Mary Engelbreit - Merriment

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Mary Engelbreit started drawing when she learned how to hold a crayon. At eleven years of age, Mary knew what wanted to be an artist for the rest of her life. In the seventies, Mary took her portfolio to some well-known publishing houses in New York, hoping to get work illustrating children's books. Receiving a "mild reception" Mary left with a suggestion from one art director that she should think about designing greeting cards. Through the years, Mary's card line grew into The Mary Engelbreit Greeting Card Company. In the eighties, Mary's designs drew attention from other companies anxious to license her artwork on a wide range of products.

In 1993, at long last, she illustrated a children's book, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson which quickly became a Publisher's Weekly Children's best-seller. Mary picked this story because it is one of the only fairy tales where a little girl is a hero.Continuing with a modern girl appeal, the contemporary but unique style of Mary Engelbreit is now available in the Merriment line of fairy garden accessories from Studio M. If you are looking for new and exciting fairy garden ideas, Merriment offers a complete collection of miniature gardening supplies.

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