Let your imagination drift into dreaming of fairies living in the miniature garden. Considering there is a wealth of wee folk available in the Fairies category, the themes for the fairy garden are numerous. Start by choosing fairies from a variety of ages and sizes then add fairy garden plants and miniature trees. Finally, the fairy garden accessories included in the design will bring a personal touch to your miniscape.

Additional Fairies
Check out other Fairies and Friends categories for collections of additional fairies - Boy Fairies, Fiddlehead Fairies, Flower Fairies, Garden Fairies, and Woodland Knoll Fairies.

Minikin Scale
Various manufacturers of miniature garden accessories determine sizes, which makes selecting one scale difficult. To assist our customers, we have developed a Minikin system - mini, tiny, teeny, and micro - that provides direction on the scale of products sold in our shop. There are times where a miniature accessory falls between the sizes, so we have selected the closest scale. Our Miniken idea is a guide. Feel free to use your own judgment when planning a miniature garden and intermix the sizes. Follow this link for more information >> Minikin Scale

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