Birthdays - the fun and joy of celebrating when a friend or family member was born! Honor this special day by planting a miniature garden that portrays an occasion or a milestone that happened to the birthday person. One idea is to tell their story by placing a miniature house that resembles the birthday person’s home in the middle of a planter. Choose fairy garden plants and miniature trees to include greenery or colorful blooms. Next, place fairy garden accessories in the container to complete the scene.

Another idea is to choose miniature accessories that relate to the celebration. On a bistro table surrounded by chairs, decorate the fairy garden with balloons, a birthday cake, and wrapped packages. Cover the soil with hardscape materials, such as colorful glass pebbles or decorative rock. The final touch is to add garden fairies, and maybe an ol’ troll, who have all come to celebrate the birthday in the miniature garden!

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