Ahoy, Mateys! In today's fictional interpretation of Pirates, they are known for capturing ships that carried treasure chests filled with sparkling jewelry, gold coins, and precious stones. Dressed in tricorne hats and knotted scarves to protect their head from the Carribean sun, the pirates, were spirited and loved adventure. In the land of fairy gardening, planning a swashbuckling theme in the miniature garden tends to follow this glamourous interpretational of piracy on the open sea.

Design your very own adventure on the sea, by creating a fairy garden pond lined with blue beach glass and sprinkled with beach sand along the edges. Add fairy garden accessories of an anchor, shipwreck, cannon, and a crow's nest. Place a treasure chest nearby to display the glitz and glamour of the storybook theme. Finally, wrap a scarf around a fairy's head in the fashion of a seafaring buccaneer. 

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