Recreating childhood memories is one of the reasons why people appreciate miniature gardening. For those of us fortunate enough to live near a park with a playground, there are many fond recollections of days spent playing on the equipment. We may have climbed up the monkey bars or witnessed how high the swing would fly. Let's not forget the ol' tire swing tied to the branches of a large oat tree. Of course, many times, we were in search of a friend who would help balance the teeter totter. Remember climbing the stairs to the top of the slide and then quickly swooshing downward to land in the mountain of sand. When planning a miniature garden with a playground theme, consider those childhood days at the park to help plan your fairy garden accessories. Add hardscape, such as fairy mulch, to the foundation of your playground along with some sand. To soften the edges and create a park-like atmosphere, add fairy garden plants and miniature trees. The fairies are going to be so excited to spend much time at the playground.

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