house, ride their bicycles and park them at the Bike Rack while school is in session. What a befitting fairy garden tribute to all of the world's favorite school teachers.

Path Ways

You have several options to create path ways through your fairy garden. See the recipes.

What's up in our Fairyhood

Miniature Gardening is part of Winter Greenhouse which is located way up north in Wisconsin in the great Northwoods area.
In 2010 the 'fairyhood' was born here. In one of our main greenhouses we created a large fairy garden displayed right on the greenhouse benches making it is easy to view from all sides. Every year we get thousands of visitors and this garden is always a main attraction. It has a new theme each season and our customers love to see was is up in the 'fairyhood'. Lets take a look at the various themes we have displayed over the years.

Plant smiles, grow laughter, harvest love.