Mother's Day

Through the years, Mother's Day has become a time to celebrate all women who have a warm and caring heart. Therefore, our Mother's Day category portrays a broad spectrum of miniature gardening accessories that recognize the various ways families celebrate the occasion.

Visualize a family gathered around a picnic table eating their favorite foods. A BBQ grill is nearby as well as a firepit surrounded by chairs. Marshmallows on sticks sit ready for melting. At a nearby park, the children just finished sailing on the swings and playing on the teeter totter. Miniature trees and fairy garden plants complete the outdoor scene.

Another scenario in the miniature garden may show a fairy lounging on a twig vine chair with baskets of flowers gracing a nearby table. A platter of cheese and a  glass of wine are ready to savor. Stacks of books and a friendly cat or dog leads one to believe a leisurely afternoon is soon to begin after a long day of gardening.

Whatever type of Mother's Day is planned, the occasion can be remembered in a fairy garden. This category will give you ideas for when you are planning a miniature garden for a mom who enjoys gardening, fishing, reading, lounging at the bench, or spending time with the family at the park.

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