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Open the door to an enchanting world full of colorful flowers, verdant miniature plants, and winding paths that are begging to be followed. Look closely, and you will find fairy houses tucked away amidst moss, rocks, and fairy garden plants. Fairy friends relax under miniature trees while listening to the soft sounds of a bubbling brook. If you let your imagination be your guide, you will grow an unforgettable miniature fairy garden.

Growing a Gorgeous Miniature Garden

Imagine a stunning combination of ground cover plants, shrubs, and miniature trees flourishing beneath a bright blue sky. The miniature plants grow amidst carefully-chosen gates, arbors, bridges, ponds, and other fairy garden accessories. You may catch a garden fairy or animal friend peeking out from behind a fairy house. The miniature garden is full of surprises.

Fairy Gardens for All Occasions

Hoping to create a terrarium, railroad garden, or even unique favors for a wedding or birthday party? In miniature gardens, anything is possible! Whether you want to create a bustling fairyhood in your front yard, grow fairy garden plants in a container, or pull together a quick miniature garden gift for a special occasion, you have come to the right place to let your miniature gardening dreams become reality.

Miniature Plants

Miniature Plants

We offer a wide selection of miniature trees, flowers, succulents, ground cover plants, and other plants for small-scale gardens. These fairy garden plants are small and slow-growing, making them well-suited for containers, miniature gardens, and fairy gardens.
Fairy Garden Items

Fairy Garden Items

A small collection of popular items for creating miniature gardens or fairy gardens, like cottages and fairies.

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Inspiration & Galleries

Our idea gallery, fairy gallery, planter gallery, or large scale garden gallery will help you find inspiration for your miniature plants, miniature trees, fairy houses, and everything else that makes up the miniature garden.

Whether you are brand-new to the world of miniature gardening or you're already a "miniature gardening pro", our miniature gardening idea and how-to instruction videos will help you grow your miniature garden with ease.

Get inspired and informed with videos about planting a miniature container garden, designing a holiday planter, and finding the perfect miniature trees and plants for your patio. Explore ground cover plants, dwarf evergreens, succulents, and so many more.

Leslie Halleck Unboxing a Plant Order

Fly over to our Fairy Gardens section to find samples, tutorials, ideas, and tips to help you create an enchanting miniature garden. Our guides cover everything from fairy garden maintenance to attracting butterflies to your fairy garden. These free fairy gardening resources are sure to help you turn your miniature garden dreams into reality.

Miniature gardening is fun in every season. Yes, even winter! Preparing for winter is a snap when you have our quick and easy guides to winter gardening.

As you plot and plan your winter container garden, these guides will give you all the "dirt" on winter plants, appropriate containers, holiday accessories, and more. Whether you plan to brighten up the outdoors with some winter flowering plants or you want to create a seasonal centerpiece full of winter container plants, you can plant an impressive display that will flourish all season long.


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